Reaper Cancelled

Reaper’s ratings are in line with 90210, its lead out that has already been renewed (yet would be cancelled on any other network), but it lags in The CW’s young female target demographic audience. With that said, the network has decided to pull the plug on Reaper. Let’s hope next week’s series finale is an appropriate end to the show, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Reaper Season 2 Episode 6

The boys found a baby in Reaper Season 2 Episode 5. Unable to care for it, they gave it to the first demon to come knocking, Tony.

Sock and Sam are watching bug fighting. Surely PETA will not appreciate this sport.

Then the Devil pays Sam a visit. First, he’s trying to figure out how to use a video camera. Then, he tells Sam his next soul is some tentacle thing. The vessel is a grenade. Sam plans to turn this into a road trip with Sock, Ben, and Andi.

Ben’s growing a little too attached to his demon girlfriend. She wants to be left alone for a while, and she wants to go eat a llama. Then she drops by to see Andi and notices the postcard for Dove Hollow. Ben invited her to go along on their little road trip. Oh, and by the way, Sam must be a little evil because he’s the son of the Devil.

The hotel only has three rooms. Sock and his sister will have to share a room/bed. The guy at the hotel suggests taking his sister to the silver mine. It’s quite a sight. When they go to get sandwiches, Andi and Sam are also told to go to the mine. Then, a whining Ben is told to go to the mine when he’s drowning his sorrows at the bar. The whole town’s in on this capture and kill tourists bit, and Sam’s car is among the missing, so they’re pretty much stuck there.

They report the car to the sheriff. He had the car towed, but the impound lot is closed for now. Perhaps tomorrow they can get it. Then he asks sam if he believes in Hell.

Ben’s on the phone talking to his girlfriend’s machine. Again. Andi is concerned by his stalkeriness. The word clingy might have come up. That’s not good. He’s gotta call her to make sure everything’s okay. Andi turns the phone off, though.

Every now and then, Sam gets this weird Devil power. He tries to use it to open a wine bottle. He’s getting pretty comfortable with all this Devil stuff, isn’t he? “I have no choice” is starting to sound like an excuse. So like did an angry Sam just blow up the wine?

When Sock walks into the room, he finds two beds, one that rolls away. Well, that spoils his plans to sleep with his sister. He has to figure out a way to get rid of that second bed before she notices. Maybe if he chucks it out the window. On a car. When she hears the alarm going off, Kristen knows he threw the cot out the window. She realizes he was protecting her virginity. For himself. She wouldn’t like him, though, even if they were not related. Women are like a mystery wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside a third mystery.

Kristen goes down to the bar where Sock’s getting drunk and introduces herself to him. They’re just meeting randomly at a bar. He uses his best line. “Hi, I think you’re standing on my penis.” One bed in the room will be fine by her.

The next morning, Sam and Andi are getting ready to leave and want to go get their car. They run into the sheriff. Do they have any idea how a bed is on his car? Sock opens his window and looks out. He’s not afraid to shout from the rooftops that it is his cot. He needs to be dragged away in handcuffs now. He’ll be released on Wednesday.

The sheriff wants to know about the soul hunter thing he found in Sam’s car. It’s a school project.

Sam will be going off to what could possibly be his death now. Andi’s not worried.

Nina arrives in Dove Hollow looking for her friends, since Ben hasn’t left her any new messages lately. Has she been out to see the mine yet? She says the bartender is off and not real, and he smells like Hell. She smells delicious to him, so he’ll eat her now.

Ben suggests letting Sock dig his way out of the jail like in Shawshank Redemption. Didn’t it take that guy like 20 years? Perhaps they can break the lock instead. Ben wants to get the pickaxe from the bar, where he notices Nina’s purse. The bartender’s not sure where she went, but on second thought, Ben can borrow the axe. Then the guy and his green blood goes all over the place. Perhaps the sheriff really is on their side.

