Dollhouse Episode 7

After Ballard finally woke up and got with his neighbor in Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 6, the Dollhouse decided to use her to kill a handler gone bad. As for Ballard, he was suspended after Echo got him to shoot a cop.

Flashback to Caroline’s first meeting with Adelle. She offers her her life for her life. Adelle gets 5 years; Caroline gets the rest.

A client is looking for a missing vial of a memory drug. He wants an army of actives on this case. Topher recognizes this client. Clive Ambrose, co-chairman of the Rossum Corporation. He might throw up. That’s a compliment. Clive is there because Owen, a grad student, ingested one of the memory drugs, then promptly killed himself. The one missing vial is enough to take out the entire student body. Topher can help, or at least he can’t hurt.

Ballard likes taking care of Mellie, but she says she’s a lot stronger than she looks. He noticed that when she took out the Russian thug. Now he just has to figure out who that guy really is, even though he’s been suspended and is off the case.

The Dollhouse is on the case of the missing drugs. Sierra is a doctor. Victor is Tom, an NSA agent, which outranks Dominic (Rossum private security) by more than a whole bunch.

Echo’s on assignment. Old client, new fantasy. He plans to film them, but just as she’s setting up the video equipment, she switches over to a news report showing Freemont College, which causes her to leave. He’ll have to find some way to untie himself.

Topher’s got Mellie in his chair. He gives her a shot, so now they just need to wait a while. Meanwhile, he’ll have a juice box.

Echo arrives at the college, and she doesn’t know much of anything. Tom assumes she’s just another one of the kids who got their hands on the vial. She’s really just there to save him. Whoever him is. When she’s brought to the doctor, she meets up with Sam, who wants to prove someone killed his friend. Somehow, she knows a way into the lab, which kind of freaks her out. On their way in, Boyd stops her, but she would not like to have a treatment. His giddy laugh indicates he’s been infected.

Caroline and her friends are planning how to take Rossum down. They believe it’s an evil corporation with a hidden agenda. She hopes to get footage of them doing wrong so she can expose them online.

Dominic is getting giddy as well. Only he’s got a gun. Luckily, he’s too tired to keep hanging on to that gun. Considering there’s no way he would consciously try to have fun, Adelle and Topher are now trying to figure out how it’s actually being spread. Well, they were trying to figure out out anyway. Now they’re acting insane. The dolls are immune, but everybody else is susceptible.

As Echo (aka Alice) and Sam are trying to find a way into the lab, a professor recognizes her as Caroline. Sam tells her that the teacher just needs to be sedated.

There’s a reason Echo knows the way in. Caroline bribed someone for blueprints to find out how to sneak into the lab without going through the front door. With these memories, they’re able to sneak in. Sam goes first and makes a run past security. Dominic, however, stops Echo so that he can apologize to her for trying to kill her. Since he’s clearly in need of sedation, that allows Echo to get past security as well.

Sierra and Victor start glitching like Echo and Mellie, remembering their past. They’re not exempt from the drug. Rather, it goes through their manmade memories. It just takes longer and impacts them differently.

Echo and Sam have made their way to the lab. Sam finds the drug really fast, hidden in a vial of blood. Then he lunges at Echo.

Caroline and her boyfriend have made their way to the lab as well. It is a lot different. There are all sorts of animals in cages. Monkeys shouldn’t be treated like guinea pigs. Even guinea pigs shouldn’t be treated like guinea pigs. As they’re trying to get footage, the security guard busts them.

The reason Sam stole the drug is he wanted to be a billionaire. He hoped to sell it to Rossum’s competitor.

In their escape, Caroline dropped the camera and their evidence. Her boyfriend has been shot in the process as well, and she loses him outside the building.

A glitching Echo has managed to capture Sam in the same spot where her boyfriend died, and now that that’s over, she would like a treatment.

For a change, Dominic isn’t suggesting they send Echo to the attic. Perhaps he’s sorry about that whole trying to burn her alive misunderstanding.

Mellie just needs to get away. Ballard’s going to let her just make a clean break without asking where she’s going, but she does know where he is.

Adelle offers to solve Sam’s financial problems for 5 years. In exchange, he gets the same offer Echo got.

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