Big Brother 9 Episode 31

The boys were in control following Ryan’s HOH win, but Adam just had to tell Natalie he was the one who voted to keep her in Big Brother 9 Episode 30, driving a bit of a wedge between him and his ally. Nonetheless, Sheila and Sharon were nominated for eviction.

Sheila’s pissed off that she’s on the block. She just had to take out Natalie rather than splitting these two up. Like this wasn’t obvious a week ago.

Sharon’s not concerned, though, since she’s got a secret alliance with Ryan (like Josh did). She doesn’t trust Adam, so she hopes that she can go to the finals with the other two.

As long as Adam gets to the final two, he doesn’t care if he has to stab Sheila in the back. Ryan’s hoping to go forward with these two and get out Sheila.

Sheila still doesn’t trust Adam. She tells him he has to be evil like her to prove his loyalty.

Adam and Sheila are shackled together. What happens if you kill a player inside the house?

Sharon believes that Adam and Sheila have a very strong bond, whether they bicker all the time or not.

Adam and Sheila are freed from their shackles, and now it’s time for the final power of veto. They must match the face of each jury member with two facts that correspond to that jury member in the Big Brother derby. There are more clues in the box than they need, and some of them don’t match. Sheila’s the first to hit two points, with Ryan behind her. Ryan is the first to 3. Then 4. Then 5. Ryan wins the power of veto.

Ryan warns Adam that if he wanted to, he could make one move and get rid of him.

Adam wants to make a deal with Sharon. He’ll keep her if she makes a deal to take him to the end. She can’t make a deal with him until she talks to Ryan, and rather than pretending, she tells him this point blank. He thinks maybe they’ve got something going.

Adam denies that he ever tried to make a deal with Sharon.

Sharon’s managed to set a record, being nominated for eviction 5 times in a row.

Ryan has decided to not use the power of veto. Because Ryan has not used the veto, that gives Adam the power to decide who will be evicted.

Sharon has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Secret alliance or not, it would have been stupid to (again) keep someone who has three votes guaranteed. She played a good game once she got rid of that putz Jacob, but her game ended the same time James’ game ended: when they targeted Matt for eviction, a decision she was largely responsible for. Speaking of Jacob, she hopes to be able to try to make it work.

It’s time for part one of the three part HOH competition. The first part is typically a harsh endurance competition. They choose a board and strap themselves in, holding on to begin a ride on a river. They’re already complaining about being cold. The thunderstorm probably won’t help them any.

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