The sheriff has done what he can to make people leave the town. Everybody in the town is the soul. He plans to smoke out the soul so that he will be driven toward the guys, waiting there with their grenade. Ben’s happy to just jump into that mine with the grenade now that his girlfriend’s gone. If a girl doesn’t hit on him, Sock will get lost in his eyes for days. That convinces him he doesn’t want to die, and then he’s pulled in by the creature. Then there’s an explosion, and the grenade pops out of the mine.

When they return to the sheriff’s office, they find out he didn’t set the fire. On the contrary, he warned the thing that they were coming. He wants his twisted little town to stay the same as it’s been. He’d like to shoot them now, but first he will have to load his gun.

They steal the sheriff’s car and start to fleeing. The sheriff’s somehow right in front of them, so they’ll just keep driving and hope they don’t get shot. The car dies right directly in front of the sheriff.

The Devil gives Sam a vessel to bargain with. The town and the sheriff’s creepy friends are all in that grenade.

Sam knows the sheriff used to be a good person, once upon a time, but the sheriff says it’s too late to change, so Sam tosses the grenade back into the mine. Nina’s back. Sam convinces her to let the sheriff live so he’ll have to live with what he did. Nina believes that Sam is diabolical for wanting this guy to suffer, which turns her on.

Kristen’s made her way back home on her own, and she feels ashamed. But she’s in America now, a country that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about shame. Now she can sleep with her brother again, or at least she would be able to if their parents didn’t just show up.

The Devil tells Sam he can withstand any blow. Such as Andi dumping him.

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 5

Sam’s father returned in Reaper Season 2 Episode 4, appearing as if he may well be dead.

Sam invites Sock into his car. They need to talk in private. Yeah, his dead dad’s in the car. Except technically, he’s not dead, but he’s not really alive either. He made the deal with the Devil so he wouldn’t die, and now he can’t. Sock just about had a heart attack, so now he wants to invite Ben into the car so he can experience the same thing.

Ben wants Sock to know that his sister is a pretty cool person, which me might realize if he stopped drooling over her.

For his next job, Sam’s going after a vampire, or at least someone who thought she was a vampire. His vessel is a stake.

The Devil reminds Sam that his father sold his soul to him, so he might as well just forget about him and not feel bad about his current undead state.

In death, the soul still thinks she’s a vampire. Either that, or she’s a goth chick. The boys go to her house, but they’ve got good news for her. They’re not there to steal from her. They’re just there to send her back to Hell. They capture her pretty quickly. Then they find out they’re going to be stuck looking after the baby in the crib upstairs.

Souls have been known to escape from Hell to have their children here. Better schools. So what do they do with the baby then? Gladys tells them to have fun raising it. It’s probably just a regular baby, but they can send it down the return chute if they really don’t want it. She suggests asking Andi. She dates him, so she must know a lot about babies.

Sam invites Andi out for a night on the town. Ted suggests that her stress she’s been feeling is because the job tends to get a man down, especially if that man is a woman.

Sock’s idea: watch Honey I Blew up the Baby.

Ben tells Sock he’s got two options when it comes to his sister: medicate his boys into submission or workout for 15 minutes a day. The working out sounds too hard.

Tony pays the guys a visit. He came to warn Sam that they’re dispatching some demon assassins to kill him. Then he hears the baby crying. They don’t know whether it’s a girl or not because they haven’t changed a diaper yet. Or done anything else for that matter. Does he want the baby? Talking him into that was a little too easy. He wants to call her Stevie after Steve, although Sock already named her Magnum PI.

Andi arrives at the restaurant. It’s not Sam. It’s Morgan. He rented out the whole restaurant just for them. Andi’s troubled by the fact that he’s obnoxious, arrogant, rude, and, oh, his father’s the Devil. Oh, by the way, Sam’s got the same father as he does. Yeah, she didn’t know that.

When Sam gets to work, Andi wants to know if there’s anything he wants to share. Like how Satan is his real father. She can’t fire him, but he’s on dumpster duty.

There’s a small accounting error in purgatory. A missing soul. Sam already knows this soul: the baby. The kid is destined for evil, like its mother.

Sock’s back from the doctor with some pills so he can get rid of his manhood.

