Big Brother 9 Episode 15

After voting out James 5-1, the house decided to let him come back in the house in Big Brother 9 Episode 14. They’re either really stupid, or, well, yeah, that about sums it up. Oops. Sorry America for wasting your time with the last pointless week and also for pretending you had a vote. We left off in the middle of an endurance HOH competition.

James wants to win HOH because his dignity is on the line. Apparently being voted out of the Big Brother house means being stripped of your dignity.

Natalie explains her vote to bring James back. She stabbed her alliance in the back, but she would be redeeming herself and giving her word back to James. I still don’t get it.

Adam’s the first one out of the HOH competition at 15 minutes. Joshuah is next out. Matt’s out at 40 minutes. Sheila admits that she was one of the people who voted for the mystery guest, saying that Alex didn’t get a chance the first time. She falls at an hour.

At 2 hours 31 minutes, Sharon’s the next person to fall. Matt and Ryan are getting concerned that Adam will be turning on them if they’re no longer in power. Matt promises to give Natalie her massage if she wins. James warns that since he was backdoored (because he played a dumb game), he’s going to backdoor someone else. Chelsia is the next one to fall at 3 hours 19 minutes. James offers a deal. Ryan must go on the block no matter what, and if Natalie agrees, James will drop. Ryan doesn’t want her to take the deal. 7 minutes later, Natalie comes up with a counteroffer, asking for safety for herself and Matt. James agrees, and Natalie drops. If she hadn’t voted him back in the house, she would have won HOH. Since she didn’t, James has. James lets everybody know he sticks to his word unlike everybody else in the house. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Natalie finally figures out how to get a massage from Matt. She has to hang on a disco ball for hours. There’s some chat about how they’re still partners. Matt refuses to admit that it wasn’t him who voted for the mystery box. Josh brings this up to Adam because he wants to know who the third vote is (he also doesn’t want James to turn on him just yet).

James has his targets already in mind as to who’s the biggest threat to him, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t trust anybody in the house since they all voted against him. Back in week three, he was the person saying “It’s just a game.” Now he’s pissed off at everybody for playing that game.

James gives a speech at the nomination ceremony about how he doesn’t like that he was lied to, and that all people have in the house is their word.


Sheila and Ryan have been nominated for eviction. In the diary room, he says they’re all stupid. I’ll have to agree with him on that point.

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  1. Shane i agree with your comments. I would like to add an observation that yet again the person that was voted out became hoh. I am not sure how that happens. Another thing that never comes up-last season i had access to the live feeds and i dont think the tv audience gets just how involved big brother is. They never portray it on tv but big brother will lock down the house, tell them when to go to the diary room etc. In the all stars edition when they were at the final 2 erika told big brother she was bored and wanted some games to play and she was refused.

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