Reaper Season 2 Episode 2

Sock got a new sister in Reaper Season 2 Episode 1. Let’s just see how long he can keep his hands off her. Sam, meanwhile, believes he’s discovered a loophole and a way to get out of Hell free.

The soul is a Mongolian warrior from the 13th century, whatever they look like. He’s skilled with swords, spears, and knives, and he could probably snap your spine with his bare hands. Ben gets distracted by a bunny, so while he and Sock are arguing whether they can keep it, they’re attacked from behind by the warrior. It’s a good thing he’s freaked out by demonic technology like cell phones. He’s gone, but at least they’re still alive.

In his hunt for the soul who figured out a way to get out of his deal with the Devil, Sam plans to post flyers around town with his picture. He’s offering a large reward (aka a gift certificate to Outback… a $30 gift certificate).

Sometimes when Ben gets lonely, he gets really attached to animals. But the rabbit is different. Honest.

How is this not a dream sequence? Kristen wakes Sock up and begins wrestling with him. He’s got the blue man group in his pants.

Sock and Sam ban having bunnies in the house. The I’s have it.

Andi’s talking to a customer, who she knows is a secret shopper from corporate. The secret shopper requests that she not tell anybody who she is. Mum’s the word. Except for Sam and Sock of course.

Gladys recognizes the demon, Alan Townsend. Sam got her out of Hell (but only once), so he expects her to return the favor.

As Sam’s making copies, the Devil shows up. His good news: the Mongols conquered half the planet, so he may want to catch his soul sooner rather than later.

Kristen’s exercising. This is so unfair. Why does she insist on labelling Sock as her brother?

Sam hears the noise the Devil warned him about, the one that lets him know a demon’s about to kill him. Good thing Ben has a tiki torch for his bunny, as he promptly uses it to set the demon on fire. That hardly seems realistic. The next day, he goes to see Gladys, who sent the demon to kill him. She gives him an address for Alan. If this is another set up to get him killed, his dad will want to punish all those involved. So she changes the address.

Sock takes his sister out to get her drunk so he can take advantage of her. His plan is to impress her with his mad dancing skills, but he will have to deal with another too full of himself guy in the process. For some reason, she chooses the other guy, instead of her brother, leaving him to slow dance by himself.

The Devil shows up in Sam’s car to tell him love is really wonderful, and to ask him what he’s doing on stakeout (spending time with his gal) instead of hunting for the soul, who’s rampaging property on horseback. He’s worried that Sam’s becoming… distracted.

Based on history, the soul will be attacking the Vietnamese restaurant Sock, Ben, and Sam are at, since he’s invaded a Chinese place and a Korean BBQ already. Somehow, this theory is right. The Mongolian has a suit, but he’s not willing to wait that 15 minutes in line. He grabs some meat cleavers and chops Sam’s vessel in half. Time to break out the cell phone, but the soul already has one. He really has learned to adapt. With a mad dash for the half of the vessel that works, Sam is able to capture the soul.

Ben was right about where the soul would attack. Therefore, his rabbit should be allowed back in the house. Because Ben saved his life and stuff, Sam seconds the motion to allow another vote on whether the rabbit can come back inside. By a close vote of 2-1, Ben loses again.

Topher, the guy from the bar, is there to pick up Kristen. Sock hopes to intimidate him with a large knife. Nobody’s allowed to score with his sister but him. With that said, Sock takes a chair and smashes it over Topher.

Ted notices the secret shopper. She’s been there every day this week, so she must want him. Security will be escorting Ted out now.

Sam finds Alan, but he doesn’t want to talk. There’s too much risk being on the Devil’s radar, but he’ll never be off the Devil’s radar. Unless he gets Sam’s assistance. He knows his tricks, some of them, and the Devil trusts him. Just as Alan’s starting to listen, there’s that noise again. Another demon sent to wipe out the Devil’s son. This demon’s going down. The Devil wants his buddy to warn his friends that Sam is not to be touched. When they go to the bar, Sam realizes the Devil set him up. Now Alan’s too afraid to talk to him. Instead of fighting it, Sam might as well just accept the fact that he’s going to Hell when he dies.

Sock’s worried that Topher just wants to bang Kristen and bail. Maybe that’s what she wants.

Although he will no longer trust Sam, perhaps Alan will trust Andi instead.

Another demon attacks. Ben’s holding his bunny in the garage, so he runs off and wants to go inside. Not with that animal he won’t. They realize something’s up when Ben is pulled upward. He awakens after being knocked out. The rabbit seems fine, though. It’s the demon he burned. Maybe they can get the demon some ointment or something. The demon is impressed with Ben. He’s very brave risking his life to save his friends, he seems to love the rabbit, and he’s got beautiful eyes.

Sock’s plan to cover this up: say that Ben went on a bike ride late at night and has a drug problem. Just then, Ben walks into the room. He’s totally fine, without a scratch on him. He went Jackie Chan on that demon, and now that that’s over, Sock can’t make any rules about the bunny not being allowed inside the house.

Kristen’s new boyfriend is a player. She had planned to give her virginity away, but now her plans to have meaningless crazy sex with just any random person are down the drain. Sock gives her a pep talk, which convinces her to stay pure until marriage. Will he help?

That demon Ben burned is actually a babe. She’s not using him to get to his friend so she can kill him. Probably not anyway.

Andi and Sam go to Townsend’s apartment, where they find crosses all over the walls, sticky notes to avoid gluttony and coveting his neighbor’s wife, and a Gamblers Anonymous schedule. He’s gone, and he will be hiding out on consecrated ground, as a gravedigger.

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