Sam tells his dad the fact that he’s a zombie is his fault because he made a deal with the Devil, and that he’s not his real father anyway.

The plan is to tell Tony that his food sucks so he’ll go down to the local market and leave them alone with the baby so they can vanquish her. That works. Now they just need to shove a stake through her face. Sam can’t do it. Perhaps if they sing a lullaby it’ll make it easier. Just then, Tony’s back, having gotten some tomatoes from his neighbor. He walks in to see Sam standing over his baby with a stake in his hand. After getting thrown around by Tony, Ben’s got an alternate plan. If they baptize her, the Devil won’t want her any more.

For this baptism, Sam will play the role of father, while Andi will play the role of the mother. Tony can’t go inside the church since he’s a demon and all. Sam should be fine, hopefully, since he’s half human. According to Tony, Sam is worth saving, or at least that’s what Steve told him when he appeared to him.

As they’re signing the paperwork for the baptism, the baby carriage rolls away. It gets by the traffic just fine and goes into the building across the street, where there’s a big fiery hole and a Devil waiting for it. Nature always beats out nurture. Sam’s got another idea. She can totally screw up everybody she comes into contact with, delivering the Devil a lot of chaos. She could damage a lot of people if she turns out to be a psychiatrist. He gives the baby back, but he warns Sam that you can’t stop nature.

Kristen walks in on Sock taking his pills. He tells her he has a small problem, or rather more of an average-sized problem. She won’t let him take the pills. What can she do to help him? Anything he needs, she’ll give it to him. Time to hit the gym.

Sam’s dad has rented out a storage facility as a dwelling, but Sam has recognized that he’s his father. If he is a good person, it’s because of how he was raised. So he can move into the garage. He’s a garage roomie only. The rest of the house is off limits to the mostly dead.

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 4

Sam won $1,000 in the lottery, which Ben believes is his since he bought the ticket. After Sam gets the cash, the Devil takes his money. As if you could win the lotto without the Devil being involved. The Devil wants to use the cash to go bail out Morgan, who accidentally stole a limo. Morgan’s his son, making them half brothers.

Andi finds the Devil having a son pretty scary. That does not bode well for Sam.

Despite that whole being fired thing, Ted is still hanging around at The Work Bench.

Nina, Ben’s new girlfriend, is not overly into their sex life, and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

The Devil tells Sam that he’ll always like Morgan better than he likes him. But there’s something missing. Maybe Morgan just doesn’t want to help him rule the netherworld. Then they see a dead body killed by Edmond Fitzgerald, his latest soul, who ate his gold on his deathbed.

Sock’s assisting a woman at work, but he doesn’t feel like helping her any more, so he subcontracts Ted to do it for her in exchange for splitting her tip. Now he goes to beg Andi for extra shifts. The work will be better than done. It’ll be good.

While Ben and Nina are out, she sees an ex-boyfriend. Their relationship was entirely physical. Rather than talking about it, though, she would prefer to stuff her face with as much food as she can get her hands on.

The Devil shows up in Sam’s bathroom to give him a vessel and ask a small favor (aka give him a demand that he can’t refuse). They have to get their hands on a painting before the soul does. There’s a burglar alarm sticker on the window, so obviously there’s a burglar alarm. What if it’s just a sticker? Neither Ben nor his friends are exactly useful in this scenario, but Morgan seems to know something about breaking or entering. Just not breaking and entering well. He throws something through the window and drives away, leaving the others behind to steal the painting while the cops are probably about three minutes away.

Sock plans to unpack all the sprinklers and restock the paint. So he says. His new subcontracting plan is genius. At least it is until he gets busted.

Ben pays a visit to Gladys at the DMV. He wants to discuss demon sex with her. Her response is that humans and demons can get it on all the time, and she can help him learn how to please a demon if he drops by her place later.

The soul has managed to find the boys, and he sends his jewelry to attack them. They hide in the bath tub, which works until Kristen finds them. When they’re done being chickens, they see that the painting is gone.

