Jericho Movie

Jericho wasn’t on the air for very long before it was cancelled (twice), which means there’s still more story to tell. Jericho executive producer Jon Turteltaub told iFMagazine that work is being done on a feature film.

“We’re developing a feature for JERICHO,” says Turteltaub. “It would not require you to have seen the TV show, but it get into life after an event like this on a national scale. It would be the bigger, full on American version of what’s going on beyond the town in Jericho.”

Would the TV cast return? “Oh yeah!”

Jericho Season 3?

CBS has cancelled Jericho. Twice. But that doesn’t mean the show’s done just yet. According to the New York Times, CBS Paramount Network Television has held talks with Comcast in an effort to find new life for the program.

The plan is to offer a Friday Night Lights-esque deal, as that show was saved for a third season when DirecTV obtained the rights to show it first in exchange for helping with production costs. DirecTV customers will be able to see the show four months earlier than regular CBS viewers.

Of course, even if this plan falls through, there are other avenues, including a move to cable. Either way we’re likely to see continued budget cuts if there is a season 3.

Jericho Season 2 Episode 7

Following Getz’s death, Beck went on the offensive, torturing Jake for answers he wasn’t going to give in Jericho Season 2 Episode 6. Hawkins, meanwhile, tried to drive his bomb to Texas but was intercepted by an unknown man who was tracking him, and ended up losing the bomb to the Cheyenne government. After Jake was freed, the two of them decided to go together to get it back.

Hawkins wants to find the bomb. Even if he doesn’t have any plan to do so.

Beck is ordered to end the insurrection.

When Grey gets back to his hotel room, he’s greeted by Hawkins and Jake waiting there for him. Grey says he’s just wasting his time there because the convention’s a sham. Jake asks him to head back home.

The town is preparing to be declared centers of resistance. A plan arises. Join forces with their other enemy, New Bern, who doesn’t like Beck’s men any better than they do.

Stanley leaves the hideout to go bury his sister, who’s been in the medical center for 4 days since she died.

Heather goes to see Beck, who knows a page was missing from the binder in his office. He calls her naive. She calls him a coward. So she’s under arrest.

Jake tells the story of how certain areas when he was in Afghanistan would shoot anything with a J&R logo, so they started using ambulances instead. With that in mind, they head to the local hospital, which has shut down due a gas leak. Hawkins and his contact (but not Jake because Hawkins’ guy doesn’t trust him) approach the target and take out some guys. They get the jump on most of them but still end up being shot. It’s the mystery guy. Just as he’s about to finish off Hawkins, Jake runs up and shoots him. Good thing he stayed behind after all.

Beck asks to see the evidence they recovered from Hawkins’ vehicle before they ship it off. All signs point to a corrupt government.

Eric meets up with Constantino and his boys. Constantino’s advice: stop leaving soldiers alive when taking out a convoy.

At Hawkins’ instruction, Jake crashes through the gate at what turns out to be an embassy of the independent republic of Texas. Cheyenne has followed them and wants the surrender of the terrorist. A call from Chavez gets them to instruct Cheyenne any attempt to approach will be considered an act of war.

Eric is unwilling to take Constantino’s approach. His plan is instead to stand in the open and let them start shooting. When the soldiers do approach, Mimi pleads and gets them to be able to have 30 minutes to finish the burial.

Hawkins insists that he’s not important and that Jake should not worry about him but rather should worry about getting the bomb to Texas.

The embassy has arranged to transport the bomb to Texas. Hawkins reiterates that the mission is everything, but Jake refuses to allow him to act as bait and drags him with him.

Beck pulls up to greet the mourners and tells them they’re all free to go. He’s given his notice that he will no longer be taking orders from the Cheyenne government. He thinks he’ll probably be sent to Cheyenne to face court marshall, but until that time, he’s still in charge.

As Jake’s flying toward Texas, a couple of Cheyenne planes approach him to tell him he’s going back with them, or they’re going to shoot him down. They give him 30 seconds, then get ready to attack. Just then, two planes heading the other way shoot them down. The Texans will be escorting him to his destination. One of the pilots tells him whatever he’s carrying better be good because he thinks he just declared war on Cheyenne.

Heather has been released from captivity, and she stops to see Beck while his superiors are reviewing the evidence and deciding what to do with him. Once they know what’s happened, they’re on his side.

Jake and Hawkins have arrived, where he finds out they’re probably heading into the next American Civil War. With Texas siding with Columbus, it should be a fair fight.

And that’s… apparently… it. Weren’t we supposed to get closure? There could be worse cliffhangers (see last season), but it’s obvious there’s still much of the story left to be told. Unfortunately, this CBS series finale is the last we’ll see of the show on network television. There’s an outside chance it will be picked up by a cable network, though.

