Survivor: Micronesia Episode 10

Following a merger in Survivor: Micronesia Episode 9, Eliza and Jason found themselves outcasts. After Jason won immunity, he gave Eliza his hidden immunity stick, which she played knowing that it was fake just to out Ozzy as the actual hidden immunity idol holder. Ozzy didn’t even try to cover it up and openly admitted he does indeed have the idol.

In the reward challenge, players will swim out and through a net tunnel, memorize symbols, and swim back to match the symbols on shore. To make things more difficult, there are spare pieces that won’t be used. The winning team will fly to enjoy dancing, a feast, and an overnight stay at a village in Yap. Jason and Natalie are captains.

Jason’s team: Ozzy, Erik, Amanda
Natalie’s team: James, Parvati, Alexis

Cirie is not chosen and is heading to Exile Island.

So who’s actually winning here? Yeah, that much I can’t tell you. There’s no indication who’s doing better. Probst warns it’s better to be right than fast. Natalie thinks she’s got it, but she’s wrong. Jason’s team wins reward.

After being served lunch by a topless lunch lady, Erik has some beer and betel nut, which he later loses after vomiting, but he’s still having a lot of fun.

Cirie’s suffering over on exile because it’s a miserable place to be, and there’s no point in being there anyway. Perhaps it’s time to target Ozzy.

James is hard at work as usual, but Parvati doesn’t appreciate it because he’s keeping her awake. James isn’t happy with her, and Amanda returns and tells him she’s not as close since the merge.

When they get back, Jason, Erik, and Amanda downplay their trip, but Ozzy goes on and on about how great it was and exactly what they had to eat.

It’s the hand tied to a bucket challenge. This normally goes a few hours. At 20 minutes, Jeff offers a bowl of candy. Erik and Cirie both drop out. Erik’s position has certainly improved if he feels comfortable enough to quit a challenge for some gummy worms. The next offer is a chocolate chip cookie and milk. Alexis gets so excited and is out. Natalie loses her concentration and is out. James follows right behind. None of them get the cookie and milk because none of them asked for it. His next offer is three chocolate donuts. Ozzy takes him up on the offer. At 5 hours, Amanda quits because she has to go to the bathroom. 6 hours in, Jeff offers everything he’s offered before and more, including pizza and beer. If somebody steps down, everybody else gets to share. The group starts talking about making a deal with Jason. After some chatting, he gets everybody to agree to keep him safe. The crossed fingers suggest they’re not all telling him the truth. Either he gives them some trust now and takes the risk, or he’ll have difficulty earning trust later anyway. Jason steps down, and Parvati wins immunity. I gotta wonder why she held on for so long, though.

When they get back, everybody immediately starts talking about getting rid of Jason. Ozzy calls it one of the dumbest moves in Survivor history. If Jason didn’t do it, though, he’d have had to play Ozzy’s game from his last season: win every challenge but have no social game, thereby losing in the end if you make it that far. Cirie’s not happy with this talking and instead would rather take out Ozzy because he feels too safe. She goes to the girls (except Amanda) to blindside Ozzy and take out the hidden idol.

James is worried about Parvati going for girl power, and Ozzy’s a little concerned but pretty comfortable.

James suggests at tribal council that maybe people just wanted a damn donut.

Ozzy doesn’t play his idol, and we see some smiles.


With an idol in his back pocket, Ozzy has been voted off the island. Like what happened in China, the players actually know how to play with the hidden idol, rather than shaking in fear.

He’s got some final words for those who remain and voted against him: I pretty much hate you, so screw you. Oh, he won’t make for a bitter juror.

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