Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 4

Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 3 quickly evolved… into the night of lame twists. Jillian was eliminated in a lame twist in which she went home immediately after losing the flag football game after she volunteered to go to the other side when one geek and one beauty switched sides. Then, they decided to remove the lame twist that started the season, turning it back into beauty and the geek rather than beauty vs. the geek. But not before announcing that the odd geek out would be eliminated. Once the other six beauties had chosen their partners, it came down to Tara having to choose between Jonathan and Joe, the two neither of the beauties wanted.

Tara has selected Joe. Jonathan must now leave the mansion.

This week’s challenge is a science challenge. The girls will be learning about geology, solar energy, and the laws of physics. They’ll present their projects at the science fair. The guys will learn the science of love. Seriously.

Tom’s paranoid talking about sex. He’s hoping that people asking for love advice won’t mention the subject.

The girls have picked three different science projects to display at the science fair. Kristina built a volcano, but she put her speech off until the last minute. Tara does the solar energy project, but she doesn’t bring her calculator with her. Amanda believes magma is still called magma when the volcano erupts. Leticia says “I suck.” Cara comes up with a unique way of explaining the earth, by boiling a hard boiled egg. She gets asked a question she doesn’t know, and she just changes the subject so she’s able to give a competent answer. Jim’s response to Tiffany is *facepalm*. Cara is the clear winner of this challenge.

Dr. Drew will be assessing the guys on their knowledge of relationships, as they give out advice on the radio. Matt says he skipped some of the more sexual portions of the book. Greg recommends a thong to his virgin for the moment caller. Jason gives advice on cheating. Chris suggests to a caller that she should build friendships first, rather than worrying about getting dates. Tom also gets the virgin, and he’s able to offer some good advice. Joe rambles on and on, but he not surprisingly won’t shut up. Dr. Drew says it came down to Jason and Tom. Jason was sweet, honest, and sincere, while Tom really connected with the caller. Tom is the winner of the geek challenge. He gives Amanda credit for the win because of her advice to him.

Jim wants a kiss from Tiffany. She’ll have to think about it.

The two teams in power get together to discuss their strategy.

Cara chooses Matt & Leticia. Leticia blames herself. Tom chooses Jim & Tiffany because they haven’t had anybody go into the elimination room yet. Matt gives Leticia a letter to read just in case they survive. She’s already crying before she’s even read it. Jim tells Tom he’s going to get revenge if he comes back.

The first to buzz in gets to answer. Beauties are up first. Leticia gets a ridiculously easy question right. Jim gets his question right to tie it, as he knows married couples average sex 1.5 times per week (what’s the .5?). Leticia gets the second question right. Jim gets his second question right to again tie it. Leticia once again gets the right answer, and she and Matt stay in the house. Jim and Tiffany are headed home.

Jim says he’s learned to wear pajamas and deodorant. I certainly hope so. Doesn’t look like he’ll get that kiss, though.

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