Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 Episode 9

Two people went home in Hell’s Kitchen 5 Episode 8. First, Lacey finally reached the end of her rope and was thrown out of the kitchen during the service. Then, LA was eliminated.

Andrea doesn’t like Carol. And vice versa. Wow. Shocker. Paula and Giovanni consider this a problem for the team and say they’re going to be nominated if they can’t get over themselves.

Chef Ramsay asks the contestants a bunch of questions about chicken. So of course they’re cooking crab. He shows them a king crab. That thing’s huge. Robert views it as just an appetizer, though. They will have 45 minutes to all cook a crab dish. Then they must come to a consensus whose dish will be put forth for their team. The issue here is that they’ll need to get past their own egos first.

Andrea’s dish has been selected for the women. The dish is two king crab legs with asparagus and macadamia nut. Doesn’t look the most glamorous. He doesn’t like the shell being left on the plate. Carol is thoroughly pleased. It’s bland and disgusting as well, so they’re not winning.

Ben wants his dish, and Danny wants his dish. That leaves Robert as the tiebreaker. Ben’s dish is selected. It’s unclear what the heck it is because he keeps talking until everybody falls asleep. Nice presentation. Despite the extraordinary lengths he’s gone to get his king crab and asparagus on to the plate, it doesn’t have the wow factor.

Take those two dishes back. Paula and Danny, it’s your turn.

Paula’s dish has basil coconut broth and peppers and chilis. Delicious.

Danny’s dish is madeira glazed. That’s delicious as well.

Why didn’t these two dishes come up first? Even though both dishes were good, someone’s gotta win, and that someone is Danny and the blue team.

For their punishment, the red team will have to spring clean the dorm. Then they’ll cook and clean all of the crab ahead of the next night’s service.

Blue team will be spending the day on the beach in Santa Monica via Hummer limo. Before they leave, Robert will be putting his dirty underpants out to be pressed and cleaned. Ramsay’s got a surprise for them when they arrive. They’ll be riding on Segways. All of them except Robert. Yeah, there’s a weight limit on the Segway, too.

Andrea and Carol hate each other. Oh, just get into a cat fight already. I’m growing tired of both of you.

Each team will be responsible for their own menu.

The red team’s worried about Carol’s potatoes getting done in time.

Robert and Ben are clashing, and they haven’t even barely gotten started with the evening.

Each customer will choose between the red and blue menus.

Red team quickly sends out their first appetizer. It’s quickly returned. Too bland. Giovanni is the one on appetizers. This is the first I’ve seen him getting some heat.

Ben hasn’t made the same mistake. He’s overseasoned it. Too salty. He’ll try again, if he can get his soup to stop overflowing.

The whiny chick who first complained about her underseasoned red team food is going back in the kitchen to throw down with someone. Ramsay tells her not to whistle at him like a dog because she looks more like a dog than he does.

Carol’s potatoes are crunchy. She doesn’t know why they didn’t cook. What she does know is that it must be Andrea’s fault, so the chef has to explain to her that she needed to cook them before the service and not to try to sabotage anyone.

Red kitchen’s at a standstill waiting for Carol’s dish.

Ben’s dish has been blanched instead of cooked in butter. Ramsay considers the dish unrecognizable.

Carol’s potatoes are hopeless. They’ve been thrown out. They’ll need to find an alternative.

Robert’s getting backed up and forgetting things.

Carol hopes to find redemption on the meat station. Nope. The steak’s still moving, not medium.

Ben cut the meat for Robert, and Ramsay calls it sabotage.

Ramsay’s eventually had enough, so he will decide this based on the entrees. The blue team’s entrees were rated at 39% above average. The red team’s were rated at 54% above average, so they are the winners. Danny will have to choose between Ben or Robert. Carol is shocked that she’s still there.

Robert says he’s a diamond in the rough. Ben still thinks he’s the best chef ever. Danny has decided. Ben has been nominated because he has met his full potential. Doesn’t really matter, though. Ramsay wants them both to step forward.

The person going home is the person sabotaging the team who has given up. Carol. Surprising but well deserved.

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