Survivor: Tocantins Episode 7

It’s been three weeks since Spencer was eliminated in Survivor: Tocantins Episode 5, but now Survivor’s finally back.

Although she originally was the object of attention for the boys, who have been keeping her around despite her lack of performance in challenges, Sydney’s getting more nervous as time goes by.

The beans were done, but Coach wasn’t happy with them. So he added dirty river water to them, meaning they’d need to boil first. Then it starts raining. Since he doesn’t want to finish the cooking he insisted on doing, the food has burned. The rest of the tribe is not happy with him. He doesn’t feel the need to blame anybody, even though he made a selfish decision without bothering to run it by anyone.

Taj wants to tell JT about the idol, which would allow her to make it to the merge. Stephen doesn’t like this idea, and besides that, he doesn’t want her talking to JT because he has somehow gotten the impression that she needs him to communicate with JT.

The challenge is to build a barricade inside the other tribe’s frame over the course of 5 minutes. Then they will toss ceramic pigs through the other tribe’s barricade. Reward is a barbeque. Erinn will sit out for Timbira. If the pig drops or breaks, it doesn’t count. Timbira gets off to an early lead 3-0. They extend that lead and go up 7-4. Jalapao’s got something good going, but they’re staying behind by a couple as time goes by. Jalapao finally manages to tie it 8-8. With three minutes left, it’s 9-9, and Jalapao takes their first lead 10-9. Timbira catches back up to tie at 12-12, then they take the lead 13-12. It’s tied at 13 with 30 seconds left. With 1 second left, Timbira wins reward. Joe is going to Exile Island, a change of pace from Taj always going, which she’s fine with since the alliance and idols are already all set. Erinn will be joining Joe. He believes he’ll charm her.

Erinn gets the urn with the clue, not that it matters. Since she doesn’t like anybody in her tribe, she’s considering trusting him, similar to what Taj did, only a bit late for it. She tells him she has no favorite on her tribe, but his favorite is JT. She decides to tell him about the idol because it’s not like she has anything to lose.

Stephen and Taj know that Joe’s going to be able to find the idol easily when he comes back. So they plan to make a fake idol.

JT’s going fishing with Stephen. He goes to grab a bag and finds the idol. If they weren’t planning to pull JT in before, they don’t have much choice now. Taj tells him that if he needs the idol, he can use it. Now they may want to consider hiding it a little better.

At the immunity challenge, each tribe will use a slingshot to break a tile releasing sand from a tower. They will retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces and move on to the next tile until they have three bags. Then two tribe members will solve the puzzle. Debbie sits out for Timbira. Tyson is the first to break a tile for Timbira. JT follows for Jalapao. Both JT and Tyson get their second bags, with Jalapao having a slight lead. Tyson gets his third. JT insists on continuing as Jalapao gets more and more behind. Brendan and Erinn are working on the puzzle for Timbira. JT finally gets his third bag, and Stephen and Joe get to work on the puzzle for Jalapao. Unsurprisingly, Timbira has won immunity. With that, they will go up 6-4, and we’re presumably headed for the merger next week. Not that that all matters considering the secret cross-tribal alliance.

Joe nicked his knee a few days ago, and it got infected. This is not a good place to have an open wound. Anyway, he needs to “go get some water.” Translation: he wants to go find the hidden immunity idol (the fake one). When he returns, he wants to get rid of Taj.

Like Stephen, JT believes that the hidden idol is his, so he doesn’t want to vote Taj out. He approaches Joe to tell him she’s probably got connections with Brendan and Sierra, giving them inroads to the other tribe at the merge. Joe’s not budging.

When Stephen and JT are discussing this, they consider getting rid of Taj. If they do that, there goes their connection to the other side. Not the brightest move just to keep Joe happy.


With three votes, Sydney has been voted off the island. Joe’s all alone now because he refused to let Sydney go, but there’s one other fish in the sea for him on the other tribe.

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