Big Brother 9 Episode 29

With Adam’s veto win in Big Brother 9 Episode 28, Sheila’s plan fell in to place, as she was able to have an excuse for nominating Natalie. Now it’s just a question of whether the boys want to pick the person they can’t beat in the end or the person who’s a challenge threat.

Adam and Ryan want to call a house meeting and bring everything to the table. Ah yes, season 9, the season of unnecessarily getting everybody together in a group and arguing about things openly. Natalie’s not happy about this. Sheila’s freaking out as well. Because Natalie is dying her hair, they want to have the meeting in the bathroom. They go to the bathroom with her and confront her and bring the bible with them. She says her true loyalty is with the boys and that she would put Sheila up on the block if she wins HOH. Then she says that Sharon said she’s a big threat and that they can go ahead and send her home if they want. Sheila’s pissed off by this meeting because, somehow, she’s surprised that her plan to get Natalie out is turning out to make her look bad.

Adam tells Sheila he’s got a heart and wants to get rid of Natalie next week. This ends in a shouting match in which Adam calls Sheila a bitch.

Matt has one wish on his birthday. For James to be kicked out of the house. Josh and Chelsia are still as bitter as we remember them. Adam may have scored some points with the jury for not putting up James. James has a message for Chelsia. He was evicted because she was bitter and mean, and he was her residue. Even though she is the way she is, he still likes her, though.


We have a tied vote. We know what Sheila’s going to do, but let her make the decision if that’s what she wants. No need for her to have clean hands. Sheila breaks the tie and votes to evict Natalie, pretending that she didn’t plan it all along and that instead it’s because of Natalie telling people where her loyalties were. Not sure this is the smartest decision by the boys, but they’re left with two completely hopeless competitors. Granted, in this game, all it takes is a bit of dumb luck, and anybody can become HOH.

Natalie’s not happy with anybody in the house now. Sheila manages to muster up some fake tears in her goodbye message, which may well get her somewhere.

The HOH competition is fact or fiction and is a series of questions about the house and the contestants. Ryan and Sharon get the first question right. Everybody gets the second question right, an obvious question about the toy in the guinea pig cage being just for decoration. Sharon knows Chelsia has not been escorted by security out of the jury house (surprisingly) and is right on the third question. Ryan and Sharon are correct on the fourth question. Everybody is correct on the fifth and sixth questions. Ryan gets the next question right, knowing there is one other preexisting relationship in the house. It comes down to a tiebreaker for Sharon and Ryan. Ryan is closest to the correct answer and wins HOH. Lucky for him Sharon appears to have misunderstood the question. Or she’s just really bad at math.

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