Big Brother 9 Episode 30

Sheila got her way in Big Brother 9 Episode 29, turning on Natalie, her alleged biggest threat in the house, and getting her evicted from the house. The bad news for Sheila is that the boys are in control, and it’s unlikely they won’t nominate her. The good news is that they’d be complete morons to take Sharon with them to the end because she’s got three very bitter friends in the jury house.

Adam whispered to Natalie that he wasn’t the one who voted her out. Ryan’s not happy with this because he reads lips and/or minds, so he knows that’s what happened.

There’s one other preexisting relationship in the house. The guinea pigs. When you have to explain the answer, it’s obviously a trick question. Everybody suspects one of the relationships has something to do with Sheila.

Sharon believes she’s safe because her secret ally is HOH. Only problem is the HOH can only nominate. It’s the veto winner who decides who’s headed home.

Ryan’s HOH room is all about Jen. She kisses up to him hoping he won’t care about the footage he sees when he gets out.

Sheila expects Adam to be loyal to her, though she doesn’t believe he’s ever shown her loyalty before.

It’s time for a luxury competition, and of course, the only point of it is to promote a new movie, What Happens in Vegas. Sharon quickly jumps up to be Ryan’s partner, leaving Sheila and Adam together again. Players must go back and forth looking for dice rings in bottles, which they will smash over their partners’ heads. They start off with one free spot and have to find the other 7. Ryan and Sharon are ahead 6-3. Then they spin the wheel. Ryan and Sharon win the luxury competition, which includes the screening and then a visit to the red carpet premiere. As a penalty for losing (as usual), Adam and Sheila will be chained together for 24 hours.

Ryan tells Sheila he’s going to put her up, but it doesn’t matter because Sharon and Adam will be going after each other. She tries to get him to hate on Adam. Sharon also tries to convince him to not trust Adam.

Adam is safe.

Sheila and Sharon have been nominated for eviction. And now Sheila and Adam are shackled together for the next 24 hours.

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