The Amazing Race 14 Episode 7

Christie & Jodi were finally eliminated in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 6, thanks to the speed bump they received because of the prior leg (like the blind U-turn, it was planned in a manner that really gave its receiver little chance of survival).

60 Minutes is running over again due to the basketball overrun, but it’s a manageable time of about 10 minutes.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Tammy & Victor – 10:21AM
Second: Mel & Mike – 10:50AM
Third: Kisha & Jen – 11:02AM
Fourth: Margie & Luke – 11:03AM
Fifth: Jaime & Cara – 11:04AM
Sixth: Mark & Michael – 11:11AM

Teams must now fly almost 2,000 miles to Phuket, Thailand, where they will locate their next clue based on a picture of a gorilla. They’ll have to figure out they’re looking for the Phuket Zoo.

Tammy & Victor have been to Phuket before, but Tammy was treated as the baby of the family who wasn’t allowed to do anything (we’ve seen some of this so far on the race). It appears Mel & Mike have been as well, although Mel just speaks mai tai. Jaime’s not patient and doesn’t like foreign languages (good idea going on a race around the world).

Unlike the other teams, Jaime & Cara go straight to the airport, whereas the rest go to the travel agent instead. Doesn’t matter because all the teams make the same flight, arriving after 14 hours.

Mel & Mike are heading to the beach. Mark & Michael’s cab driver has no clue where they’re going, so they have to stop and ask. The other teams find themselves in the same predicament. The rest of the cabs end up going the right way, which could put Mel & Mike in a world of hurt, as they decide to keep going.

When they arrive at the zoo, teams will need to get their pictures taken with a tiger (the tiger’s handler only has one arm), then they’ll participate in a ritual where elephants step and squat over them.

From there, teams will go to the oldest herb shop in Phuket, where they will ask the shopkeeper to open 1 of the 99 drawers. They’ll have to keep going until they find their next clue.

Mel & Mike finally decide to ask the locals. One of them says Phuket Zoo. Nope, that’s not correct, or so they tell him. Another guy tells them it’s the zoo. After he says he’s 100% sure, they finally agree to go to the zoo.

The increasingly frustrated and screeching Jaime was the first to arrive at the herb shop and is the last to leave (except Mel & Mike). Someone needs to put this rude chick out of her misery already.

The detour is a choice between 100 barrels or 2 miles. In 100 barrels, teams must prepare a fishing ship for 10 days at sea. They’ll have to fill 47 barrels with drinking water and move 53 empty fish barrels from the bottom deck to the roof. In 2 miles, one team member will pull the other in a rickshaw for 2 miles.

2 Miles: Mark & Michael, Tammy & Victor, Jaime & Cara (switched from 100 barrels), Margie & Luke (switched from 100 barrels with Jaime & Cara)
100 barrels: Kisha & Jen, Mel & Mike

Mark & Michael have hired a cab driver to lead them through the rickshaw route. Victor can’t run any more, but he doesn’t want his sister to help him either. At the detour, Kisha & Jen see Mel & Mike, who may not be out of it just yet. Because she can’t get her son’s attention while sitting in the back, Margie would rather run and have Luke sit. That sounds like… not a good idea. After her run, Margie’s starting to get light headed and numb.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Wat Thep Nimit Temple. No road block? Teams can walk, run, or hire a ride to get there.

Mark & Michael are the first to arrive at the pit stop. However, they have incurred two 30 minute penalties. First, for tampering with the pumps and trying to slow the other teams down. Second, for hiring a cab driver to lead them along the detour route. Lucky for them, Mel & Mike went way out of their way earlier on the leg, so it may not be over yet. As close a leg as this is, though, it may very well be a big problem. But the clock is ticking down pretty quickly. They must have built up a damn big lead. With about 5 minutes left in the penalty, the teams start coming to the mat.

First: Tammy & Victor (win a trip to Oahu)
Second: Jaime & Cara
Third: Mark & Michael
Fourth: Margie & Luke (Margie passes out at the mat from dehydration and/or heat exhaustion)
Fifth: Kisha & Jen
Eliminated: Mel & Mike

While they try to make it dramatic, it’s pretty obvious Mel & Mike have finished in last. It’s just a question of whether this is a non-elimination leg. Mel & Mike have been eliminated from the race. They go out with respect for each other.

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