Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 5

Jim and Tiffany headed home in Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 4. In addition to them, Jonathan had to leave the mansion because he was the last one standing after the girls all picked partners.

The girls would prefer to have Tiffany back over Leticia, who apologizes because she’s not good at being around girls.

It’s time for the geeks to get a makeover. Let’s figure out who’s actually a geek and who was geeked up for the show. Greg wants to be a piece of meat for once in his life. Tara wants to make sure Joe’s no longer a cowboy and less stinky. Just the basics: deodorant, daily showers, washed underwear. He doesn’t like hearing that everything about him is wrong. Randi wants Greg to have pants that actually fit. Tommy’s quick to notice he’s not a size 2 and that he must be looking at women’s clothing. Tom tells them to do whatever they feel like doing. Joe doesn’t want to wax, but the stylists don’t care.

Greg is a boy version of Randi, which he proves by saying “Shut up, bitch.” Tommy unsurprisingly looks good. They couldn’t do anything with Matt’s inch thick glasses, but they have managed to make his hair and clothes look good. Joe is unrecognizeable in a good way but not at all happy. He’s lost his safety blanket and talking like he’s throwing in the towel.

In this week’s team challenge, it’s winner take all. The winning team will hold all the power, as well as being able to attend the world premiere of Prom Night. They will be writing, rehearsing, and performing their own love themed show with the assistance of the stars of The Young and the Restless. Tara’s repulsed by the thought of kissing Joe, but at least they were warned no tongue. Jason wants a bunch of romance and perhaps a sex scene, but his partner Kristina wants to do a soap opera (what’s the difference?).

Jason and Kristina decide to just improv. She finds the whole thing comical. Tara finds it easy to play a golddigger who can’t stand Joe. Obviously, Randi and Greg aren’t a believeable couple, so they do a story where he confesses to her he’s gay. Chris & Cara are far fetched, which is apparently exactly what they’re looking for on The Young and the Restless. Tom kills his partner. Matt & Leticia actually like each other as people, and she’s not at all upset about kissing him. With this performance, it’s obvious they’re going to win.

Leticia is thinking about nominating Joe because of his attitude, while Matt’s thinking about Chris & Cara as a threat. They’re told that nobody’s going home tonight, but they still have the power: the power to choose who to take with them to the movie premiere. They pick Greg & Randi. The four remaining teams will decide who will be headed to the elimination room next week, which cannot be Matt & Leticia or Greg & Randi. They come up with a plan of having a challenge to put the decision into the person’s hands. Somehow, they come across the idea of a cross dressing fashion show competition. The girls pick Joe for being creepy as a woman, though they were gunning for him anyway.

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