The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 3

After the boys lost, Rocky was fired on The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 2 because he was too young. So why did they let him on the show in the first place?

The task is to invent a piece of portable home fitness equipment to be sold to retailers.

Since it’s been two whole weeks and the teams have only racked up one loss each, it’s time to mix the teams up. Kimberly and Kate go to Empire. Noorul and Phillip go to Ignite.

Debra volunteers to be the project manager for Ignite, which Lorraine doesn’t seem overly happy about. James volunteers to lead Empire.

Ben wants to do something kinky.

Debra fears that her whole team is uncreative.

Having dropped the concept of creating something that you can use during sex (then again, he may still have that in mind), Ben suggests that they need to get rid of the nation’s bingo wings, which I’m going to assume is an actual term. He wants to create a product that allows people to do assisted tricep dips.

Phillip wants to do a square Swiss and/or Swedish ball. Debra suggests an ankle exerciser. Both their ideas are shot down by a personal trainer. The problem with getting advice from a trainer is that they don’t necessarily need something that works. People will buy any sort of useless crap if it’s marketed correctly.

Mona doesn’t think Noorul should be on the ad because he’s not very good looking. Yasmina agrees and calls project manager Debra, who is offended. She believes the proposal is racist because she doesn’t live in bloody Vietnam (yeah, like that won’t offend someone).

One half of Empire visits a store to find out what sells, and they decide to just keep it simple. The other half of the team goes to the gym and wants to go the opposite direction.

Debra’s team arrives at the prototype maker, still undecided. Phillip suggests a bum ball. They agree to do that.

Ben has ignored advice to keep it simple and pushes a more complicated idea. The design team will be pulling an all nighter.

At 7 the next morning, they get a delivery. Ignite’s bum ball has been rebranded the body rocker. Empire’s bingo buster has been changed to a gym in a box, though James is not particularly enthusiastic about it.

Lorraine has requested to do the pitch. Debra doesn’t like the job she does but lets her pitch anyway.

Kate and Ben will be doing the modeling for Empire, a sensible choice.

Debra has selected Mona and Noorul to model, a less sensible choice. She also chooses Yasmina to take the pictures. Rather, she chooses Yasmina to aim a camera exactly as she instructs her and refuses to leave her be.

After Lorraine gets up to do the pitch, Debra offers an opinion that her pitching style is like it’s to someone either hard of hearing or slightly stupid. So why didn’t she say no and make someone else do it?

Kate does the pitch for her team. Their first stop is a retailer that targets a mid-to-high end customer. Why exactly did the show book them, then? Obviously, a portable product is going to be fairly cheap. Perhaps, though, this is more of a slam on their everything in a box idea, as this can be more comparable to a home gym, whereas the other team’s is only comparable to a Swiss ball.

When Debra’s team visits John Lewis, they ask about an exclusive. They have not considered that as an idea. Yasmina offers exclusivity for 6 months for 20,000 units. The response is that this is not a good deal.

Ben says that James was an okay team leader.

James liked the concept, but he didn’t like the end product.

Debra’s team likewise thinks she was okay.

Debra says that Lorraine tried her best with the pitch, which wasn’t very good. Phillip responds that Lorraine did a fantastic job and doesn’t appear to like that Debra’s being critical, which is something she seems to be good at.

Powerhouse did not place any orders for Empire. Ignite received an order for 80 units.

Totally Fitness did not place any orders for Empire either. Ignite received an order for 100 units.

John Lewis ordered 500 from Empire. Ignite was unable to get the 20,000 Yasmina asked for, but they did get an order for 10,000, resulting in a complete slaughter. Sir Alan thinks that they have Phillip and Lorraine to thank for this win, which probably is not what Debra was wanting to hear.

James says that he didn’t want to jeopardize the creativity of the concept by actually being involved in product development. Sir Alan suggests that Howard’s just sitting too much on the fence as well.

They totally missed their target audience, not that they appear to know what their target audience was anyway.

Kate blames the project team: Ben, Maj, or Kim.

Maj blames the project manager. James says that Maj just came along for the ride.

Ben says that James was delighted when they got the product the next morning. Was he watching the same James I was?

James will be bringing Ben and Maj back with him into the boardroom.

Margaret agrees Maj was just a passenger. Nick thinks that Ben’s the most fit, so he should have had the most knowledge. Sir Alan doesn’t like that Ben never has anything positive to say.

Maj blames his project manager for not giving him a big enough role.

Ben blames the retail research team. Yeah, the one that said to keep it simple, advice he ignored.

Margaret felt that James wasn’t a bad manager.

Sir Alan believes it would be unfair for Ben to be held responsible for the task’s failure.

Due to his lack of contribution, Maj has been fired. James has Margaret to thank.

Howard and Kate were hoping to see Ben go. They blame him for distracting everyone from thinking about proper ideas.

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