Andi asks: what’s the soul doing with all these things he’s stealing? He must have like a warehouse or something. Now that she’s solved that mystery, she sees Ted working. He has to leave, but before he can do that, she’ll have to talk to his boss. That means waking up Sock from his nap. He’s already been fired. Should have stuck the first time. Except Ted has nothing else in his life.

Fitzgerald owns an old shipyard, which has been condemned for years, so that’s probably where he’s storing everything. The Devil told Morgan exactly where to look. If only he’d actually help Sam with anything. They find a list that suggests they need to find Maryann.

Morgan got Maryann’s address from his dad, and Andi’s decided that Morgan is not that bad after all.

Ben’s got a good plan: he’s going to do it with his girlfriend in her demon form, mannish voice and all.

Maryann tells Sam to forget about getting his hands on the estate. He’s got a message for her: Edmond’s back from the dead and may try to kidnap her. But he only loved things, and the Maryann in question is actually his boat, which sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Then she notices that Morgan is wearing Edmond’s ring, which Sam thinks will lead him right to them. This somehow leads to a discussion about how Morgan’s evil, while Sam’s good. When they see the gold bugs inside the vents, they’ll probably have to run now. Morgan could give him the ring, but it’s stuck. It comes off after he jumps in the pool, so he tosses it to Sam, who agrees to give it back to its rightful owner. Then he shoves him up against the vessel and sends him back to hell.

Tired of running away and shoveling food in her mouth, Nina decides to tell Ben the truth. She used to be married to a human, which angered God, who smote the guy she loved, so she doesn’t want that to happen again.

Andi has made her decision. Ted can’t continue to take Sock’s shifts. However, the home office has approved her request to hire Ted back on a six month trial basis as a trainee. The new trainee needs a trainer. That would be Sock. They’ll be a team, joined at the hip, for six months.

The Devil gives Morgan all the credit for capturing the soul, then he gives all the gold coins to Morgan, too. He’s so conflicted. He doesn’t know who to root for now. Sam suggests rooting for Morgan.

When Sam gets home, he sees his father, who may possibly be dead.

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 2

Sock got a new sister in Reaper Season 2 Episode 1. Let’s just see how long he can keep his hands off her. Sam, meanwhile, believes he’s discovered a loophole and a way to get out of Hell free.

The soul is a Mongolian warrior from the 13th century, whatever they look like. He’s skilled with swords, spears, and knives, and he could probably snap your spine with his bare hands. Ben gets distracted by a bunny, so while he and Sock are arguing whether they can keep it, they’re attacked from behind by the warrior. It’s a good thing he’s freaked out by demonic technology like cell phones. He’s gone, but at least they’re still alive.

In his hunt for the soul who figured out a way to get out of his deal with the Devil, Sam plans to post flyers around town with his picture. He’s offering a large reward (aka a gift certificate to Outback… a $30 gift certificate).

Sometimes when Ben gets lonely, he gets really attached to animals. But the rabbit is different. Honest.

How is this not a dream sequence? Kristen wakes Sock up and begins wrestling with him. He’s got the blue man group in his pants.

Sock and Sam ban having bunnies in the house. The I’s have it.

Andi’s talking to a customer, who she knows is a secret shopper from corporate. The secret shopper requests that she not tell anybody who she is. Mum’s the word. Except for Sam and Sock of course.

Gladys recognizes the demon, Alan Townsend. Sam got her out of Hell (but only once), so he expects her to return the favor.

As Sam’s making copies, the Devil shows up. His good news: the Mongols conquered half the planet, so he may want to catch his soul sooner rather than later.

Kristen’s exercising. This is so unfair. Why does she insist on labelling Sock as her brother?

Sam hears the noise the Devil warned him about, the one that lets him know a demon’s about to kill him. Good thing Ben has a tiki torch for his bunny, as he promptly uses it to set the demon on fire. That hardly seems realistic. The next day, he goes to see Gladys, who sent the demon to kill him. She gives him an address for Alan. If this is another set up to get him killed, his dad will want to punish all those involved. So she changes the address.

