Lost Season 6 Episode 12

Lost Season 6 Episode 11 went on and on about Desmond trying to find his wife Penny and the rest of her family.

Now, everybody loves Hugo, owner of the Mr. Cluck’s franchise of restaurants and the man of the year. If only he could get a date, then his mama would be happy.

On the island, he’s standing over the grave of Libby, where he’s greeted by Michael, who’s there to stop him from getting everybody killed. Seeing as he’s the guy who murdered Libby and Lucia, he may not be the most trustworthy source.

He also happens to meet Libby on the mainland. She knows his name, although he doesn’t remember her. Then she gets dragged away by Dr. Brooks. Seems she’s mentally ill.

Ilana’s on a mission to blow up that plane. In her last moments, she learns an important lesson: be careful when handling dynamite, or you may get blown to bits.

The only way Locke, Kate, and Sawyer are getting off this god forsaken rock is if their friends return. Kate doesn’t see that happening, but Sayid has returned with the package, Desmond.

Having seen his girl carted off to the mental ward, Hugo decides to drown his sorrows in a bucket of chicken, family size. It’s there that he meets Desmond, who advises him to go with his gut and try to find out where he supposedly knows Libby from.

With Ilana out of the picture, Richard goes to the Black Rock with the others. He wants to be the one handling the dynamite. Too late. Hugo’s already there blowing it up. No dynamite, no more blowing up the plane. He always listens to dead people who yell at him. They’re more reliable than alive people.

Hugo heads to see the doctor. Perhaps he would make an exception and let him see Libby if he were a family. Or maybe if he donated $100k. Where is it she thinks she knows him from? Once she saw him, she saw all the memories of her life, only it was another life. She also has a memory of him being there at the psych hospital. Although he doesn’t remember her, he’s okay with her being crazy, and he’d like to go out on a date. Fine by her.

Locke sees a boy, one he wants to ignore.

Hugo’s plan is that they have to go talk to Locke. Either Richard can go with Hurley, or he can keep trying to blow stuff up. Blow stuff up it is then. Ben and Miles are with Richard, but Jack and the others stick with Hugo. During their walk, Hugo admits that he didn’t really see Jacob back there, which Jack already knew. It’s a good thing Jack trusts him because he has no idea where he’s going.

Michael is stuck on the island because of his murderous past, and there are others on the island like him who can’t move on. He’s very sorry for what he did to Libby.

When they kiss on their picnic date, Hurley remembers everything. Not so crazy after all.

Locke’s destination: a well. A very old well. So old that the people who dug it did so completely by hand. They weren’t looking for water. Rather, they were looking for answers, which they did not find. His lesson for Desmond is that Charles Widmore is not interested in answers, just power. Why isn’t he afraid being out there in the middle of the jungle with Locke when nobody knows he’s there? What is the point of being afraid? That question is simple to answer by throwing him down the well.

Hugo arrives to meet Locke, and with him are both Jack and Sun. That about completes the set.

Desmond heads to the school pretending he’s there to find a school for his son. In reality, he wants to run over the man in the wheelchair.

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