Survivor: Micronesia Episode 9

Ami tried to get the favorites on her side in Survivor: Micronesia Episode 8, but Ozzy kept his pet around instead, so Ami was voted off the island.

Eliza and Jason hope it was Erik, though both of them know they’re outcasts either way. He tells her he’s got the hidden immunity idol.

Treemail suggests it’s time to merge. Immediately means right now. Erik knows he’s allied with Ozzy now because he’s a monkey or something.

Parvati’s got an alliance with the favorites, as well as her girl power alliance of herself, Amanda, Natalie, and Alexis, the latter two I swear are actually on the island (somewhere).

Eliza’s upset to see that Ami’s gone because Ami is her closest ally/friend, odd considering how things went down in their season.

It’s officially time to merge, and everybody wants to go back to Malakal. They get some bats to eat. I hope they’re to eat anyway because James grabs it like it’s KFC. At Erik’s suggestion, the new tribe name is Dabu, which he claims means good, even though it’s just a made up word.

Ozzy’s hooking up with somebody new, Alexis. Amanda’s not happy. Bye bye girl power alliance.

Jason takes the first opportunity he can to hide his hidden immunity stick. He hopes he doesn’t forget where he hid it.

Eliza tries to get a commitment out of Parvati. She gets an “I don’t know.” Parvati doesn’t trust her at all, in which case I’d suggest lying to her. She tells Amanda she wants to target Eliza next, then she tells her she’s in an alliance with the two fan girls, one she never agreed to or knew about. Amanda’s now pissed off at Parvati.

Jason tells Eliza that if he wins immunity, he’ll give her his hidden idol.

The challenge is to take a spot under a grate in the water as the tide rises. Whoever stays there longest wins. At first it’s just a waiting game until the tide rises to start covering their heads. Amanda is first out. At 45 minutes, Parvati and Alexis are out. Cirie follows. Natalie is next, followed by Eliza. Erik is next. At 1 hour, James is out. Ozzy is out next, and Jason wins immunity.

Now he can give his hidden idol to Eliza. This won’t go over well.

Eliza’s still Parvati’s target, and she knows it. She asks Jason to give her the idol. Their plan hinges on the idol, and they plan to vote out Ozzy. He leaves the idol in her bag. Unlike him, she immediately knows it’s not the idol. It can’t be the idol. “Because it’s just a stick.”

Amanda and Cirie want to get rid of Alexis, and Cirie wants her to know that Ozzy’s playing her.

Alexis tells Jeff Probst Eliza played (past tense) a strong game but was not good socially. Ozzy and James know that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take Eliza to the end. Parvati lets her know without question she wants her gone.

Eliza decides she’s got nothing to lose, so she plays the stick, primarily to reveal that Ozzy has the real one so people go after him next. He willingly admits this is true.


I think it’s safe to say they got rid of the biggest threat, although Ozzy with his hidden idol and as an immunity threat should probably be dealt with sooner than later. Jason’s revealed himself as even more of an outcast than previously thought. It’s no longer fans vs. favorites, so I might have to actually learn who all these fans are.

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