Reaper Episode 13

Sam, Sock, and Ben moved into their own apartment in Reaper Episode 12. Their new neighbors Steve and Tony cooked for them, did their laundry… and were demons. Sam wasn’t having much more luck with the ladies, as following Andi’s warning to be careful of Cady, who may or may not be Satan’s daughter, Cady decided to go to New Mexico to get away from Sam for a while.

They’re stuck living next door to demons because their lease apparently doesn’t contain a no demon clause.

Andi finally tells Sam the truth. She wants to be more than just friends.

Steve and Tony come over with freshly baked muffins. They want to know why they’re being ignored. “It’s not you. It’s us.” So they leave before they do something they’ll regret. And take their muffins with them.

Sock suggests that Sam break up with Cady and be with Andi, rather than being with Cady and secretly pining for Andi. Andi apologizes for having put them in an awkward position.

Sam opens a crate that says 666 on it. That can’be be good. Inside are some bubbles. Then the Devil transports him to a photo shoot, and after attempting to have an inappropriate conversation, he shows him someone burned by acid.

When they see Tony and Steve in the hall, the boys run the other way, and not very subtly.

They find Nicole, the soul, who’s pretty hot, especially for a dead chick. She used to work at Seattle’s hippest fashion magazine, of which for some reason Sock is a big fan. They go there and find a guy who works there, who tells them she got into a fight a couple years ago with Angela, a cover girl who beat Nikki for a contract. He suggests a club where they might run into Angela. When they arrive, they find both Nicole and Angela in the VIP area, but they have to jump the bouncer to get in. The distraction allows Sam to sneak past. Once inside, he finds the acid queen, but she escapes through a hole she creates in the wall.

Steve and Tony show up at The Work Bench and again ask Sam what’s wrong. Sam finally tells them the problem is what they are, but he’s not a homophobe. He just doesn’t like demons. They know he’s a reaper and don’t get why he’s not willing to accept them. Apparently, they have not eaten anybody.

The boys track down Nicole at the magazine but are unable to get the vessel to work. Blowing bubbles is harder than it looks. Sam wants to just be dropped off at the apartment, where Nikki’s waiting for him. He’s still having trouble blowing bubbles, but Steve swoops down to save him.

The Devil warns Sam about his two little demon neighbors, a sure sign he may well be able to trust them. Steve’s still upset about the demophobic behavior. He comes around when he hears that Sam knows the Devil, though. He happens to mention that Tony’s involved in a party for Seattle Style magazine. The party’s the same night as Sam has plans with Andi, but Tony thought of everything and has a ticket for her as well.

Just as Sam’s done kissing Andi at the party, he gets a call from Cady. As he’s talking to her, Andi walks off, with Nicole right behind her. Someone who thinks Sam’s a valet gives him the keys, so he of course takes his car and drives it into Nicole. Then he throws Andi into the car and drives off. If she didn’t get what was going on before, she might now. With a little bit of acid, Nikki’s able to cause the car to flip upside down. It’s a good thing Sam has his bubbles with him and is able to figure out how to use them.

The guys are okay, but Andi’s the one heading to the hospital this time. The Devil reiterates his previous warning: the people Sam cares for are fair game. Oh, and a lifetime of meaningless cheap one night stands may not be so bad. Sam plays dumb and tells Andi it was just a car accident.

When Sam gets home, Steve invites him into his lair for a private chat that nobody on the planet can hear, including the Devil. He thinks it’s unusual that the Devil actually talks to Sam, but he still wants him to fight him.

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