Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 Episode 8

J was thrown out in the middle of the service in Hell’s Kitchen 5 Episode 7, so Chef Ramsay didn’t have to dismiss anyone else at the end of the show.

The chefs will be cooking tartar. Nobody’s made it before. Nobody has apparently tasted food before either. Tuna has been substituted for beef, and seabass has been substituted for scallops. None of them notice. The next challenge is the taste test.

LA volunteers very quickly to sit out for the red team. Nobody else even has a chance to consider it.

Filet mignon
Ben guesses sirloin beef.
Andrea guesses liver.

Fried egg white
Ben gets a point.
Andrea gets a point.

Ben gets a point.
Andrea gets a point.

Romaine lettuce
Andrea guesses celery.
Ben gets a point.
Blue leads 3-2.

Robert guesses cream of cauliflower and/or broccoli.
Giovanni guesses asparagus.

Pea tendrils
Giovanni guesses spinach.
Robert guesses watercress.

Giovanni guesses poached egg yolk (huh?).
Robert guesses mushroom (huh? again).

Black truffle
Robert guesses s***.
Giovanni doesn’t have a clue either.
Blue team leads 3-2 after both people don’t know anything.

Lacey guesses dicon.
Carol gets a point.

Calf’s liver
Carol is correct that it’s gross and is liver.
Lacey guesses foie gras, duck/goose liver, not calf’s liver.

Both are incorrect.

Sweet potato
Lacey gets a point.
Carol gets a point.
Red team takes the lead 6-4. Andrea has to be nice to Carol. Today.

For the final round, each player will have to identify 10 ingredients in minestrone soup, and as they list ingredients, they score a point, which has the potential to make the first three rounds pointless. Danny scores 3 to bring his team to 7. Paula scores 2 to give her team the win.

Red team will be doing a photo shoot with TV Guide. Blue team will be waiting on them during that shoot while prepping both kitchens for that night’s service.

Tonight is celebrity night. I recognize this guy from Will & Grace. There’s apparently someone there from Terminator 2 (a movie from 1991?) as well.

Paula’s first appetizer is spat out. Her risotto is inedibly salty.

Robert’s falling behind, so Ben is told to help him out. He interprets helping as taking over.

Paula’s next attempt at risotto is perfect.

Danny’s told that his dishes are nicely cooked.

Carol’s falling behind on meat. Chef Ramsay wants her to crank up the temperature on her oven, but she doesn’t want to burn everything else, so he’ll have to wait.

Lacey’s lost. Now it’s Danny’s turn to watch her. She tells them she’s no good at meat. Hopefully she just doesn’t burn the place down. Ramsay is willing to give her another chance (again). When she returns, Ben goes over there to try to calm her down, burning himself in the process.

Robert is handling the appetizers on his own, although his pants have split open.

Carol continues to struggle on the meat. Andrea tries to communicate her, but she’s not answering. They produce rubber food and blame each other.

Ramsay is screaming at Lacey every 30 seconds. After getting tired of hearing his voice, she just brings him whatever she’s got and sees what happens. What happens is he has to throw her off the show. She can only look back on the positive things, of which there weren’t many.

That leaves blue team two men down. They seem to be doing okay regardless. Better, in fact, than Carol’s doing over in the red kitchen.

Blue team comes together to finish serving all their tables, but Ramsay’s tired of Carol, Andrea, and LA, so red kitchen is done. Because he’s never seen more team work than he did from the blue team, they win the service.

Carol nominates herself and Andrea. Andrea nominates Carol and LA. Paula nominates Carol and LA, which LA says is personal. Giovanni picks Carol and LA (so is that personal, too?). LA nominates Carol and Andrea.

Failing as a team again, red team has been unable to come to a consensus, but LA and Carol have been nominated. Since Andrea’s name also came up, she will step forward as well.

Andrea would give herself a 6 out of 10 for the night. Her first nominee is LA, despite the fact that she hates Carol. Carol would send Andrea home. Yeah, it’s not personal.

Carol and Andrea are safe. LA will be leaving Hell’s Kitchen.

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