The Biggest Loser Couples 2 Episode 12

After the blue team lost yet again, Cathy volunteered to go home in The Biggest Loser Couples 2 Episode 11.

Black team’s shocked that Aubrey’s still there.

Ron says he would do the same thing if it meant keeping his son safe, although Cathy actually kept Aubrey safe rather than Kristin. Whether that was the wisest move to protect the team is hard to say.

Not that there are teams any more. They’re going to singles. Mike finds out that his original shirt fits over both himself and Aubrey.

The first thing they will do as individuals is pick who will train them for the rest of their time. They have half an hour to think about it. Mike has made an effort to get to know Jillian as well as he knew Bob, so he’s got a tough choice. Filipe, however, being the whiner he’s been, is jumping up and down that he gets to pick Bob. Not that he listened when they told him he was with Jillian. The others seem pretty split as well if they’ve been on both sides. Laura, though, has been training with Jillian since day one, although Jillian did throw her under the bus and got the others to say (the truth) that she was the weakest link.

They will pick in order of percentage of weight loss so far.

Tara: Jillian
Mike: Jillian (by coin toss)
Helen: Jillian
Kristin: Bob
Filipe: Bob
Sione: Bob
Ron: Bob
Laura: Jillian
Aubrey: Bob

Having just chosen Bob as her trainer, Kristin’s already worried that he won’t be able to focus on her and instead will be focused on Sione and Filipe.

The challenge will consist of two parts. In part one, they have colored blocks with the exact amount of weight they’ve lost, which they can divide amongst their opponents. The total amount of weight that each player has will be added in part two. What’s part two? That will remain a mystery for the time being. However, immunity is up for grabs.

Aubrey splits between Tara and Helen. Ron splits between them as well. Sione and Filipe mostly target Tara. Mike continues the Tara onslaught. They all find this quite amusing, but Tara is having trouble handling this. Helen splits her weight between all the people who targeted her. Tara goes for her biggest competitor. Tara ends up with the most weight on her scale at 257 pounds, and she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. She just wants to be left alone. She’ll talk to her partner Laura, though. She’s decided to throw the next weigh-in and send herself home. Laura wants to return the favor from all those times earlier in the season and get her to stay strong through the stressful times.

So here comes part two. They see a bunch of cars with all their colors. We all know this challenge will not involve driving. NASCAR Cup driver Clint Bowyer is there as a special guest, and he’s got a message to set goals and keep going to meet them. In addition to immunity, the winner will be a VIP guest at a NASCAR race. Each of them will be pulling a car that weighs over two tons nearly half a mile. The extra weight from part one will be added to the cars.

Ron: 37 pounds
Mike: 63 pounds
Filipe: 67 pounds
Aubrey: 72 pounds
Sione: 92 pounds
Helen: 215 pounds
Tara: 257 pounds

Ganging up on Tara makes sense, but this whole ganging up on Helen thing really didn’t. Mike and Sione get off to a quick start. Tara’s got them in her sights and is trying to catch up. She catches up to Mike and takes second place. Now she just has to go for Sione. From the corner of his eye, he sees Tara coming up on his tail. Despite the efforts of the others to give this challenge to Sione, all they did was anger Tara, who easily walks away with the challenge win and immunity. Mike crosses in second. Sione wore himself out early and finishes third. Filipe, Helen, and Aubrey follow. Mike and Aubrey return to help Ron finish. As another part of her reward, Tara will be going for a ride with Clint.

Going into the weigh-in, Kristin and Tara have the same goal: to lose 4 pounds and be the first woman ever to lose 100 pounds on campus.

Tara: 195 pounds (-3, 1.52%, immune)

Kristin: 255 pounds (-8, 3.04%)

Aubrey: 191 pounds (-4, 2.05%)

Mike: 264 pounds (-6, 2.22%)

Laura: 213 pounds (-7, 3.18%)

Helen: 177 pounds (-5, 2.75%)

Sione: 266 pounds (-7, 2.56%), over 100 pounds

Ron: 317 pounds (-10, 3.06%)

Filipe: 263 pounds (-4, 1.50%)

Once again, immunity has played a role in saving its holder, with Tara being safe because of it. That puts Sione and Aubrey below the yellow line. Now that we’re down to singles, the choice here is pretty simple and obvious, although based on the prior ganging up on Tara and not at all on Sione, they’ll probably keep the bigger threat around.

Tara: Filipe
Mike: Aubrey
Laura: Filipe
Helen: Aubrey
Kristin: Aubrey
Ron: Aubrey

With 4 votes, Aubrey has been eliminated. While she was gone, her father has lost 26 pounds, so perhaps he’s finally accepted that he either needs to lose some weight or else. In her first three weeks after returning home, Aubrey gained 9 pounds. That’s… not good. Most contestants fall off the wagon eventually, but this has to be a record. Last time she went home, she only lost 2 pounds in a month. However, she’s starting to get back into her routine and has lost 10 pounds since leaving the ranch.

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