Jericho Cancelled

CBS has cancelled Jericho. Again. Last year’s cancellation left a sour taste in people’s mouths, and this year’s probably won’t be much better. While we will get some closure in Tuesday’s series finale, most Jericho fanatics thought from the beginning that CBS sent the series off to die so they’d have an excuse to get their way. The producers are shopping the show around to see if it can be picked up on cable, but if it were to get picked up elsewhere, expect even more budget cuts.

“The March 25th episode of Jericho will be the series finale,” the network said in a statement. “Without question, there are passionate viewers watching this program; we simply wish there were more. We thank an engaged and spirited fan base for keeping the show alive this long, and an outstanding team of producers, cast and crew that went through creative hoops to deliver a compelling, high quality second season. We have no regrets bringing the show back for a second try. We listened to our viewers, gave the series an opportunity to grow, and the producers put a great story on the screen. We’re proud of everyone’s efforts.”

Jericho Season 2 Episode 6

The town managed to avenge Bonnie’s death in Jericho Season 2 Episode 5, killing John Getz and hanging him from a tree, despite a warning from Beck to not take matters into their own hands.

Beck is back in town and is hunting down those he feels were responsible for the death of Getz. Hawkins warns them things will get worse until Beck gets the shooter. Jake goes to Beck and blames himself, asking for the amnesty of the others. Beck accepts the surrender but not the terms.

Beck doesn’t believe Jake’s story that he was the killer. On the contrary, he knows the whole story, including that Stanley killed Getz. He wants Stanley, but Jake plays dumb.

Chavez phones Hawkins to warn him that Texas is ready to join Cheyenne and that they need to get the package down there as soon as possible. He hopes his fake Jennings & Rall badge will help him get through the checkpoints.

The town has a plan. They steal the resupply convoy and offer it as a trade for Jake. Beck approaches Jake to force him to sign a letter rejecting their tactics, but this obviously doesn’t work. He now considers the rangers fugitives and declares Jericho an open insurrection and plans to shut down the town’s power and food supplies, but Jake tells him they’ve lived without that stuff before.

Hawkins gets another call from his mystery caller. He’s asked to take the bomb to a secure destination closer to home, waiting a day or two. He ignores the request and leaves right away. He doesn’t just have a J&R shirt and badge. He stole one of their trucks, too.

Heather tells Beck she can’t tell the difference between him and Phil Constantino at this point.

Jake is gaining strength from his grandfather’s wisdom, as he was also captured and tortured. He realizes it all comes down to revolution.

Mimi insists on going to see Stanley. She wants to just get through it, but he seems defeated, blaming himself for shooting a guy who at the time was just some helpless guy.

Hawkins gets another call from his mystery friend, who asks why he’s on his way to Texas and tells him to turn the car around. He declines and keeps driving.

Jake tells Beck his father and grandfather never would have handed their town over to a mercenary. Then he warns him of a revolution against him, telling him he’s just middle management in a company.

Hawkins’ mystery man gives Beck a call and tells him that Hawkins is the guy he wants and that he has a nuclear bomb.

Jake’s mom comes to visit him with a message that Eric and the boys are coming and to not give up.

While he’s driving, Hawkins sees he’s got company, both trucks behind him and a helicopter up above. Good idea. Chase after a guy with a nuke in the back of his truck. Then start shooting at him. The truck comes to a stop, and they get the package they want, though Hawkins manages to escape.

The rangers figure out where Jake is being held, and they break in and rescue him.

Hawkins gets another call from the mystery man, and he comes to the conclusion that there was a tracking device inside the bomb and blames him for having put the plan to blow up the country into practice. The excuse: it was about liberating the country, in an effort to eliminate J&R, which is now centralized in one city. The anonymous caller’s theory now is that J&R may be more powerful but they’re also more vulnerable. He wants to use the bomb to blow up Cheyenne and wipe them out for good.

Hawkins approaches Jake to get some help with stopping the bomb from going off in Cheyenne.

Considering where things stand now, it’s hard to see how they plan to wrap it up in just one episode, but taking into account the show’s low ratings in its current 10 on Tuesdays deathslot, that appears to be where we’re headed. At this time, the show has not yet been cancelled nor renewed, and next week’s episode is being billed as a season finale, rather than a series finale. As a contingency plan, two endings have been filmed. One is a cliffhanger, and one is a definitive ending (in which we’re supposed to believe it took a year for the country to be healed after 23 major cities were destroyed).

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Jericho Season 2 Episode 5

A lot happened in Jericho Season 2 Episode 4, but it all was just leading up to the shootout at Stanley’s farm, where Mimi ended up on a stretcher and Bonnie ended up dead at the hands of John Getz from Ravenwood.

