Dollhouse Episode 6

Echo was turned into a blind woman and sent to dissolve a fanatical religious cult in Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 5.

According to the news, stories of an FBI task force investigating the Dollhouse have been flatly denied. Yet Agent Ballard doesn’t seem to have gotten the message that his task does not exist.

Victor is wondering why Sierra is sitting alone. So he goes up and touches her on the shoulder, and she responds by screaming in terror. After this, Dr. Saunders finds out Sierra’s had sex since she’s been there. They’ll have to send Victor to the attic if he’s been playing doctor when not imprinted with an MD. Echo says that Sierra cries when they go into the pods.

Ballard suspects Joel Mynor, a doctom billionaire, as a potential Dollhouse client. Agent Loomis agrees to help him out, but she warns him that if the director finds out, he’s going to want him out. One more step closer to bringing… her in.

When he goes to bust Mynor, he gets his first up close and personal glimpse of Echo, who’s posing as his wife Rebecca Mynor. One of the security guys tasers Ballard, but they might want to try something better next time because he gets up fighting as usual. While Ballard’s taking out half a dozen men, Boyd arrives to drag off Echo. Mynor thinks Ballard must be in love with Echo. He’s not exactly afraid of Ballard since he won’t arrest him and probably won’t kill him. He could probably make him suffer, though. Rebecca really was Joel’s wife. Now that she’s dead, he’s hiring zombies to pretend to be her. Their discussion ends when they hear the sirens coming, since Ballard knows he’s the one they’ll cuff.

Boyd recommends isolating Victor and his handler. Victor knows he did something bad. If only someone would tell him what.

Following his conversation with Mynor about how he’s living in a fantasy world, Ballard finally decides to make a move on his neighbor when he gets home.

Now that he’s pretended to take out Victor, Boyd catches Hearn, the person actually responsible for Sierra’s troubles, in the act.

In addition to the trouble with the handler and Sierra, they’re also aware that there’s an FBI agent on their tail, spilling his guts to the nearest civilian.

Echo’s been engaged, but Boyd needs some chill time since he put another handler through a plate glass window, so he’s not on the case.

They are in the business of using people. So the question is: what use is someone like Hearn to them? Mellie, Ballard’s neighbor, needs to be killed because she knows too much. Since he’s sleeping with her now, Ballard might not take too kindly to that.

When Ballard goes out to get some take out food, he sees Echo, who’s waiting for him and ready to kick his ass. After she practices the skills that made her a good vampire hunter on him, she tells him what he already knows: the Dollhouse is real. There are too many Dollhouses, and they are far too powerful for him to take them down. The person who sent her there wants to help, but he has to let them win this one first. A police officer sees them, Echo hands back Ballard’s gun, and makes him shoot the cop. They will protect the information. Ballard can stay alive, but anyone else is in danger.

As she’s getting strangled, Mellie gets a call from Adelle. Then she turns into superwoman and gains the upper hand. The newly deceased Hearn won’t be bothering anyone else for a while.

Following the shooting, Ballard has been suspended from the FBI.

As for Echo, she’s back to playing the role of Rebecca Mynor.

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