Big Brother 9 Episode 25

Adam followed up on his HOH win with some of the most ridiculous nominations ever in Big Brother 9 Episode 24, keeping his new buddy James safe while risking all of his allies.

Sheila can’t figure out why her partner nominated her. Yeah, me neither. Natalie’s not happy about it either, but she’s happy to be nice to James and Adam in hopes of being safe next week as well.

Sharon’s thrilled. She wants to sit back and watch everything fall on Adam’s head, making himself the biggest target in the house.

They know they have to win POV so James doesn’t screw them over. Granted, this is Adam we’re talking about here. He could always put whoever’s not safe on the block and keep James and Sharon on his side.

Adam’s now realizing he did the wrong thing. I could have told him that before Sheila blew up on him. Not only is he running the risk of passing the power over to the other side, but at best, he’s risking alienating the jury.

Sheila tells Adam she’ll forgive him but can’t promise him that about other people.

Natalie makes a deal with James guaranteeing him safety, and she wants to target Sharon. Of course, Sharon doesn’t want him to have any piece of this deal.

In the veto competition, they need to remember the day certain events happened in the house. Sheila knows she’s screwed as usual. Natalie loves numbers. James is the last one back with the first answer, and despite the fact that he gets it wrong, Natalie’s eliminated because she’s further away from the correct answer. Sharon is the last one back and incorrect, but James and Sheila are furthest away. Since James got back before her, Sheila is eliminated. James is incorrect and last back, so he is eliminated. Smiles all around him. Ryan is last back, but Sharon is the only one incorrect, so she is eliminated. Ryan is back first and correct, and he wins the power of veto against Adam.

Sharon tells Sheila that Natalie’s trying to work with James. Sheila realizes (again) that she’s all alone in this game, except she doesn’t even have Adam this time. She promises Ryan she won’t get rid of him. He’s got deals with everybody now, yet nobody seems to either notice or care. Ryan gets wind of this plotting as well.

Ryan decides to remove Sheila from the block. In her place, Adam nominates James. Sharon’s going to just keep her mouth shut like she usually does.

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