Lost Season 6 Episode 14

Once everybody was back together in Lost Season 6 Episode 13, Widmore took this as his cue to begin the attack.

Locke wakes up in the hospital to Dr. Jack. Everything is back where it belongs, and he thinks he’s a candidate for a new surgery that could possibly make it so he can walk again. Not interested, minimal risk or no.

Jack has made his way to Hydra Island shortly after the attack. Meanwhile, everybody else is being escorted to cages at gunpoint. Widmore needs Sawyer, Sun, Jin, and Hugo, but he’s willing to merely imprison the others if James agrees to get in the cage.

Bernard is in his office when Jack goes to see him. He’s hoping to get a look at Locke’s patient file in order to find out how he was hurt. Turns out he was on the same flight with the two of them. Who wasn’t? Although he can’t break patient-client confidentiality, Bernard can give him the name of another man in the accident with him, Anthony Cooper.

Locke, Sayid, and Jack are on the beach about half a mile away from the caged people. Locke’s going to need help convincing the others they can trust him. Why? He’s not killing anybody (at least not any of them), although he could.

Somebody kills the power on the generator. Any time you see that black smoke, somebody’s probably gonna end up not living. The dead guy won’t needing his keys, allowing Jack to grab them and free the others. He’ll lead them to the plane, but he still doesn’t plan to get on it with them.

Jack goes to see Anthony Cooper, who’s in far worse shape than Locke is, wheelchair-bound and from the looks of it unlikely to be saying much.

On his way to the plane, Locke is shot at. Well, that’s a futile idea. Once everybody else catches up, Locke warns them of Widmore’s plan: get them all together in a nice confined space with no hope of escaping, then he’s going to kill them with the C4. Because the plane is no longer safe, the submarine is their hope. Liking this plan because it was his all along and happy to not be dead, Sawyer is onboard, but he still doesn’t trust Locke.

Claire received a music box from her father, which she would like to know from Jack what it’s about. He doesn’t know. Oh, yeah, she was on the flight with the whole rest of the world, too.

With everybody packing heat, the storm into enemy territory begins. Jack’s plan is a bit different than everyone else’s. Once he shoves Locke off the dock, all hell breaks loose. Shots are fired from the woods, striking Kate. As everybody else boards the sub, Locke gets up and heads toward them to start picking them off. Claire’s still out there firing. Sawyer heads back, but he’s willing to leave her behind if it means getting away from Locke. As for Jack, he’s leaving whether he wants to or not.

There’s some more explosives on the sub with them. The bomb is ticking. Locke put it in Jack’s backpack. 4 minutes to go. They did exactly what Locke wanted. Jack doesn’t mind. He says go ahead and let it keep counting. His theory is that nothing’s going to happen, and that Locke can’t leave the island unless they’re all dead. Not trusting the doc, James pulls the wires out anyway. The watch stops its countdown. Then it speeds up.

At this time, Sayid tells Jack where he can find Desmond, then he takes the bomb and runs. Water starts flowing in from everywhere, but at least they aren’t in little pieces. Hurley is instructed to take Kate. He can’t go after Sayid because there is no Sayid. The others work to free Sun, and Sawyer gets knocked out in the process. Jin’s going to free Sun whether she wants him to or not. He insists Jack leave and save Sawyer instead. Sun’s begging continues to fall on deaf ears. I’ll never let go, Sun. Doesn’t look like either of them will make it.

Locke blames himself for being in a wheelchair, and he blames himself for his father’s condition as well. That’s the reason why he doesn’t want the surgery, so he can continue to punish himself.

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