The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 5

The women finally lost in The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Episode 4, and Claudia Jordan was fired for losing control of her team and then making it personal.

The women won’t be missing Claudia any. However, this time it’s Khloe Kardashian’s turn to take the day off, so they will be another person down for the first day.

The teams will each be running 5 rooms at Loews Regency Hotel. Their guests will rate each team. Dicey task.

Tionne Watkins is the project manager for the women. Dennis Rodman agrees to be the project manager for the men. Annie Duke is hopeful that Dennis’ customer service will ultimately end in disaster.

Joan Rivers will be the concierge because she knows New York.

Clint Black hopes that Dennis stands a better chance to be a leader than a follower. Brian McKnight, however, is struggling to understand Dennis’ seemingly simple instructions.

The celebrities, who are used to having maids do this work that’s beneath them, start off with instructions on how to clean the rooms. Some of them are very quickly disgusted. From there, they go through the rest of the hotel at 30 minutes per training session. It’s all very rushed.

Dennis is starting to show what he can do. He calls up Carnegie Deli to hook them up with whatever they need from there. Then he lines up two complimentary chauffeur driven Mercedes. Jesse James and Herschel Walker will be doing the cleaning, while Brian, Dennis, and Clint go to Carnegie Deli. Before they leave, though, Dennis starts drinking. Uh oh.

Annie has been assigned to room service/bellperson. Natalie Gulbis is in the kitchen. T-Boz is doing housekeeping. Melissa Rivers will be doing housekeeping and also filling in where needed. Brande Roderick is also assigned to housekeeping/room service.

The boys get cookies from Carnegie Deli to give to their guests when they arrive.

Brian hopes to push Dennis’ buttons, which causes Dennis to become more loud than he normally is. He’s vetoing Dennis’ suggestion. Isn’t the leader the one who uses a veto?

Melissa is not happy. You mean she has to clean stuff? Brande gets dressed up in a maid’s outfit, which she knows will prove disappointing since it’s not that appealing.

Jesse and Herschel are working together well, although they probably could use some more bodies.

Natalie has obtained gift baskets from her sponsors, which she will be putting in the rooms.

Brian takes the cookies out and puts them on plates. Dennis, however, would prefer to take them downstairs to the chef to have him decorate them. On his way down, he gives some cookies to Joan Rivers for some reason. Then he wants to find something else to drink.

Having sent three guys across town to get a box of cookies, the men know they’re not ready in time. Their first guest is waiting downstairs wondering where they are. Clint lies and says the previous guest was slow in checking out. Hopefully that will work.

Dennis doesn’t like what he sees. He wants some champagne for his guest. He also wants a drink for himself.

The concierges have their hands full dealing with these guests. One person wants to get into a restaurant that’s backed up at least a year. Another person wants tickets for a show… on the stage.

The women get stuck with Stephen Baldwin. Yeah, he’s back again, trying to prove he’s a celebrity based on anything more than movies his brother has acted in.

As for the men, their celebrity guest is Vinny Pastore, the rat from last year. Dennis knows he’s going to be a jerk. He’s got a whole list of what he needs. Yeah, he thinks he’s a star, too.

Baldwin doesn’t like his view. It looks out on the hot dog vendor on 61st St. He doesn’t like it no matter what Joan says.

One of the guests from the men’s team is growing impatient. He wants his dinner reservations and wine.

Joan is able to secure tickets for Gypsy for one of her guests. As for her other guest, she’s able to figure out where there’s a peep show.

Brian’s guest is growing more frustrated. He’s unable to find the wine (that’s on the menu).

Natalie rolls her eyes at one guest. That’s probably not a good thing.

Herschel is wandering around aimlessly. Brian and Clint aren’t telling him the right information or where he needs to go. Dennis, however, seems to have figured out pretty easily what he’s supposed to be doing with the wine he’s got.

Brian can’t seem to make reservations, so Dennis does it for him, and puts the guests in the Mercedes. Then he gets in the car with them. He’ll be going to dinner with them, whether they like it or not.

One of the guests from the women’s team wants Annie instead of Natalie. She’ll be happy to oblige.

Clint finds out his fearless leader has abandoned them.

After a poor start, the men are finally starting to make things happen, booking all the requested show tickets.

Brande will be the dog walker.

Baldwin gets a $400 cover charge and $142 in additional fees for his show, neither of which he was informed about.

Rodman appears to have done some drinking while he was at dinner. As for the cookies, he forgot all about them. He’ll have to go find them. Now that he’s found the cookies, he’ll be heading home.

The women have offered complimentary breakfasts, so the orders all start rolling in at the same time. They didn’t make a particularly logical choice about it, though, as they’re just giving people for free whatever they want, whenever they want. This is bringing on a lot of extra work, although people will probably appreciate it.

The men, meanwhile, are just sitting around waiting for something to happen.

Day two, Dennis is back, but he doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

When Khloe arrived, her first thought was: it’s just room service. How hard could it be? It’s the being able to tell time part that she seems to struggle with. She brought her food at 20 minutes before 10 instead of 20 minutes after 10.

Joan’s getting another pricing complaint. She offered to send someone up to the room for a pedicure. The charge is double the normal rate, which she didn’t mention.

One of the guys from the women’s team wants to give them a 50 for presentation because there was trash in the garbage can.

For one of the guys’ guests, they liked Brian and Clint, but Dennis was a little…

The guys who went with Dennis to dinner found it spectacular. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

Brian, who’s been pessimistic pretty much since Dennis was appointed project manager, now thinks they may actually have a chance.

Tionne thinks her team did a great job, and her team thinks that she did a great job.

The women get some good compliments on their food and ticket arrangements. They get a couple negatives: the double priced pedicure and Natalie.

The men get compliments on dinner and ticket arrangements as well. The first guest was not happy it took so long to get into the room.

Vinny and Stephen did not fill out any guest cards.

Dennis does not think his team won. He doesn’t think he should even be there. Jesse responds that Dennis obviously has a drinking problem. This is not lost on anybody else either. Dennis is not denying that he walked out on his team.

This is apparently an intervention, which will continue for the next 10 minutes, regardless of who has won.

The men scored 86 out of 100. The women scored 91 out of 100, earning themselves a win. Tionne’s charity, Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, will receive $20,000.

No point to even debate this further. Dennis Rodman has been fired.

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