The Bachelor 12 Episode 5

Three more women were sent home in The Bachelor 12 episode 4: Holly, Ashlee, and Kelly.

This week, there are two one-on-one dates and a group date. They will be heading to Sun Valley, Idaho… in the snow (this is like how Greenland got its name).

When they arrive, a date box is dropped off for them after a bit of playing in the snow. The first one-on-one date is for Chelsea. They start off with a sleigh ride. He wants to find out whether there’s more than just being best friends with her. She tells him she has a phobia of hand holding. That can’t be good, particularly since he’s looking for more affection. She tells him that her romantic side is vulnerable and shy, but it’s there somewhere. She decides to make her own fantasy suite card, even though that doesn’t happen for a couple episodes.

Amanda, Robin, Marshana, and Shayne get the group date, meaning that Robin will be the only one left who has not yet been on a one-on-one date. Marshana’s happy to see Robin not get the date. They’ll be hitting the slopes. Matt loves skiing but typically does it in France. Two of the girls (Amanda and Marshana) have never been skiing before, though, which gives them an excuse to spend some time with him learning, even if it means that Marshana needs to focus more on standing upright and less on talking about their relationship. Shayne makes sure to bring her makeup with her while snowboarding. While they’re on the ground kissing, Robin comes up behind them and interrupts. She wants to know why she didn’t get the one-on-one date. His answer is that they already have a close connection. Amanda’s worried that they haven’t really spent much time together.

Noelle gets the second one-on-one date. Matt doesn’t feel he knows her well, unlike the others. They’re going ice skating. Neither of them know what they’re doing, but they’re still having fun. They get closer discussing their injuries in which reconstructive surgery was needed. She feels more comfortable letting her guard down around him now that she feels he’s giving her signals to do so.

Marshana says she’s seen how Matt lives. Robin comments that Marshana hasn’t actually seen how he lives, once again bringing up that she’s the one who’s spent time in Britain. This leads to Chelsea telling Marshana that she’s got a negative attitude. Then Marshana gets loud and repeats herself again and again and again. Matt should know this chick may well have a screw or two loose. Shayne jumps in to pull Marshana back and hopefully give her a tranquilizer.

Marshana tells Matt she didn’t have a good night the night before. Only she tells it calmly instead of like a raving lunatic. Her defense is that she had the right to defend herself because her character was being attacked. Chelsea barges in but doesn’t feel bad about Marshana not being able to talk about what she wants to, since she wasted too much time complaining about the other girls. His question to Chelsea is whether she’s actually up for this.


Robin and Marshana will be heading home. Marshana’s over it and ready to go back to Brooklyn, but Robin is upset and shocked.

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