Jake tells his officers to gather men and make sure Ravenwood does not get near Mimi at the med center. He tells Beck, but Beck’s off to New Bern for the day, parting with a warning that Getz is off limits until then.

Getz has obtained the ledger he wanted, which he burns. What he failed to realize is that Mimi was in the house at the time of the shootout. Ravenwood head to the hospital, where they’re stopped by an armed Jake. Getz warns that if he kills him, Cheyenne will retaliate. Jake’s refusal to listen is enough to keep him outside, for now.

Heather’s told that there’s a bounty on her head by the resistance in New Bern.

Hawkins’ anonymous caller tells him that the highest levels of Cheyenne government is made of former J&R employees. He needs the bomb because it’s concrete proof.

Getz will receive backup within four hours. Rather than wait around, they start taking hostages, going to the homes of the men who are protecting the hospital. They take one guy’s wife, then go to Hawkins’ house and tell him Darcy’s one of the hostages inside. He knows better than to fall for it, so he starts kicking ass and taking names.

Mimi wakes up in the hospital, where Darcy tells her she’s going to be fine. Darcy doesn’t want to tell her the rest, though.

Heather gets a visit from some guys in New Bern, where they’re suffering because of tips she’s been giving Beck. They’re there to kill her, or at least they’re supposed to be. They have a better plan in mind, though. They want a trophy: Getz.

Stanley heads to the morgue to say one last goodbye to Bonnie, and he thanks her for saving Mimi’s life.

Hawkins has taken out three guys and has one of them with him when he arrives at the hospital to join the others.

Mimi tells them why the shooting happened. She says that, with access to the system, it may be possible to recreate the information. Hawkins calls his anonymous friend for assistance, telling him to help or else. Mimi suggests Trish may be able to help.

The Ravenwood hostage has escaped. It’s obvious he had help.

Mimi calls Trish at home to tell her what happened and ask for help. Hawkins gave her an e-mail address for a director at Ravenwood.

Hawkins and Jake track down the hostage and make him a hostage again. They all know Fred, the jumpy guy who turned rat in the last episode, is the traitor. They send him to cover the back door, and he calls Getz with this information.

Getz and his men fall for the bait the guys have planted at the hospital and go to Stanley’s farm, where they believe Mimi is hidden. Fred has had a change of heart now that he’s been busted and informs Jake that reinforcements are on their way. They find out reinforcements aren’t there to reinforce. The director of Ravenwood operations shows up with Trish. Getz is fired, and his men are redeployed.

While they’re shooting, they find out that they’re not the only ones after Getz. New Bern’s there, too, and they’re shooting as well. Jake wants to keep him alive and hand him over to Beck, but New Bern wants him dead. Stanley approaches the scene and settles the argument, killing Getz himself.

Despite fear that Beck will retaliate, they know there’s no turning back because he’s going to find out anyway. So they hang Getz’s body from a tree.

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Jericho Season 2 Episode 4

Ravenwood was in town and taking control in Jericho Season 2 Episode 3. They were particularly interested in preventing the people of Jericho from being able to protect themselves from the Hudson River Virus, but in the end, the vaccines were able to be adminstered with a little help from Trish inside Jennings & Rall. Beck may well be on their side now, and there’s a mystery person who wants to help as well.

Stanley catches Dale in his yard in the middle of the night, which he asks to stop because he doesn’t want him bringing in goods through his property. While Jake’s at the store delivering the message, Dale gets notice that he needs to register with Jennings & Rall and prove he’s not doing anything illegal.

Hawkins gets another mystery call, which is from somebody who obviously knows what’s going on. Hawkins comes up with terms of his own, and all he wants is the truth. With that agreed upon, he is told he’s a day away from being caught.

The town gathers together because J&R charges too much and refuses to allow any competition. Dale’s got the connections and the trucks. Stanley’s farm is the safest way into town, but he’s afraid he’ll lose his farm, so he says no.

A binder containing a scan of the area, which will identify the bomb, will be delivered in the next day or so. They need to get Beck out of his office. Hawkins has a house to burn down.

Mimi finds a discrepancy since the new currency has come in. Somebody seems to have stolen $10,000.

Jake, the town sheriff, no longer has a key to the sheriff’s office. When he gets a list, he knows somebody who does, though, Heather. Jake wants to tell her why they need access, but Hawkins doesn’t want to let yet another person in on it.

Jennings & Rall finds a rat. Fred tells them Dale’s to blame for the smuggling.

Hawkins reluctantly agrees to bring Heather into the mix. There are only 5 people outside the Cheyenne government who know this information, but she’s warned it’s highly dangerous information. She agrees to keep listening.

