Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 2

This year’s lame twist turned out to be as bad as last year’s lame twist in Beauty and the Geek 5 Episode 1. In a competition based show, a wrench like beauty vs. the geek gives one or more people an obvious advantage in the challenges.

Tara’s not happy to see Jonathan come back. She thinks he’s just odd.

Amber thinks Tom’s good looking and hopes that one day he will be really rich and take care of her. For some reason, he likes her, too.

The next challenge is a talent show. The girls are worried that they’re talentless. The guys may have less self confidence, but they’re confident they’re more talented than the girls are. The beauties spend their time bickering. The geeks are working on… a rap?

The beauties eventually give up and decide to play spin the bottle instead.

Amber reveals to the other beauties that she’s just playing Tom so she doesn’t go into the elimination room.

The beauties have finally come up with something. They’re going to do a dance routine dressed up like Britney Spears (before the children/losing her mind). Unfortunately, there’s no actual “routine” to their dance routine, so they just do random dances. The crowd hates them.

The geeks are a whole different story. Their hodge podge of talents comes together well to form an entertaining and funny show.

Unsurprisingly, the geeks win the challenge. Amanda realizes that they failed to use something other than their beauty, thereby failing to realize the whole point of the challenge. At least she’s showing some growth, even if her teammates aren’t. The geeks will be able to send 5 of them to the elimination room.

Some of the girls are studying. Some of them would rather try to sell themselves. Amber continues working the Tom angle. Leticia and Tiffany hop in the hot tub because they feel studying is beneath them. The guys appear naive enough to fall for this. What this also accomplishes is it gets the other girls to hate them.

The geeks focus on who they want to keep. They turn this into an excessively complicated Congressional measure. Even some of the geeks are confused by it.

Amber (who blames a “certain person” on her team), Amanda, Randi, Kristina, and Jillian. Amber disputes the fact that Leticia hasn’t been sent to the elimination room, and on this point, I agree with her. Leticia’s wasting space there in hopes of getting an extra modelling gig. Not that Amber’s any better.

Amanda knows Chicago is in Illinois and is safe. Kristina is the next one safe by knowing the name of a play. Jillian knows math and is also safe. So it’s down to Amber and Randi. Randi knows the question about hookers, and Amber is eliminated. She says the experience hasn’t changed her any. She is willing to talk to Tom if he still wants to talk to her after this, though she’s not interested in having him as a boyfriend.

Stay tuned to Beauty and the Geek 5 episode 3, which airs Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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