Sock takes his sister out to get her drunk so he can take advantage of her. His plan is to impress her with his mad dancing skills, but he will have to deal with another too full of himself guy in the process. For some reason, she chooses the other guy, instead of her brother, leaving him to slow dance by himself.

The Devil shows up in Sam’s car to tell him love is really wonderful, and to ask him what he’s doing on stakeout (spending time with his gal) instead of hunting for the soul, who’s rampaging property on horseback. He’s worried that Sam’s becoming… distracted.

Based on history, the soul will be attacking the Vietnamese restaurant Sock, Ben, and Sam are at, since he’s invaded a Chinese place and a Korean BBQ already. Somehow, this theory is right. The Mongolian has a suit, but he’s not willing to wait that 15 minutes in line. He grabs some meat cleavers and chops Sam’s vessel in half. Time to break out the cell phone, but the soul already has one. He really has learned to adapt. With a mad dash for the half of the vessel that works, Sam is able to capture the soul.

Ben was right about where the soul would attack. Therefore, his rabbit should be allowed back in the house. Because Ben saved his life and stuff, Sam seconds the motion to allow another vote on whether the rabbit can come back inside. By a close vote of 2-1, Ben loses again.

Topher, the guy from the bar, is there to pick up Kristen. Sock hopes to intimidate him with a large knife. Nobody’s allowed to score with his sister but him. With that said, Sock takes a chair and smashes it over Topher.

Ted notices the secret shopper. She’s been there every day this week, so she must want him. Security will be escorting Ted out now.

Sam finds Alan, but he doesn’t want to talk. There’s too much risk being on the Devil’s radar, but he’ll never be off the Devil’s radar. Unless he gets Sam’s assistance. He knows his tricks, some of them, and the Devil trusts him. Just as Alan’s starting to listen, there’s that noise again. Another demon sent to wipe out the Devil’s son. This demon’s going down. The Devil wants his buddy to warn his friends that Sam is not to be touched. When they go to the bar, Sam realizes the Devil set him up. Now Alan’s too afraid to talk to him. Instead of fighting it, Sam might as well just accept the fact that he’s going to Hell when he dies.

Sock’s worried that Topher just wants to bang Kristen and bail. Maybe that’s what she wants.

Although he will no longer trust Sam, perhaps Alan will trust Andi instead.

Another demon attacks. Ben’s holding his bunny in the garage, so he runs off and wants to go inside. Not with that animal he won’t. They realize something’s up when Ben is pulled upward. He awakens after being knocked out. The rabbit seems fine, though. It’s the demon he burned. Maybe they can get the demon some ointment or something. The demon is impressed with Ben. He’s very brave risking his life to save his friends, he seems to love the rabbit, and he’s got beautiful eyes.

Sock’s plan to cover this up: say that Ben went on a bike ride late at night and has a drug problem. Just then, Ben walks into the room. He’s totally fine, without a scratch on him. He went Jackie Chan on that demon, and now that that’s over, Sock can’t make any rules about the bunny not being allowed inside the house.

Kristen’s new boyfriend is a player. She had planned to give her virginity away, but now her plans to have meaningless crazy sex with just any random person are down the drain. Sock gives her a pep talk, which convinces her to stay pure until marriage. Will he help?

That demon Ben burned is actually a babe. She’s not using him to get to his friend so she can kill him. Probably not anyway.

Andi and Sam go to Townsend’s apartment, where they find crosses all over the walls, sticky notes to avoid gluttony and coveting his neighbor’s wife, and a Gamblers Anonymous schedule. He’s gone, and he will be hiding out on consecrated ground, as a gravedigger.

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 1

Reaper’s back. Finally. Unfortunately, The CW is trying to kill it by placing it up against American Idol (the biggest show on TV), The Biggest Loser (the only thing NBC has going for it), and the increasingly strong NCIS, having moved already renewed 90210 as far out of harm’s way as possible. That combined with the abridged first season and 10 month hiatus is giving the series a big hill to climb.

The guys have been on the road for 4 weeks. Sam wrote a letter to Andi to let her know what’s going on, but Sock forgot to mail it a few weeks ago.

