Jericho Season 2 Episode 7

Following Getz’s death, Beck went on the offensive, torturing Jake for answers he wasn’t going to give in Jericho Season 2 Episode 6. Hawkins, meanwhile, tried to drive his bomb to Texas but was intercepted by an unknown man who was tracking him, and ended up losing the bomb to the Cheyenne government. After Jake was freed, the two of them decided to go together to get it back.

Hawkins wants to find the bomb. Even if he doesn’t have any plan to do so.

Beck is ordered to end the insurrection.

When Grey gets back to his hotel room, he’s greeted by Hawkins and Jake waiting there for him. Grey says he’s just wasting his time there because the convention’s a sham. Jake asks him to head back home.

The town is preparing to be declared centers of resistance. A plan arises. Join forces with their other enemy, New Bern, who doesn’t like Beck’s men any better than they do.

Stanley leaves the hideout to go bury his sister, who’s been in the medical center for 4 days since she died.

Heather goes to see Beck, who knows a page was missing from the binder in his office. He calls her naive. She calls him a coward. So she’s under arrest.

Jake tells the story of how certain areas when he was in Afghanistan would shoot anything with a J&R logo, so they started using ambulances instead. With that in mind, they head to the local hospital, which has shut down due a gas leak. Hawkins and his contact (but not Jake because Hawkins’ guy doesn’t trust him) approach the target and take out some guys. They get the jump on most of them but still end up being shot. It’s the mystery guy. Just as he’s about to finish off Hawkins, Jake runs up and shoots him. Good thing he stayed behind after all.

Beck asks to see the evidence they recovered from Hawkins’ vehicle before they ship it off. All signs point to a corrupt government.

Eric meets up with Constantino and his boys. Constantino’s advice: stop leaving soldiers alive when taking out a convoy.

At Hawkins’ instruction, Jake crashes through the gate at what turns out to be an embassy of the independent republic of Texas. Cheyenne has followed them and wants the surrender of the terrorist. A call from Chavez gets them to instruct Cheyenne any attempt to approach will be considered an act of war.

Eric is unwilling to take Constantino’s approach. His plan is instead to stand in the open and let them start shooting. When the soldiers do approach, Mimi pleads and gets them to be able to have 30 minutes to finish the burial.

Hawkins insists that he’s not important and that Jake should not worry about him but rather should worry about getting the bomb to Texas.

The embassy has arranged to transport the bomb to Texas. Hawkins reiterates that the mission is everything, but Jake refuses to allow him to act as bait and drags him with him.

Beck pulls up to greet the mourners and tells them they’re all free to go. He’s given his notice that he will no longer be taking orders from the Cheyenne government. He thinks he’ll probably be sent to Cheyenne to face court marshall, but until that time, he’s still in charge.

As Jake’s flying toward Texas, a couple of Cheyenne planes approach him to tell him he’s going back with them, or they’re going to shoot him down. They give him 30 seconds, then get ready to attack. Just then, two planes heading the other way shoot them down. The Texans will be escorting him to his destination. One of the pilots tells him whatever he’s carrying better be good because he thinks he just declared war on Cheyenne.

Heather has been released from captivity, and she stops to see Beck while his superiors are reviewing the evidence and deciding what to do with him. Once they know what’s happened, they’re on his side.

Jake and Hawkins have arrived, where he finds out they’re probably heading into the next American Civil War. With Texas siding with Columbus, it should be a fair fight.

And that’s… apparently… it. Weren’t we supposed to get closure? There could be worse cliffhangers (see last season), but it’s obvious there’s still much of the story left to be told. Unfortunately, this CBS series finale is the last we’ll see of the show on network television. There’s an outside chance it will be picked up by a cable network, though.

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  1. Thank you…I was unable to see the last episode in 2008, and have been wondering what happened. I can only hope the cable network will pick up the series and again start entertaining us with the continuing story of Jerico. I am a true fan….great television. Way better than all of the stupid(in my opinion) reality shows….

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