Big Brother 9 Episode 16

Following his return to the house, James won an endurance competition in Big Brother 9 Episode 15. During the competition, he made a deal with Natalie to not nominate her or Matt. Following this, he made it his mission to make sure the liars in the house paid, nominating Ryan and Sheila.

It’s time for another episode of Bible Buddies. They’re trying to figure out where the holy grail is.

Now that she’s on the block, Sheila takes the opportunity to apologize to Adam for how she treated him at the beginning of the game.

They’re trying to figure out where the third mystery box vote was. Natalie pretends that it was Adam, but Sharon’s not buying.

Sheila’s losing it, becoming even more of an emotional wreck than she was to begin with. The house decides to play a trick on her. They wake her up and pretend the POV is going on in the backyard.

It’s now time to pick players for the real veto competition.

James randomly selects Matt to play for veto.
Sheila randomly selects Chelsia.
Ryan randomly selects Joshuah, believing their alliance will hold.

They walk outside and see a huge guinea pig cage. They’ll need to transport wooden blocks across balance beams two at a time. Whoever falls or drops blocks is eliminated. Matt is the first to fall, saying he didn’t put forth his best effort, which to me doesn’t make a lot of sense. Ryan is the next to fall. Chelsia’s off to the lead, with James close behind. Sheila’s way behind but hopes somebody else will slip and fall from going too fast. She drops a block while trying to retrieve a block from the box, though, and is the next person out of the competition. 1 hour and 13 minutes in, Chelsia continues to lead, but she loses her balance and is out. James manages to get all of his blocks, and he is the winner of the power of veto. He’s happy he has a chance to shake things up, though unless he really doesn’t want one of these people to go, pissing off a third person doesn’t make much sense.

Natalie tells Sheila that if things stay the same, it will be really hard for her to choose between the two. Sheila is pissed off about this, too. Her conversation with Adam, who says he doesn’t want to think about it until after the veto ceremony, leads her to believe she’s all alone in the house. She goes to talk to James and throws Adam under the bus. He suggests that maybe Matt or Adam will leave this week because neither will come clean about the vote. Adam tries to convince James he’s not the third vote, but he doesn’t help his case any.

James tells Chelsia he’s going to use the power of veto to put Adam up.

Before making a decision, he wants to talk to Sharon first. On her way up to his room, she demonstrates her terrible acting skills. When she arrives up there, she tells him Matt was the third vote “for a fact.” His new plan is to take Sheila off the block and put up Matt.

As planned, James removes Sheila and places Matt on the block in her place. James, who claims to be the only honest person in the house and who says he’s punishing people for being liars, has gone back on his word to keep Matt safe. Apparently, lying is only okay if you’re lying to someone who lied to you. I’m good with the lying in this game. I’m just not thrilled with hypocrites who pretend to take the high road and then do the same thing they whine about others doing. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to be a liar, be an honest liar.

Programming note: Due to college basketball on Thursday, Big Brother 9 Episode 17 will air at a special time tomorrow at 9/8c, following Survivor: Micronesia at 8/7c.

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