Big Brother 9 Episode 26

Adam’s boneheaded move turned out okay in Big Brother 9 Episode 25, as Ryan won the veto and removed Sheila from the block, allowing the house to get its way and have James nominated alongside Sharon.

Even though he’s a dead man walking, James isn’t giving up yet. His plan is not to campaign against Sharon. Rather, he will campaign against Natalie, a power player who isn’t even on the block. That’s… different. She tells him he’s just like Chelsia.

The boys are starting to turn on Natalie, but now the girls are trying to form their own alliance as well, though Sheila’s not buying it. Sheila and Sharon say they don’t trust Natalie. Natalie tells Adam he can’t trust the girls because they’ll get rid of him.

Sheila’s plan is still to go to the end with Adam, but she doesn’t want anybody to know. She tells him that Natalie’s targeting him and Ryan.

James hopes to get Ryan and Sheila’s votes. He presents an argument that doesn’t hold a great deal of logic or opportunity for either of them, but it’s worth a shot.

Even though she’s not on Team Christ, Sharon’s a big believer in God following her car wreck.

Matt’s hoping to see James or if not him a female of some type. He gets Chelsia if that’s close enough. She hopes to see Natalie but has a bad feeling, and she gets Joshuah. Matt thinks he’s just like a girl on her period.


By a unanimous vote, James has been evicted from the Big Brother house. I give him credit for hanging in there for as long as he did (and for being one of the most hypocritical players ever), but the simple fact is that James overplayed and was unable to recover from his early aggressive decisions. Unlike his buddies Josh and Chelsia, James goes out in a nice way, saying goodbye to everybody. He’s happy to be out of there. Natalie tells him she’s happy he’s gone, but it doesn’t matter because he hates her anyway, along with Ryan “for what they stand for and who they are,” whatever that means.

The HOH competition is obviously an endurance competition. They’ll get in glass houses and must stay in there after the floor drops out from under them. Want to know who wins HOH before Sunday’s show? Head on over to the Big Brother 9 Spoilers page.

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