The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 6

Dennis Rodman finally got the axe in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 5, to go along with the intervention he received.

Melissa Rivers tripped and tore two ligaments in her leg at the Loews Regency Hotel.

Now that the men have been decimated, it’s time to mix up the teams. The new Kotu is Herschel, Joan, Natalie, Clint, and Khloe. The new Athena is Jesse, Melissa, Annie, Tionne, and Brande. Jesse’s in a group of all women, while Melissa no longer has her mommy to protect her. Brian McKnight will not be there this week and will probably end up on the losing team when he returns.

Each team will be responsible for producing a viral Internet video for All Laundry Detergent to be judged on buzzworthiness, branding, and originality. Perez Hilton will be sharing his expertise. Apparently a celebrity gossip blogger will be able to offer insight on this product.

Melissa will be the project manager for Athena because she produced something before. Clint has produced music videos and will be the project manager for Kotu.

Jesse James wants to film a biker buddy being married to Brande, who thinks it’s hard to be married to a biker. Annie doesn’t like that. Her alternative: Jesse being bathed by midgets (because the name of the product is Small & Mighty). He doesn’t like her idea either.

Joan Rivers suggests having a midget washing machine like the clown car where people keep getting out. Herschel Walker would rather have midgets be hung out to dry after bathing in the bath. Clint comes up with a dirty joke about how doing the wash is a euphemism for sex. Sounds lame, but they’re going to run with it.

The All people say their target audience is young women. If they have children, they’re women with children, not moms.

The executives from All are quite confused by Kotu’s pitch. They tell them they can do whatever they want, but they don’t give them any indication that they like the direction they’re headed. Whatever they do, it will involve going back to the drawing board.

When they return to brainstorming, they’re throwing things on a wall and hoping something will stick. Clint insists they stick to his original idea.

Jesse reluctantly agrees to be bathed by little people.

Clint has taken complete control of his team’s task and doesn’t really want their input. They’re just following him off a cliff like lemmings. Joan attempts to stand up to him, but he thinks his idea is so great and unsurprisingly doesn’t want to hear anything.

Jesse says that his new team is way more organized.

Little Don raises an eyebrow at the concept of midgets bathing Jesse. The actors are happier doing this than being an oompa loompa, though.

Kotu has decided to dismiss their original actor. If they were going for sexy, they weren’t getting anywhere with it.

Melissa is tired of Annie.

Now that Clint’s gotten rid of the actor, he will be reading the lines himself. Joan repeatedly asks what they’re doing. She doesn’t get an answer. After much of Joan’s screaming, he reveals his plan. He will be the lead, and one of them will be the female. Joan, perhaps?

None of them are interested, so they hire a woman to be a wife or the girlfriend, whoever she’s supposed to be. The women on the team don’t actually know what Clint’s idea is. Joan just goes to sleep because they have nothing else to do.

Tionne and Annie have handled the wardrobe. At Jesse’s suggestion, they dress them up as All bottles.

Annie’s gotten over her problems with Jesse and is now pleased that he’s there with them.

Herschel’s been eleswhere for the day. When he arrives that night, he hears what they’re doing. He’s as confused as everybody else. He tries to talk to Clint, but he doesn’t want to hear from him either.

The women continue on about how it’s not funny, but they thought it was hilarious originally (when it wasn’t).

Herschel throws out an idea. Put captions on the video to fill in thought bubbles.

When he gets into the editing bay, Clint says he doesn’t feel very good about what they’ve done. Then he locks the others out. Once he’s done editing the video, Clint calls the others in. Now that it’s all done, he finally agrees to ask for some input. Herschel wants to add captions still. Joan doesn’t know what the video tells her. Khloe thinks it’s cheesy. Since he continues to shoot down their ideas, Joan’s tired of wasting her time. She hopes she never sees him again when this is over.

Looking at the finished product, Clint has agreed to at least one idea someone else suggested: thought bubbles.

Perez Hilton was disappointed with the Kotu video. It wasn’t very funny at all. However, he thought the Athena video was excellent. He doesn’t believe that either of the videos would appeal to women with children, though.

The execs completely missed the idea of the Kotu video, not that everybody else didn’t. They considered it to be a video about cheating men, rather than a guy who did the job himself.

Clint acknowledges he did not great. Joan is ashamed to have had any part of that video. She will be taking every CD of his and throwing it out.

Melissa interrupts the fighting between Clint and Joan. Now it’s time for the daughter to come to the mother’s aid.

Melissa doesn’t believe she or her mother are even a little obnoxious. Oh really?

Annie thinks Kotu’s video is terrible, and she doesn’t get it any more than anybody else does.

Kotu finds Athena’s video hilarious, and they’re not hiding it.

Despite the high praise for Athena’s video, though, the result is that the executives from All hated both videos. Not overly surprising considering they didn’t appear to have a sense of humor. If all they wanted was a serious commercial, they shouldn’t have asked for a viral video.

Melissa will be bringing back Tionne, who said she will stand by her, as well as Brande.

Clint will be bringing back Khloe and Natalie. But not Joan.

Of those people, two people will be fired, which seems quite pointless to me because there’s only one person who screwed up so badly that he deserves to be fired. The second person is just for show.

Melissa says that she has nothing to fault anyone else on her team with. If they lost, she’s willing to take the bullet. Both of her team members speak highly of her.

Trump goes back to Bradford, who volunteered to come back to the boardroom. He was fired. Since Tionne volunteered to come back, she’s fired. Stupid, stupid, stupid. There is no point to this firing. This is the kind of thing that derailed this show in the first place. The theory is to boost ratings by getting people talking, but it irritates people and has the opposite impact.

Trump that says there’s no chance he could have fired Joan because she was right, so it was smart not to bring her back.

He asks everybody if they want to be fired. Clint says no, he’d rather continue with the game. Natalie likewise would like to continue, even if it means missing a big golf tournament in Asia.

As for Khloe, where was she last week? She had a DUI that she had to take classes for. Nobody on the show told Trump about it, but she came to him and admitted what had happened. Because she had a DUI, she’s fired.

Are you freaking kidding me? I just sat and watched this episode for two hours, and the two people who got fired were fired for no reason connected to any of it? Meanwhile, the only guy who actually screwed up gets off scott free. This is pathetic.

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