Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 3

The girls were quickly divided into those who happen to be there to learn something and those who think flirting will get them somewhere in Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 2. The flirting side scored a point, and Amber was sent home, cutting her “romance” with Tom short.

Tom believes he’s going to be dating Amber when he leaves. Not if she has anything to say about it.

Each team must pick one member of their team to go over to the other side. Jillian volunteers to go over to the geek team. Chris also volunteers to be traded. If their team loses, they’re automatically going home. So one of them will be booted no matter what. No, this is lame and stupid.

The challenge is a sporty one. So who does this favor? A couple of the girls are fit, but the rest are merely shapely thanks to genetics. One of the geeks is surprisingly bu-uff, but most aren’t very sporty. It turns out they’re playing flag football. Not a lot of happy faces on either side. Joe tries to confuse everybody with a bunch of excessive terminology. Might want to just focus on running the right way and without tripping. Chris, in his pink shirt, hat, and lip gloss, takes control of team beauty. It quickly turns into full contact flag football. Chris discovers that the geeks can’t defend against the run, which allows him to take the lead against his old team. Joe’s team still can’t figure out a word he’s saying. So he decides to charge into Randi, which is fine by me. At the end of the first half, beauties lead 6-0.

Tara complains that somebody touched her boobs. This is so not fair. All I see are girly parts. Tom manages to score to tie the game at 6, but the beauties score next to take the lead 12-6, then again at 18-6. Jillian knows it’s probably her last night there, so she doesn’t want any fighting. Matt gets tripped and injures his shoulder, as the medics drag him off the field. The geeks go for a “throw touchdown thing” and are down 18-12 with two minutes left. Once Chris returns the kickoff for a touchdown, though, the game’s obviously over, and the beauties win.

So I guess that means Jillian’s going home. Did I mention that this twist was lame? In addition, the geeks are at risk for elimination since they lost.

Matt returns with a broken bone and a brace on his arm, but he’s still sticking around.

The girls especially want Joe gone because of his behavior the day before, and they’re not happy with Jonathan creeping them out. Chris rejoins the geeks on the stairs, but he’s safe for now. The game will now shift to duos, one beauty and one geek. They realized the original twist was stupid, too. There are 8 geeks and 7 beauties. One geek will not be selected, meaning that person will leave. Oh. Lame. Again. Who’s coming up with the twists on this show? This is worse than Big Brother.

Tiffany-Jim (not Jonathan as the beauties had previously agreed)

Tara has to choose between Jonathan and Joe. She doesn’t pick anybody because they apparently don’t have the two seconds to reveal the answer, so that will happen on the next episode.

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