Reaper Season 2 Episode 1

Reaper’s back. Finally. Unfortunately, The CW is trying to kill it by placing it up against American Idol (the biggest show on TV), The Biggest Loser (the only thing NBC has going for it), and the increasingly strong NCIS, having moved already renewed 90210 as far out of harm’s way as possible. That combined with the abridged first season and 10 month hiatus is giving the series a big hill to climb.

The guys have been on the road for 4 weeks. Sam wrote a letter to Andi to let her know what’s going on, but Sock forgot to mail it a few weeks ago.

When they get back, Sam goes to see Andi, and just to make sure she’s in a good mood, he brings some salt & vinegar chips with him, a completely random food that she may not even like. She’s cleaned out his apartment, which he was evicted from, and his answering machine is probably full with a bunch of messages from her. In a life or death situation, would he call Sock? No. If he wanted a piece of toast, would he call Sock? No still. So why entrust him with the letter? More good news: Ted fired Sam, Sock, and Ben, and he’ll have them arrested for trespassing if they return again.

Sock wants to move back home. The person who answers the door doesn’t know him. No one mentioned any Sock.

They can’t sleep in Sam’s car (like they’ve been doing for 4 weeks), so now it’s time for some trespassing. They can get plenty of supplies at The Work Bench.

The Devil’s there to greet Sam. The trip was a snorefest, but regardless, vacation’s over. He gives him a little welcome home gift, a cattle prod, to catch a bunch of behemoths, about 20 souls. They’re all heartless brutal killers.

As the guys are chatting about the souls, Ted walks in. Now he gets to fire them to their faces and charge them with breaking and entering, vandalism, and trespassing. It’s a good thing Sock is so good at blackmail. Ted will see them at work tomorrow.

Andi doesn’t want to get lunch later, or say more than a couple words.

Sock returns home to yell at the girl living in his house. He gets into a fight with the door, which he promptly loses, falling down the stairs. Kristin, who introduces herself as his sister, figured everything out. Sock is Bert. She’s housesitting when their parents are honeymooning. She always thought her brother would be much more Asian. Considering the cleavage she’s inadvertently flashing at him, he’ll need to try extra hard to remember that they’re related.

He wants the opinion of Sam and Ben on whether he should date his sister, but before they can really get into that, they might consider turning their attention to the two mad dog killer types. They capture one of them with the vessel, but the second one proves problematic. Seems they have to wait for the light to turn green before using the vessel again.

Sock and Ben hope to get Andi back on speaking terms with Sam. So they decide to read her the letter, or at least their version of the letter based on what they’re able to recall from it. She wants to be left alone, since it’s between her and Sam.

Perhaps Satan will help make things easier for Sam with the demon hunting, so he summons him. The nepotism card is charming, but he’s not helping. He’s sired too many whiny children to tell Sam anything other than to suck it up. By the way, it’s not 20 souls any more. It’s 40.

Sock brings a little thinking elixir (beer) to prepare for the soul capturing tomorrow. The next morning, they realize they may have crammed too hard, but now they have a plan. Get the souls drunk and pounce when they’re sluggish and stupid. Their beer mascot on their truck is a baby. That’s all Ben knows how to draw.

Andi thought that one of the souls finally caught up with Sam, and that he was dead, so she’s been worried all this time.

All the potential captured souls are out cold now, getting drunk as planned. Sock and Ben lower Sam down on a rope, and he proceeds to use his rechargeable vessel to capture them one by one. This is working fine until the knot unties and Sam falls into a pit of demons. Thinking he can fend them off with a hose, Sam starts squirting them with water. This doesn’t work, but it does turn the place damp enough that he can channel the vessel into something that can suck up all the souls at the same time. That excludes one guy, who pretends he’s good. Sam doesn’t buy it and tries to capture him anyway, but he seems to be immune. He beat the Devil. Somehow. If Sam’s able to find this guy again, maybe he can beat the Devil, too. Andi agrees to help.

Kristin is happy to have a big brother. Try as he might, Sock’s not going to get any useful touching.

The Devil’s waiting out in the parking lot for Sam, listening to that song at the end of The Karate Kid. Sam wants to go out and party with him, but the Devil just drives off, making it rain.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of Reaper Season 2 episode 2 Dirty Sexy Mongol, which airs Tuesday March 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

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