Jericho Season 3?

CBS has cancelled Jericho. Twice. But that doesn’t mean the show’s done just yet. According to the New York Times, CBS Paramount Network Television has held talks with Comcast in an effort to find new life for the program.

The plan is to offer a Friday Night Lights-esque deal, as that show was saved for a third season when DirecTV obtained the rights to show it first in exchange for helping with production costs. DirecTV customers will be able to see the show four months earlier than regular CBS viewers.

Of course, even if this plan falls through, there are other avenues, including a move to cable. Either way we’re likely to see continued budget cuts if there is a season 3.

5 thoughts on “Jericho Season 3?”

  1. I love jerico. I had to rewatch it on line. I want the next season they deffinatly it open to start off a great new season. I think with the write strike over this is what they need to get the rates up everyone looking for some of there fav. to come back with story lines.

  2. I just watched both seasons 1 & 2 of Jericho and absolutely loved it. Now I know what all the excitment was about. It was great!I am hoping that there will be a season 3 to continue…

    I have watched Skeet Ulrich in both Jericho and The magic of ordinary days and think he is a great actor and very good looking.

    Hope to see more Jericho SOON!

  3. The show was awesome but they started it in a bad year, where tons of other hit shows came into light they should have boosted the marketing on it, As i found out about it a year after the show was started. i now have both seasons on disk and i baught them both for my sister and friends and they all love it. They should bring it back now. as the other shows of that time are coming to a leveling off phase. Just a thought. And the show could easily be an HBO special….hint hint!!!!!! Hawkins, Hawkins, Hawkins!!!!!! You the man!!

  4. Why is there no Jericho season 3 or bettr yet more season beyond that? Jericho is good and we like watching the charactor Jake Green in action showing people that no matter what never give up hope or your humanity no matter what life thows at you. what happened in the tv show is very likly to happen for real look at 9-11. please don’t cancel the show people like me need it and want it to continue. thank-you for reading this and hope you will consider continueing the show.

    sincerely your views and fans of the show,

    Elizabeth Mayhak
    Harmony Mayhak
    Randy Mayhak
    Lila Migneault
    Ida Besemer
    Bill Hoaglen
    Anna Percey
    Tom Miller
    Shirely Eaton

  5. I have seen series 1 and 2 of Jericho fantastic Skeet Ulrich is excellent, when will there be series 3 cant wait for it,
    Thank goodness it it back on TV, just hope they dont take it off again.

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