When they get back, Sam goes to see Andi, and just to make sure she’s in a good mood, he brings some salt & vinegar chips with him, a completely random food that she may not even like. She’s cleaned out his apartment, which he was evicted from, and his answering machine is probably full with a bunch of messages from her. In a life or death situation, would he call Sock? No. If he wanted a piece of toast, would he call Sock? No still. So why entrust him with the letter? More good news: Ted fired Sam, Sock, and Ben, and he’ll have them arrested for trespassing if they return again.

Sock wants to move back home. The person who answers the door doesn’t know him. No one mentioned any Sock.

They can’t sleep in Sam’s car (like they’ve been doing for 4 weeks), so now it’s time for some trespassing. They can get plenty of supplies at The Work Bench.

The Devil’s there to greet Sam. The trip was a snorefest, but regardless, vacation’s over. He gives him a little welcome home gift, a cattle prod, to catch a bunch of behemoths, about 20 souls. They’re all heartless brutal killers.

As the guys are chatting about the souls, Ted walks in. Now he gets to fire them to their faces and charge them with breaking and entering, vandalism, and trespassing. It’s a good thing Sock is so good at blackmail. Ted will see them at work tomorrow.

Andi doesn’t want to get lunch later, or say more than a couple words.

Sock returns home to yell at the girl living in his house. He gets into a fight with the door, which he promptly loses, falling down the stairs. Kristin, who introduces herself as his sister, figured everything out. Sock is Bert. She’s housesitting when their parents are honeymooning. She always thought her brother would be much more Asian. Considering the cleavage she’s inadvertently flashing at him, he’ll need to try extra hard to remember that they’re related.

He wants the opinion of Sam and Ben on whether he should date his sister, but before they can really get into that, they might consider turning their attention to the two mad dog killer types. They capture one of them with the vessel, but the second one proves problematic. Seems they have to wait for the light to turn green before using the vessel again.

Sock and Ben hope to get Andi back on speaking terms with Sam. So they decide to read her the letter, or at least their version of the letter based on what they’re able to recall from it. She wants to be left alone, since it’s between her and Sam.

Perhaps Satan will help make things easier for Sam with the demon hunting, so he summons him. The nepotism card is charming, but he’s not helping. He’s sired too many whiny children to tell Sam anything other than to suck it up. By the way, it’s not 20 souls any more. It’s 40.

Sock brings a little thinking elixir (beer) to prepare for the soul capturing tomorrow. The next morning, they realize they may have crammed too hard, but now they have a plan. Get the souls drunk and pounce when they’re sluggish and stupid. Their beer mascot on their truck is a baby. That’s all Ben knows how to draw.

Andi thought that one of the souls finally caught up with Sam, and that he was dead, so she’s been worried all this time.

All the potential captured souls are out cold now, getting drunk as planned. Sock and Ben lower Sam down on a rope, and he proceeds to use his rechargeable vessel to capture them one by one. This is working fine until the knot unties and Sam falls into a pit of demons. Thinking he can fend them off with a hose, Sam starts squirting them with water. This doesn’t work, but it does turn the place damp enough that he can channel the vessel into something that can suck up all the souls at the same time. That excludes one guy, who pretends he’s good. Sam doesn’t buy it and tries to capture him anyway, but he seems to be immune. He beat the Devil. Somehow. If Sam’s able to find this guy again, maybe he can beat the Devil, too. Andi agrees to help.

Kristin is happy to have a big brother. Try as he might, Sock’s not going to get any useful touching.

The Devil’s waiting out in the parking lot for Sam, listening to that song at the end of The Karate Kid. Sam wants to go out and party with him, but the Devil just drives off, making it rain.

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Reaper Season 2 Premieres March 17

After a hiatus following being treated with the same uncertainty The WB used to treat all of its shows with, Reaper will be back for season 2 on Tuesday March 17 at 9. The show will follow 90210, which I suppose makes about as much sense as we’re going to get considering this is The CW we’re talking about here. The second season will be an abridged 13 episodes.