The Apprentice UK Series 4 Episode 4

Despite the shambles that was the prior week and the fact that they sucked at their task last week, the girls won in The Apprentice UK Series 4 Episode 3. As the project manager, Ian took the bullet for his team and was fired.

Sir Alan says he’s tired of the rifts within the teams. His solution to that (instead of the obvious of firing Jenny because he can’t make a lame effort of boosting the ratings if he gets rid of her) is to mix the teams up. Jenny, Sara, and Claire move over to Renaissance (uh, didn’t Sara and Claire clash last week?). Raef, Lee, and Kevin move over to Alpha. Yeah, now I have to actually learn the team names and pay closer attention.

Teams must setup stands and get customers to pose and pay for photographs.

Simon volunteers to be the project manager for Renaissance. They don’t all jump at the opportunity, so he explains that he knows a bit about photography from his best friend, who is a photographer. He promises to keep calm and direct them, and they reluctantly agree. Simon wants Alex, who was the first to speak up against Simon leading the team, to be his second in command and lead the other team. Alex isn’t thrilled about the idea of Simon giving away his responsibility, so Simon quickly moves on to Claire and gets her to do it instead.

Helene volunteers to be project manager for Alpha. She tells us she has a lot of balls. She seems like she may have a short fuse.

Renaissance’s theme is glamour and beauty. Whatever that’s about. Simon hopes to find cheap but glamorous props. While he’s shopping, he decides he wants to get frames. He phones Claire, who tells him to just leave the product to them and forget about the frames. Alex backs her up on this. He tells both of them he’s the project manager and can do whatever he wants, including checking out frames they don’t need and haven’t accounted for in their pricing. Sara is in charge of making over women to make them more glamorous.

Alpha has a David Beckham lookalike dressed up in a soccer/football jersey, and he will pose with their customers.

Simon continues to argue with his team and doesn’t want to hear from them how he should be managing them. Claire and Alex get sick of him and walk away.

Lucinda’s the only person trained to use the computer on her team, despite the fact that she warned them she’s completely technologically illiterate. Helene doesn’t understand the concept of this being an obstacle and thinks Lucinda should just get over it.

Renaissance is falling victim to a poor labelling system, something we’ve seen once already this season. People are getting tired of waiting for them to figure things out. The good news for them is Alpha isn’t having any more luck thanks to technical difficulties, so they have to shut down their stand during the busiest time of the day.

The labelling troubles continue for Renaissance. Though they are printing off photos on products, they’re not actually giving people what they want. Claire and Alex finally get a system that works, but Simon’s not convinced they know what they’re doing, so he shuts down the stand to go fight with them some more.

Speaking of fighting, Helene and Lucinda keep going at it because Helene refused to listen to Lucinda’s warning that she doesn’t do technology. After hours of downtime, Lucinda finally figures things out.

When they get in the boardroom, it continues. Helene calls Lucinda incompetent and lazy. Yet the reason Helene didn’t do it is because she didn’t have the ability or the knowledge. So does that make her incompetent and lazy as well? Nick tells Helene she’s wishy washy and should have shuffled the team.

Renaissance spent £577.23 but only took £503.42, for a loss of £73.81, never a good thing. Alpha spent £592.93 and took £738, for a profit of £145.10. Another rather lackluster victory for Alpha, but a victory nonetheless. Helene believes that, after this task, she actually has credibility.

Claire says that Simon has a tendency to be like a missile that’s ready to explode, but she apologizes if she came off as rude to him.

Margaret tells Alex that he stepped so far back from responsibility that he was practically out of the room. She was apparently watching a different conversation than I was.

Somewhere along the way, Alex has decided that perhaps Simon’s not entirely to blame, so he points the finger at Claire. Unsurprisingly, Simon brings both of them back with him.

Simon says that Claire’s unmanageable, so he can’t deal with her. Sir Alan brings up her application, which says she’s impatient and can overpower people.

Alex and Jenny say they were completely isolated and didn’t know what was going on up front. Simon doesn’t believe it, and the link between them (Claire) doesn’t agree either.

Alex wants Claire fired. Claire wants Simon fired.

Sir Alan tells Claire he’s sick of looking at her and to get back to the house because she’s going to be the next team leader. Lucky for her that her agreement to take the spot as second in command that Alex wisely danced around didn’t come back to bite her.

Sir Alan’s still not convinced that Simon is more than just a physical worker, and Simon is fired.

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