American Idol 7 Episode 32

Results will be posted live as they become available.

Jason Castro is in the group to Ryan Seacrest’s left.

David Cook starts a group to Ryan’s right.

Carly Smithson thinks Simon has been a bit hard on her this season. She joins Jason’s group.

Kristy Lee Cook is also not happy with Simon. She joins David’s group.

Syesha Mercado joins Jason and Carly’s group.

Brooke White joins David and Kristy.

That leaves David Archuleta. Seacrest, do we need to do this every year at the final 7?

David Archuleta is safe.

David Cook and Syesha Mercado are asked to switch groups. Now it’s David Archuleta’s turn to choose which group he thinks is safe. Yeah, this lame nonsense again. David sits down. Seacrest tells him which way to go. He still doesn’t budge, so they come join him. David Cook, Jason Castro, and Carly Smithson are also safe.

Syesha Mercado, Brooke White, and Kristy Lee Cook are in the bottom three.

Syesha is safe. Simon is unsurprised by the bottom two and says that Kristy’s time may finally be up. Brooke White is safe. Kristy Lee Cook has been eliminated.

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