Trish brings the discrepancy to John Getz, telling him the J&R books may have been altered. Because J&R has a zero tolerance policy on embezzlement, she stresses how serious the problem is. He says he’ll look into it, even though he doesn’t appear particularly thrilled with this.

Hawkins visits Beck and asks him to deploy some men to hunt down Sarah Mason. When they show up, they find a house that’s been burned down. They find a burned male body that’s unidentifiable, but they also happen to find a hard drive that’s probably salvageable.

Ravenwood manages to bust Dale, and they turn him over the military police, sending him to prison.

Heather carries out her task as requested, grabbing the page of incriminating data from the binder. She’s been accused by the sargeant of looking for information outside her clearance, but Beck believes she’s telling the truth and tells him to get lost.

Jake chases down the truck carrying Dale. They manage to get in touch with Major Beck, just before the psycho with the gun shoots him. Beck instructs the soldier to stand down and hand Dale over to them.

John Getz demands to see the ledger and that it should be kept in a safe place, not at home where practically anything can happen to it. When she shows up at home, Mimi’s been followed by Getz, who isn’t leaving anything to chance.

With the hard drive, Beck gets hold of some more information, including a video, where he clearly makes out Valente. He’s not fooled, however, that there’s an informant, but he does know that at least Hawkins can help him out.

Bonnie goes outside to greet Ravenwood. She tells them Mimi’s not there. Getz doesn’t believe her and heads inside guns blazing. Bonnie grabs a shotgun and starts shooting. She kills most of them, but there’s still one left.

Hawkins gets a call back from the guy who warned him at the beginning of the show. He tells him of Project Boxcar, an attempt to eliminate all evidence of the attacks. He receives a report, originally written as an effort to warn against a worst case scenario, which was prepared by Jennings & Rall with assistance by the mystery man on the other end of the phone.

Jake shows up to the scene of a shootout. Mimi seems to be okay and is on a stretcher, but Bonnie is dead from a shot fired by Getz.

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Jericho Season 2 Episode 3

Hawkins and Chavez managed to steal some information in Jericho Season 2 Episode 2 that they’ll use to try to take down the government in Cheyenne. Beck has been told he’ll step down and just focus on Sarah. Those replacing him are unlikely to be good news for the town.

Jimmy returns to work. He recognizes Sarah, telling Beck that Hawkins is connected to her, but he doesn’t go into details since he thinks Hawkins is FBI. The plan is for Hawkins to approach Beck and tell him he’s FBI and that they’re killing his investigation. Hawkins says Beck’s going way too far with the public appeal for Sarah’s capture. He pretends he’s with the Columbus FBI, which Beck doesn’t like, but he agrees to cooperate with him since he wants Sarah more than to worry about politics. Hawkins’ plan is to see if Beck’s interested in hearing the truth about who he’s taking orders from.

Ravenwood is owned by Jennings & Rall and is their own private army. Jake’s very familiar with them, since he worked for Jennings & Rall. While he was working for them in Iraq, they killed some civillians, but there were no consequences because it was Jennings & Rall, who can get away with whatever they want.

Ravenwood stops by to pay Dale’s store a visit, where they confiscate some of his goods, notably medicine, which would have treated the Hudson River virus, and then they get word that the virus has jumped the Mississippi.

Dr. Kenchy reluctantly gives Emily advice about how to proceed with administering the virus. He doesn’t want to get involved himself. She begs him to help, and he orders 3000 syringes, which does not go unnoticed by the powers that be.

With a little advice from Jake, Dale’s able to hijack the truck carrying the vaccines. Meanwhile, Kenchy’s being interrogated by Ravenwood, and he knows exactly what they’re capable of.

A fingerprint trace turns up that Sarah Mason’s prints are classified. Hawkins warns him not to contact Valente because if he does, they’ll turn on him. He suggests the orders are to shoot to kill because they don’t want him to get any useful information.

Kenchy tells where to find the others. Jake finds this out and heads back to the warehouse to warn them. The others are able to escape safely with the goods, but Jake stays behind to stall.

Beck contacts Valente and asks if Sarah’s ever been employed by the US government. Valente tells him no, then says he’s tired of his delays and doesn’t want to hear from him again until he’s captured her.

According to the office in Cheyenne, the vaccines have been delivered and destroyed. This is enough to bail out Jake. They got a break from the inside. Trish has an attack of conscience and decides to do the right thing.

The town in Missouri that’s been hit by the virus was saved by Beck, who acted on his own to make sure they got the treatment they needed.

Hawkins gets an encrypted message that’s a special way of communicating that only his team knew how to read. He calls the phone number and gets somebody who says he wants to help.

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