Survivor: Tocantins Episode 5

Jalapao finally lost a challenge in Survivor: Tocantins Episode 4. They had their pick between Sydney and Sandy and chose to keep the relatively useless eye candy around, voting out Sandy.

Taj wrote Joe’s name at tribal council because she didn’t want to put Sandy’s name down.

With the clue making it obvious where they can find it, Taj and Stephen go to treemail to find their hidden immunity idol. Because nobody will suspect him of having it, she gives the idol to him. His opinion on this: the idol is now his.

The challenge will be played in rounds. Each tribe will have one member sitting on a spinning platform. Another tribe member will race, pulling a rope and causing that platform to spin. The tribe member who spins must make their way across a balance beam. Reward is a visit to the Charmin cafe for coffee and pastries. In the first round, Joe pulls Taj, while Brendan pulls Tyson. The race is close. Then it’s time for the dizzy people to try to recover. Tyson gets off to a lead, and he maintains that lead to take the lead for Timbira. Stephen is pulling Spencer; Coach is pulling Erinn. Spencer takes the lead and retains it to tie the teams at 1-1. Joe is spinning JT; Brendan is spinning Sierra. JT manages to cross first to give Jalapao the lead 2-1. Stephen pulls Sydney; Coach pulls Debra. Sydney crosses to win reward for Jalapao. Brendan will be going back to Exile, and he’s smiling about it. Rather than choosing Taj, he instead picks Stephen, who will not be allowed to participate in his tribe’s reward. Tyson is suspicious.

In addition to the food and use of a toilet, the winning team gets letters from home.

Tyson tells his tribe that Brendan is building relationships with the other side, which means he needs to go next. Don’t get why he switched it up and didn’t pick Taj. It would have been seen as just continuing the same as before. Granted, someone could interpret it as him trying to get close to her.

Stephen is wary of Brendan, but he thinks positively of him. He tells Brendan he can’t place his entire faith on their alliance plans.

Sydney’s talking to Spencer about her boyfriend and asks him whether there are any girls who he’s interested in. He’s apparently passing for straight. Refuse to tell for too long, and they may see you as a liar.

For the immunity challenge, two members of each tribe will alternate launching balls, while the remaining tribe members try to catch the balls. Catching a ball from either tribe is worth a point. First to 5 wins. Sydney and Stephen are launchers against Erinn and Debbie. JT catches the first ball to give Jalapao the lead. JT catches another ball to take the lead 2-0. Joe injured his knee on that last attempt. Brendan catches one to make it 2-1 Jalapao. Brendan makes a catch to tie it at 2. JT grabs another ball, losing his tooth in the process, giving his team a 3-2 lead. He just chucks the tooth aside, but this is a horrible place to be having dental issues. JT grabs his fourth, giving his team a 4-2 lead. Tyson makes a catch to make it 4-3 Jalapao. Tyson makes another catch to tie it at 4. Tyson scores again, and Timbira wins immunity.

Based on his performance at the challenge, JT wants Spencer to go. Taj is angry about her performance at the challenge, and for some reason she’s taking it out on her tribe. She calls them out for… well… it’s not clear what. She’s just lashing out. She seriously needs to go somewhere alone and cool down because this isn’t helping her any. Stephen knows Taj is in danger. He’s just not sure he wants to care.

Joe has not heard Taj say she does not have the immunity idol. She agrees to say it at tribal council.


With 4 votes, Spencer has been voted out, keeping the somewhat secret alliance intact.

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