Jericho Season 2 Episode 6

The town managed to avenge Bonnie’s death in Jericho Season 2 Episode 5, killing John Getz and hanging him from a tree, despite a warning from Beck to not take matters into their own hands.

Beck is back in town and is hunting down those he feels were responsible for the death of Getz. Hawkins warns them things will get worse until Beck gets the shooter. Jake goes to Beck and blames himself, asking for the amnesty of the others. Beck accepts the surrender but not the terms.

Beck doesn’t believe Jake’s story that he was the killer. On the contrary, he knows the whole story, including that Stanley killed Getz. He wants Stanley, but Jake plays dumb.

Chavez phones Hawkins to warn him that Texas is ready to join Cheyenne and that they need to get the package down there as soon as possible. He hopes his fake Jennings & Rall badge will help him get through the checkpoints.

The town has a plan. They steal the resupply convoy and offer it as a trade for Jake. Beck approaches Jake to force him to sign a letter rejecting their tactics, but this obviously doesn’t work. He now considers the rangers fugitives and declares Jericho an open insurrection and plans to shut down the town’s power and food supplies, but Jake tells him they’ve lived without that stuff before.

Hawkins gets another call from his mystery caller. He’s asked to take the bomb to a secure destination closer to home, waiting a day or two. He ignores the request and leaves right away. He doesn’t just have a J&R shirt and badge. He stole one of their trucks, too.

Heather tells Beck she can’t tell the difference between him and Phil Constantino at this point.

Jake is gaining strength from his grandfather’s wisdom, as he was also captured and tortured. He realizes it all comes down to revolution.

Mimi insists on going to see Stanley. She wants to just get through it, but he seems defeated, blaming himself for shooting a guy who at the time was just some helpless guy.

Hawkins gets another call from his mystery friend, who asks why he’s on his way to Texas and tells him to turn the car around. He declines and keeps driving.

Jake tells Beck his father and grandfather never would have handed their town over to a mercenary. Then he warns him of a revolution against him, telling him he’s just middle management in a company.

Hawkins’ mystery man gives Beck a call and tells him that Hawkins is the guy he wants and that he has a nuclear bomb.

Jake’s mom comes to visit him with a message that Eric and the boys are coming and to not give up.

While he’s driving, Hawkins sees he’s got company, both trucks behind him and a helicopter up above. Good idea. Chase after a guy with a nuke in the back of his truck. Then start shooting at him. The truck comes to a stop, and they get the package they want, though Hawkins manages to escape.

The rangers figure out where Jake is being held, and they break in and rescue him.

Hawkins gets another call from the mystery man, and he comes to the conclusion that there was a tracking device inside the bomb and blames him for having put the plan to blow up the country into practice. The excuse: it was about liberating the country, in an effort to eliminate J&R, which is now centralized in one city. The anonymous caller’s theory now is that J&R may be more powerful but they’re also more vulnerable. He wants to use the bomb to blow up Cheyenne and wipe them out for good.

Hawkins approaches Jake to get some help with stopping the bomb from going off in Cheyenne.

Considering where things stand now, it’s hard to see how they plan to wrap it up in just one episode, but taking into account the show’s low ratings in its current 10 on Tuesdays deathslot, that appears to be where we’re headed. At this time, the show has not yet been cancelled nor renewed, and next week’s episode is being billed as a season finale, rather than a series finale. As a contingency plan, two endings have been filmed. One is a cliffhanger, and one is a definitive ending (in which we’re supposed to believe it took a year for the country to be healed after 23 major cities were destroyed).

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