The Bachelor 12 Episode 3

Matt eliminated three more women in The Bachelor 12 Episode 2: Erin H, Carri, and Michelle. For some unknown reason (she’s very pretty), he kept Shayne Lamas around, despite the fact that she proved to be self centered and way too young to be on this show.

The first one-on-one date is Holly. They will be going to a private premiere of Maid of Honor, complete with paparazzi. If he doesn’t give her a rose by the end of the date, she’s headed home. The nosey reporters ask how their relationship is going now that they’ve known each other for… days. She cries during the movie, and he’s able to comfort her.

Once the movie is over, they head up on the rooftop to chat in the candlelight. Matt says they’re so comfortable together it’s almost too comfortable, to the point where there may not be electricity between them. They kiss in the hottub, then he gives her the rose guaranteeing her safety.

While the other girls are waiting at home, the concrete that Matt and Holly put their hands in is delivered to them, which makes the other girls jealous.

The group date is a game of rugby for Kristine, Amanda, Chelsea, Erin, Noelle, Marshana, Ashlee, Robin, Kelly, and Amy. Noelle’s main mission is not to die. Ashlee’s not at all happy to be there, but at least she’s got her fake eyelashes with her. Eventually, the girls begin rolling around in the mud. Matt is impressed by how quickly Robin picks up the game. In the middle of a play in which Chelsea’s knocking everybody over, Marshana collapses on the ground after she takes an elbow to the face. The other girls aren’t happy that she’s being a wimp and getting some alone time with Matt.

Matt and the girls head to Matt’s house, where there are two masseuses waiting for them, so of course it’s time for the girls to all get into their bikinis. As captain of the winning rugby team, Kelly is up first. She decides to kick the masseuses to the curb and give Matt a massage herself. Robin tells Matt she wants to do whatever it takes to get his attention, but unlike most of the others, she doesn’t want to do stupid things to do so. Amanda’s concerned that they haven’t spoke much because there are too many other girls around. Once they do start talking, Noelle and Kristine sit down beside them. At the end of the date, he decides to give the rose to Robin.

That leaves the final one-on-one date for Shayne. Her biggest concern is that she hasn’t been tanning, so Holly pulls out her spray tanning machine to help her out. She’s very happy to see the wine in her date box. They’re going wine tasting. Matt says he has some big concerns about her. Yeah, there’s a surprise. Shayne tries to downplay her father. She’s obviously not ready to seriously commit to marriage, but she says that she’s maybe ready to move forward to the next step possibly at some point.

Shayne reluctantly admits that she is high maintenance. Points for being honest, even if they’re negated by what she’s being honest about. He’s not sure whether she’s one sandwich short of a picnic or the best thing since sliced bread. I’d suggest the former… and that you run quickly. He tells her there’s something in her that he absolutely loves (she’s a Hollywood star) then kisses her, which he follows closely by giving her the rose. The longer this chick sticks around, the more difficult it is to take the show seriously.

Robin goes on and on and on about her relationship with Matt. The other girls are slowly starting to hate on her. Robin’s already got a rose, but that doesn’t stop her from breaking up Amy’s one-on-one time. So in retaliation, Shayne, Kelly, and Amy go and interrupt her. They tell her not to do it again, but she doesn’t care. She’s going to fight them all if needed.

Ashlee complains that she’s getting tired of the whole process. She says it’s a matter of time before she gets cut anyway.


Kristine, Amy, and Erin are headed home. Kristine says she has a hard time opening up, which is a pattern. Amy is happy to have at least made a couple friends.

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