Jericho Season 2 Episode 4

Ravenwood was in town and taking control in Jericho Season 2 Episode 3. They were particularly interested in preventing the people of Jericho from being able to protect themselves from the Hudson River Virus, but in the end, the vaccines were able to be adminstered with a little help from Trish inside Jennings & Rall. Beck may well be on their side now, and there’s a mystery person who wants to help as well.

Stanley catches Dale in his yard in the middle of the night, which he asks to stop because he doesn’t want him bringing in goods through his property. While Jake’s at the store delivering the message, Dale gets notice that he needs to register with Jennings & Rall and prove he’s not doing anything illegal.

Hawkins gets another mystery call, which is from somebody who obviously knows what’s going on. Hawkins comes up with terms of his own, and all he wants is the truth. With that agreed upon, he is told he’s a day away from being caught.

The town gathers together because J&R charges too much and refuses to allow any competition. Dale’s got the connections and the trucks. Stanley’s farm is the safest way into town, but he’s afraid he’ll lose his farm, so he says no.

A binder containing a scan of the area, which will identify the bomb, will be delivered in the next day or so. They need to get Beck out of his office. Hawkins has a house to burn down.

Mimi finds a discrepancy since the new currency has come in. Somebody seems to have stolen $10,000.

Jake, the town sheriff, no longer has a key to the sheriff’s office. When he gets a list, he knows somebody who does, though, Heather. Jake wants to tell her why they need access, but Hawkins doesn’t want to let yet another person in on it.

Jennings & Rall finds a rat. Fred tells them Dale’s to blame for the smuggling.

Hawkins reluctantly agrees to bring Heather into the mix. There are only 5 people outside the Cheyenne government who know this information, but she’s warned it’s highly dangerous information. She agrees to keep listening.

Trish brings the discrepancy to John Getz, telling him the J&R books may have been altered. Because J&R has a zero tolerance policy on embezzlement, she stresses how serious the problem is. He says he’ll look into it, even though he doesn’t appear particularly thrilled with this.

Hawkins visits Beck and asks him to deploy some men to hunt down Sarah Mason. When they show up, they find a house that’s been burned down. They find a burned male body that’s unidentifiable, but they also happen to find a hard drive that’s probably salvageable.

Ravenwood manages to bust Dale, and they turn him over the military police, sending him to prison.

Heather carries out her task as requested, grabbing the page of incriminating data from the binder. She’s been accused by the sargeant of looking for information outside her clearance, but Beck believes she’s telling the truth and tells him to get lost.

Jake chases down the truck carrying Dale. They manage to get in touch with Major Beck, just before the psycho with the gun shoots him. Beck instructs the soldier to stand down and hand Dale over to them.

John Getz demands to see the ledger and that it should be kept in a safe place, not at home where practically anything can happen to it. When she shows up at home, Mimi’s been followed by Getz, who isn’t leaving anything to chance.

With the hard drive, Beck gets hold of some more information, including a video, where he clearly makes out Valente. He’s not fooled, however, that there’s an informant, but he does know that at least Hawkins can help him out.

Bonnie goes outside to greet Ravenwood. She tells them Mimi’s not there. Getz doesn’t believe her and heads inside guns blazing. Bonnie grabs a shotgun and starts shooting. She kills most of them, but there’s still one left.

Hawkins gets a call back from the guy who warned him at the beginning of the show. He tells him of Project Boxcar, an attempt to eliminate all evidence of the attacks. He receives a report, originally written as an effort to warn against a worst case scenario, which was prepared by Jennings & Rall with assistance by the mystery man on the other end of the phone.

Jake shows up to the scene of a shootout. Mimi seems to be okay and is on a stretcher, but Bonnie is dead from a shot fired by Getz.

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