Jericho Season 2 Episode 3

Hawkins and Chavez managed to steal some information in Jericho Season 2 Episode 2 that they’ll use to try to take down the government in Cheyenne. Beck has been told he’ll step down and just focus on Sarah. Those replacing him are unlikely to be good news for the town.

Jimmy returns to work. He recognizes Sarah, telling Beck that Hawkins is connected to her, but he doesn’t go into details since he thinks Hawkins is FBI. The plan is for Hawkins to approach Beck and tell him he’s FBI and that they’re killing his investigation. Hawkins says Beck’s going way too far with the public appeal for Sarah’s capture. He pretends he’s with the Columbus FBI, which Beck doesn’t like, but he agrees to cooperate with him since he wants Sarah more than to worry about politics. Hawkins’ plan is to see if Beck’s interested in hearing the truth about who he’s taking orders from.

Ravenwood is owned by Jennings & Rall and is their own private army. Jake’s very familiar with them, since he worked for Jennings & Rall. While he was working for them in Iraq, they killed some civillians, but there were no consequences because it was Jennings & Rall, who can get away with whatever they want.

Ravenwood stops by to pay Dale’s store a visit, where they confiscate some of his goods, notably medicine, which would have treated the Hudson River virus, and then they get word that the virus has jumped the Mississippi.

Dr. Kenchy reluctantly gives Emily advice about how to proceed with administering the virus. He doesn’t want to get involved himself. She begs him to help, and he orders 3000 syringes, which does not go unnoticed by the powers that be.

With a little advice from Jake, Dale’s able to hijack the truck carrying the vaccines. Meanwhile, Kenchy’s being interrogated by Ravenwood, and he knows exactly what they’re capable of.

A fingerprint trace turns up that Sarah Mason’s prints are classified. Hawkins warns him not to contact Valente because if he does, they’ll turn on him. He suggests the orders are to shoot to kill because they don’t want him to get any useful information.

Kenchy tells where to find the others. Jake finds this out and heads back to the warehouse to warn them. The others are able to escape safely with the goods, but Jake stays behind to stall.

Beck contacts Valente and asks if Sarah’s ever been employed by the US government. Valente tells him no, then says he’s tired of his delays and doesn’t want to hear from him again until he’s captured her.

According to the office in Cheyenne, the vaccines have been delivered and destroyed. This is enough to bail out Jake. They got a break from the inside. Trish has an attack of conscience and decides to do the right thing.

The town in Missouri that’s been hit by the virus was saved by Beck, who acted on his own to make sure they got the treatment they needed.

Hawkins gets an encrypted message that’s a special way of communicating that only his team knew how to read. He calls the phone number and gets somebody who says he wants to help.

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