Reaper Season 2 Episode 5

Sam’s father returned in Reaper Season 2 Episode 4, appearing as if he may well be dead.

Sam invites Sock into his car. They need to talk in private. Yeah, his dead dad’s in the car. Except technically, he’s not dead, but he’s not really alive either. He made the deal with the Devil so he wouldn’t die, and now he can’t. Sock just about had a heart attack, so now he wants to invite Ben into the car so he can experience the same thing.

Ben wants Sock to know that his sister is a pretty cool person, which me might realize if he stopped drooling over her.

For his next job, Sam’s going after a vampire, or at least someone who thought she was a vampire. His vessel is a stake.

The Devil reminds Sam that his father sold his soul to him, so he might as well just forget about him and not feel bad about his current undead state.

In death, the soul still thinks she’s a vampire. Either that, or she’s a goth chick. The boys go to her house, but they’ve got good news for her. They’re not there to steal from her. They’re just there to send her back to Hell. They capture her pretty quickly. Then they find out they’re going to be stuck looking after the baby in the crib upstairs.

Souls have been known to escape from Hell to have their children here. Better schools. So what do they do with the baby then? Gladys tells them to have fun raising it. It’s probably just a regular baby, but they can send it down the return chute if they really don’t want it. She suggests asking Andi. She dates him, so she must know a lot about babies.

Sam invites Andi out for a night on the town. Ted suggests that her stress she’s been feeling is because the job tends to get a man down, especially if that man is a woman.

Sock’s idea: watch Honey I Blew up the Baby.

Ben tells Sock he’s got two options when it comes to his sister: medicate his boys into submission or workout for 15 minutes a day. The working out sounds too hard.

Tony pays the guys a visit. He came to warn Sam that they’re dispatching some demon assassins to kill him. Then he hears the baby crying. They don’t know whether it’s a girl or not because they haven’t changed a diaper yet. Or done anything else for that matter. Does he want the baby? Talking him into that was a little too easy. He wants to call her Stevie after Steve, although Sock already named her Magnum PI.

Andi arrives at the restaurant. It’s not Sam. It’s Morgan. He rented out the whole restaurant just for them. Andi’s troubled by the fact that he’s obnoxious, arrogant, rude, and, oh, his father’s the Devil. Oh, by the way, Sam’s got the same father as he does. Yeah, she didn’t know that.

When Sam gets to work, Andi wants to know if there’s anything he wants to share. Like how Satan is his real father. She can’t fire him, but he’s on dumpster duty.

There’s a small accounting error in purgatory. A missing soul. Sam already knows this soul: the baby. The kid is destined for evil, like its mother.

Sock’s back from the doctor with some pills so he can get rid of his manhood.

Sam tells his dad the fact that he’s a zombie is his fault because he made a deal with the Devil, and that he’s not his real father anyway.

The plan is to tell Tony that his food sucks so he’ll go down to the local market and leave them alone with the baby so they can vanquish her. That works. Now they just need to shove a stake through her face. Sam can’t do it. Perhaps if they sing a lullaby it’ll make it easier. Just then, Tony’s back, having gotten some tomatoes from his neighbor. He walks in to see Sam standing over his baby with a stake in his hand. After getting thrown around by Tony, Ben’s got an alternate plan. If they baptize her, the Devil won’t want her any more.

For this baptism, Sam will play the role of father, while Andi will play the role of the mother. Tony can’t go inside the church since he’s a demon and all. Sam should be fine, hopefully, since he’s half human. According to Tony, Sam is worth saving, or at least that’s what Steve told him when he appeared to him.

As they’re signing the paperwork for the baptism, the baby carriage rolls away. It gets by the traffic just fine and goes into the building across the street, where there’s a big fiery hole and a Devil waiting for it. Nature always beats out nurture. Sam’s got another idea. She can totally screw up everybody she comes into contact with, delivering the Devil a lot of chaos. She could damage a lot of people if she turns out to be a psychiatrist. He gives the baby back, but he warns Sam that you can’t stop nature.

Kristen walks in on Sock taking his pills. He tells her he has a small problem, or rather more of an average-sized problem. She won’t let him take the pills. What can she do to help him? Anything he needs, she’ll give it to him. Time to hit the gym.

Sam’s dad has rented out a storage facility as a dwelling, but Sam has recognized that he’s his father. If he is a good person, it’s because of how he was raised. So he can move into the garage. He’s a garage roomie only. The rest of the house is off limits to the mostly dead.

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