The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 2

Anita was sent home in The Apprentice UK Series 5 Episode 1. Apparently, since she was the least catty of the lot, that made her less entertaining, so she had to go home. But the made up excuse was that she was the one with the calculator who should have said something about their spending (yet the project manager and the 6 others were excused for not saying anything).

The task it to set up a catering service, first for lunch for city slickers and then for dinner for a high end event.

Rocky owns a sandwich chain, so he will be the project manager for the boys.

Yasmina also has a background in restaurants, so she will be the project manager for the girls. She believes her employees will describe her as rude, brash, and blunt. Not only should she not be the project manager, but she shouldn’t even be on the show. There’s no room for an attitude like that from a manager.

Since they’ve got a sandwich guy as their manager, the men will be doing sandwiches, and they settle on London 2012 as their theme.

Since they’ve got a bitch as their project manager, the women will be doing whatever Yasmina tells them they’re going to do, which means a Mediterranean themed menu.

Rocky wants to dress up in togas, probably not the best theme for an upscale dinner that’s probably going to be black tie.

Yasmina wants the most dirt cheap product they can find to keep costs low.

The women are starting to get their lunch orders, but the men are failing to get anything going for the afternoon. They’re going to have to work it out in the morning.

It’s up to Kate to sell Yasmina’s menu to the client. Too bad nobody’s sold Kate on the menu. The client agrees to pay for the service, but he reserves the right to deduct money if he is not happy.

Rocky tells the men who are pitching for the evening client to go in at no lower than £60, at the high end of what they’d been quoted when they called a catering company. Phil will lead the negotiation, and his pitch is £65 per head. They’re not happy with that price. He drops it to £35. Not interested. How about £17.50? Nope. They finally agree to £15. What will they get for that price? The same thing they would have gotten if they’d paid the original amount.

The client wanted high quality, but Yasmina continues her cost cutting efforts. Last week, the girls overspent, but now Kate is concerned they’ve taken it too far the other way.

Phil pretty well hates everything his team is doing.

In addition to the cheap ingredients, Yasmina also wants to skimp on the portions.

The girls already have a client lined up, so they can go straight there. She doesn’t like the lack of food that’s been brought (one food and one sandwich per person), although it seems pretty fair to me. They agree to add more, though. The client also asks for less boring salad. Awful lot of lettuce.

The men are selling sandwiches on the street, and they’re seemingly doing a good job with it.

Either it’s an error or one of Yasmina’s cost cutting measures, but one of the chicken wraps lacks… chicken.

Margaret tries giving Yasmina feedback. She doesn’t want any.

Phil promises that his team will look like idiots, but Rocky’s not budging on the theme or the props.

Paula tells Yasmina that she’s worried that their food doesn’t look very appealing. Again, Yasmina is not listening.

The togas are getting mixed reviews. They don’t have the bodies to pull them off well.

As Margaret warned, the women’s canapes are too large. Yasmina’s response is the same as it’s been all day: if she gets them drunk, they’ll appreciate anything.

In addition to the people doubting the theme, the men are having trouble getting the food flowing and keeping it warm. Somehow, their cheese on a stick is the biggest success.

The boys think Rocky was a good team leader, although there were elements he could have done better.

The women also back up their team leader.

Ignite spent £354.77. Their evening event was agreed at £750, but the client was not happy due to the poor quality of the food, so they only agreed to pay £500. That brought their takings to £1006.20, making a profit of £651.43.

Empire spent £821.37, about 20% of which went toward props. Their evening event was agreed at £750, but the obviously picky client who didn’t even want to pay anything to begin with halved that to £375. That gave them sales of £660.61, resulting in a loss of £160.76.

Despite Phil’s attitude that what they were doing sucked, which obviously it did, he comes to Rocky’s defense, saying he was a genius in food preparation and managing the team.

Rocky blames the theme, and consequently Maj.

There’s a growing consensus that James talks too much.

Like what happened with the girls last week, it doesn’t appear anybody bothered to do the costing. Rocky says Howard was responsible for this. That said, once they realized how little they were getting for the evening event, they should have become concerned about what they were spending, if they weren’t concerned before.

James and Howard will be going back with Rocky.

James realizes that he’s got a bit of a foot in mouth problem.

Rocky wants James to be fired.

Howard wants Rocky fired solely because he picked him to come back to the boardroom.

Sir Alan thinks that Howard, as someone who runs 10 pubs, should have stepped up and helped out more than he did.

Because he was the project manager for the task and made some immature mistakes, Rocky has been fired. He’s just too young.

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