Big Brother 9 Episode 32

Following some silly planning to keep Sharon in the house, Ryan and Adam struck a deal to keep Sheila safe in the last minutes, and Sharon was voted out in Big Brother 9 Episode 31. The first part of the three part HOH competition was an endurance competition, and that’s where we left off.

Adam’s happy his bond with Sheila is stronger. Ryan’s happy there’s no blood on his hands.

The boys decide they’re going to taunt Sheila in the HOH competition, but it’s not like it matters because what are the odds she’ll win anyway? Sheila is the first one eliminated from the first part of the HOH competition. Adam agrees to throw the competition and gives the win to Ryan. Adam believes that no matter what happens, one of them will take him to the end.

Part two of the HOH competition is a maze powered by a guinea pig wheel, where they will try to get the correct order of HOH winners. Sheila gets dizzy and keeps falling.

Sheila – 33:26
Adam – 14:55

Adam wins the second part of the HOH competition, and he will be going up against Ryan in the final round.

Sheila tells Adam he must win because if he doesn’t win, Ryan will take him and not her. Not sure how convincing an argument that’s supposed to be.

Ryan believes he may stand a slightly better chance up against Sheila in the end.

Adam’s well aware Sheila has buttered everyone up after they got kicked out of the house, whether they hated her or not.

Matt says he and Josh should have been friends in the house. Chelsia says Matt’s been miserable in the house since Natalie came, and Natalie tells us that Matt doesn’t spend much time with her any more. Matt is happy that his team wins no matter what, though. The jury realizes that Adam and Ryan worked together to get rid of Sharon, thanks to Adam not being able to keep anything to himself.

The final HOH competition is the typical jury questions HOH.

Matt: Houseguest I wish I was nicer to: Natalie or James.
Natalie is the right answer. Both get it right.

Chelsia: Most expects to read about giving up half a million dollars for a showmance or told everyone out on her way out the door.
Right answer is giving up the money for a showmance. Both get it wrong. I’d have gotten it wrong because I’ll remember her more for being an asshat as she was leaving.

Joshuah: Who most deserves to win the game: Josh or Sharon.
Joshuah is the correct answer. Ryan gets it right.

James: I think me and Chelsia will: Bike around the world or the relationship will sink.
Inevitably sink is right. Both are right.

Natalie: Best showmance: Natalie & Matt or James & Chelsia
Right answer is James & Chelsia. Both are wrong.

Sharon: Biggest lie she told: Back caused her to quit in the endurance competition or never told a lie
Right answer is her back caused her to quit. Both are wrong again.

Ryan wins the final HOH competition.

Either way, Ryan is probably sending a vote for the other person to the jury house, but I’d say his best bet is Sheila. She’s the kind of person you want to drag to the final two with you because she’ll have trouble getting votes.

Ryan votes to evict Sheila, telling Adam he’s more deserving as far as gameplay is concerned, which may score him some points with the jury.

So there we have our final two: Adam Jasinski and Ryan Quicksall. Not a bad final two. Certainly a vast improvement over the joke that was last year.

Sheila feels it’s a blessing to be in the final three, but the waterworks have been flowing for several minutes now. She says that Adam will be her lifelong friend.

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