Lost Season 6 Episode 17

Desmond set all the pieces moving in the right direction in Lost Season 6 Episode 16. Meanwhile, Jack was given Jacob’s job to protect the light, which the black smoke wants to put out.

Jack’s “cargo” (aka his father’s body) has arrived from the airline.

Sawyer is off to go get Desmond out of the well, while the others head to the heart of the island.

Hurley goes to round up the next person on his list, the drunken rock star Charlie. If he won’t come willingly, a tranquilizer dart should do the trick.

At the well, James does not find Desmond, but he does find Locke and Ben. After saying they’re not candidates any more, Sawyer takes off with Ben’s gun.

Desmond wakes up on the ground, greeted by golden retriever Vincent and Rose and her husband Bernard. Locke is not far behind. In order to spare them, Desmond agrees to do whatever Locke wants. He assumes they’re going to a place with a very bright light.

Miles has located Richard, who was thrown into the jungle when he thought it would be a good idea to talk to the black smoke.

Officer Miles just saw Sayid, which is weird considering that Sawyer just sent him to county.

Sun is in the hospital, where she’s being seen by Juliet. During the ultrasound, Sun remembers everything. Oh, and the baby’s healthy.

Miles welcomes Richard to the club. He got his first grey hair. While they’re rowing, they run over a body in the water, then they hear screams for help a ways away. It’s Frank.

Everybody’s going to the same place, so Jack wants to go with Locke because he wants to kill him. How he’s going to do that is a surprise, even to Jack. After they walk for a while, Locke suggests that it should just be himself, Jack, and Desmond from that point forward. They tie Desmond up to lower him to the light, where he hopes to go to some happy place where the plane never crashed.

Sayid and Hugo see Shannon getting fake mugged by her brother Boone, and Sayid steps in to save her. They immediately know who each other is.

Claire’s back, and she’s got a gun. She thinks Miles and Richard were sent there to kill her by Locke. They say they just want to go home, but she’s not interested.

Now that Desmond’s been lowered to the light, the question is whether Locke or Jack is right.

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