Reaper Season 2 Episode 6

The boys found a baby in Reaper Season 2 Episode 5. Unable to care for it, they gave it to the first demon to come knocking, Tony.

Sock and Sam are watching bug fighting. Surely PETA will not appreciate this sport.

Then the Devil pays Sam a visit. First, he’s trying to figure out how to use a video camera. Then, he tells Sam his next soul is some tentacle thing. The vessel is a grenade. Sam plans to turn this into a road trip with Sock, Ben, and Andi.

Ben’s growing a little too attached to his demon girlfriend. She wants to be left alone for a while, and she wants to go eat a llama. Then she drops by to see Andi and notices the postcard for Dove Hollow. Ben invited her to go along on their little road trip. Oh, and by the way, Sam must be a little evil because he’s the son of the Devil.

The hotel only has three rooms. Sock and his sister will have to share a room/bed. The guy at the hotel suggests taking his sister to the silver mine. It’s quite a sight. When they go to get sandwiches, Andi and Sam are also told to go to the mine. Then, a whining Ben is told to go to the mine when he’s drowning his sorrows at the bar. The whole town’s in on this capture and kill tourists bit, and Sam’s car is among the missing, so they’re pretty much stuck there.

They report the car to the sheriff. He had the car towed, but the impound lot is closed for now. Perhaps tomorrow they can get it. Then he asks sam if he believes in Hell.

Ben’s on the phone talking to his girlfriend’s machine. Again. Andi is concerned by his stalkeriness. The word clingy might have come up. That’s not good. He’s gotta call her to make sure everything’s okay. Andi turns the phone off, though.

Every now and then, Sam gets this weird Devil power. He tries to use it to open a wine bottle. He’s getting pretty comfortable with all this Devil stuff, isn’t he? “I have no choice” is starting to sound like an excuse. So like did an angry Sam just blow up the wine?

When Sock walks into the room, he finds two beds, one that rolls away. Well, that spoils his plans to sleep with his sister. He has to figure out a way to get rid of that second bed before she notices. Maybe if he chucks it out the window. On a car. When she hears the alarm going off, Kristen knows he threw the cot out the window. She realizes he was protecting her virginity. For himself. She wouldn’t like him, though, even if they were not related. Women are like a mystery wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside a third mystery.

Kristen goes down to the bar where Sock’s getting drunk and introduces herself to him. They’re just meeting randomly at a bar. He uses his best line. “Hi, I think you’re standing on my penis.” One bed in the room will be fine by her.

The next morning, Sam and Andi are getting ready to leave and want to go get their car. They run into the sheriff. Do they have any idea how a bed is on his car? Sock opens his window and looks out. He’s not afraid to shout from the rooftops that it is his cot. He needs to be dragged away in handcuffs now. He’ll be released on Wednesday.

The sheriff wants to know about the soul hunter thing he found in Sam’s car. It’s a school project.

Sam will be going off to what could possibly be his death now. Andi’s not worried.

Nina arrives in Dove Hollow looking for her friends, since Ben hasn’t left her any new messages lately. Has she been out to see the mine yet? She says the bartender is off and not real, and he smells like Hell. She smells delicious to him, so he’ll eat her now.

Ben suggests letting Sock dig his way out of the jail like in Shawshank Redemption. Didn’t it take that guy like 20 years? Perhaps they can break the lock instead. Ben wants to get the pickaxe from the bar, where he notices Nina’s purse. The bartender’s not sure where she went, but on second thought, Ben can borrow the axe. Then the guy and his green blood goes all over the place. Perhaps the sheriff really is on their side.

The sheriff has done what he can to make people leave the town. Everybody in the town is the soul. He plans to smoke out the soul so that he will be driven toward the guys, waiting there with their grenade. Ben’s happy to just jump into that mine with the grenade now that his girlfriend’s gone. If a girl doesn’t hit on him, Sock will get lost in his eyes for days. That convinces him he doesn’t want to die, and then he’s pulled in by the creature. Then there’s an explosion, and the grenade pops out of the mine.

When they return to the sheriff’s office, they find out he didn’t set the fire. On the contrary, he warned the thing that they were coming. He wants his twisted little town to stay the same as it’s been. He’d like to shoot them now, but first he will have to load his gun.

They steal the sheriff’s car and start to fleeing. The sheriff’s somehow right in front of them, so they’ll just keep driving and hope they don’t get shot. The car dies right directly in front of the sheriff.

The Devil gives Sam a vessel to bargain with. The town and the sheriff’s creepy friends are all in that grenade.

Sam knows the sheriff used to be a good person, once upon a time, but the sheriff says it’s too late to change, so Sam tosses the grenade back into the mine. Nina’s back. Sam convinces her to let the sheriff live so he’ll have to live with what he did. Nina believes that Sam is diabolical for wanting this guy to suffer, which turns her on.

Kristen’s made her way back home on her own, and she feels ashamed. But she’s in America now, a country that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about shame. Now she can sleep with her brother again, or at least she would be able to if their parents didn’t just show up.

The Devil tells Sam he can withstand any blow. Such as Andi dumping him.

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