Reaper Season 2 Episode 4

Sam won $1,000 in the lottery, which Ben believes is his since he bought the ticket. After Sam gets the cash, the Devil takes his money. As if you could win the lotto without the Devil being involved. The Devil wants to use the cash to go bail out Morgan, who accidentally stole a limo. Morgan’s his son, making them half brothers.

Andi finds the Devil having a son pretty scary. That does not bode well for Sam.

Despite that whole being fired thing, Ted is still hanging around at The Work Bench.

Nina, Ben’s new girlfriend, is not overly into their sex life, and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

The Devil tells Sam that he’ll always like Morgan better than he likes him. But there’s something missing. Maybe Morgan just doesn’t want to help him rule the netherworld. Then they see a dead body killed by Edmond Fitzgerald, his latest soul, who ate his gold on his deathbed.

Sock’s assisting a woman at work, but he doesn’t feel like helping her any more, so he subcontracts Ted to do it for her in exchange for splitting her tip. Now he goes to beg Andi for extra shifts. The work will be better than done. It’ll be good.

While Ben and Nina are out, she sees an ex-boyfriend. Their relationship was entirely physical. Rather than talking about it, though, she would prefer to stuff her face with as much food as she can get her hands on.

The Devil shows up in Sam’s bathroom to give him a vessel and ask a small favor (aka give him a demand that he can’t refuse). They have to get their hands on a painting before the soul does. There’s a burglar alarm sticker on the window, so obviously there’s a burglar alarm. What if it’s just a sticker? Neither Ben nor his friends are exactly useful in this scenario, but Morgan seems to know something about breaking or entering. Just not breaking and entering well. He throws something through the window and drives away, leaving the others behind to steal the painting while the cops are probably about three minutes away.

Sock plans to unpack all the sprinklers and restock the paint. So he says. His new subcontracting plan is genius. At least it is until he gets busted.

Ben pays a visit to Gladys at the DMV. He wants to discuss demon sex with her. Her response is that humans and demons can get it on all the time, and she can help him learn how to please a demon if he drops by her place later.

The soul has managed to find the boys, and he sends his jewelry to attack them. They hide in the bath tub, which works until Kristen finds them. When they’re done being chickens, they see that the painting is gone.

Andi asks: what’s the soul doing with all these things he’s stealing? He must have like a warehouse or something. Now that she’s solved that mystery, she sees Ted working. He has to leave, but before he can do that, she’ll have to talk to his boss. That means waking up Sock from his nap. He’s already been fired. Should have stuck the first time. Except Ted has nothing else in his life.

Fitzgerald owns an old shipyard, which has been condemned for years, so that’s probably where he’s storing everything. The Devil told Morgan exactly where to look. If only he’d actually help Sam with anything. They find a list that suggests they need to find Maryann.

Morgan got Maryann’s address from his dad, and Andi’s decided that Morgan is not that bad after all.

Ben’s got a good plan: he’s going to do it with his girlfriend in her demon form, mannish voice and all.

Maryann tells Sam to forget about getting his hands on the estate. He’s got a message for her: Edmond’s back from the dead and may try to kidnap her. But he only loved things, and the Maryann in question is actually his boat, which sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Then she notices that Morgan is wearing Edmond’s ring, which Sam thinks will lead him right to them. This somehow leads to a discussion about how Morgan’s evil, while Sam’s good. When they see the gold bugs inside the vents, they’ll probably have to run now. Morgan could give him the ring, but it’s stuck. It comes off after he jumps in the pool, so he tosses it to Sam, who agrees to give it back to its rightful owner. Then he shoves him up against the vessel and sends him back to hell.

Tired of running away and shoveling food in her mouth, Nina decides to tell Ben the truth. She used to be married to a human, which angered God, who smote the guy she loved, so she doesn’t want that to happen again.

Andi has made her decision. Ted can’t continue to take Sock’s shifts. However, the home office has approved her request to hire Ted back on a six month trial basis as a trainee. The new trainee needs a trainer. That would be Sock. They’ll be a team, joined at the hip, for six months.

The Devil gives Morgan all the credit for capturing the soul, then he gives all the gold coins to Morgan, too. He’s so conflicted. He doesn’t know who to root for now. Sam suggests rooting for Morgan.

When Sam gets home, he sees his father, who may possibly be dead.

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