Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 5

Echo was remotely wiped in Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 4, which caused her to have a breakdown while on assignment.

A brainwashed group of people is singing about their happy happy thoughts. This displeases Jesse. Once they leave, it’s discovered that one of them has left behind a request: save me.

Senator Boxbaum asks Adelle to place an active with a federal agency, the ATF. Why exactly do they send the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms after fanatical religious cults anyway? And what do firearms have to do with the other two?

Despite having been shot, Ballard’s still at work.

In order to turn Echo into a human camera, they will have to make her blind. Not permanently… in theory. That footage will be fed back to the ATF. The risks of the surgery, including death and seizure, have been determined to be within acceptable margins.

Based on the request by the person who requested saving, a judge has granted the ATF 48 hours to be able to crack into the group. They will be utilizing Echo, Ester Carpenter. She will walk through the gates of the compound and be accepted as one of them. Upon arrival, she meets and immediately knows Jonas, the cult leader, by touching his face.

Ballard asks an agent with higher security clearance to try to find Caroline. Her result is the same as his: she doesn’t exist.

So who told Ester about this place? Jonas did. He appeared to her in a vision and spoke to her. It’s a miracle. If she is who she says she is. If not, she’ll need to be crushed like the serpent she is.

Topher was looking at Victor in the shower. Just glancing. He noticed he seemed to be getting excited when Sierra joined him. His repeated romantic imprint may potentially be a problem. He and the doctor will be watching the shower tapes for the last three months for… man reactions.

This cult is an offshoot of the Zion Ranch, the real life cult busted in Waco.

Jonas is broken, corrupted, and impure, by his own admission. Because the dumb bunnies under his watch are the opposite of that, he will do whatever it takes to protect them, including pulling a gun on Ester. She’s convincing enough to get him to believe she’s not the enemy. He doesn’t just have the one gun, though. There’s a whole arsenal.

Paul gets an envelope from some guy in the hall. The writing matches the original anonymous letter he got. The woman who took the letter got it from a cute guy in his 20s with brown hair. He had a cart. Yeah, it was the guy from the mailroom. Now they’ve got a video of Caroline to go along with the picture.

Dr. Saunders and Topher are watching Victor in the showers. It’s not residual imprinting. It’s Sierra.

Boyd wants to remove Ester from the compound now that the ATF is planning to barge in. They won’t be waiting because Agent Grant Lilly has a personal vendetta against Jonas and wants to see him locked up forever. Dominic instructs Boyd to do nothing. He wouldn’t mind if Echo dies in the crossfire.

As Ester’s being christened into her new home, the ATF is lining up outside. Because the grounds are rigged, Jonas knows they’re coming. He grabs a gun and then slaps Ester. After this hit to the face, she can now see, which makes the feds blind.

The news media has arrived, and while watching the footage, Ballard notices Caroline.

Boyd goes to the convenience store where the note was left. Nobody’s thought to check the security tape to find out who their person on the inside is. Now Boyd knows who he’s dealing with. Agent Lilly planted the note to create a stir.

Jonas has Ester read a creepy story about a blazing fire. As she’s doing this, Seth, one of Jonas’ followers, is in the process of setting the place on fire. The flames can’t hurt them. It will be another miracle.

ATF is storming the grounds trying to find Boyd. One of them finds him, but not before he knocks him out.

Ester warns Jonas that he can’t force a miracle. So he hits her again. Now it’s time for her to hit him. If he won’t protect the people, it’s time for her to do so. God brought her there with a message: move your ass. All the followers have escaped. With that, Jonas is unknocked out, and he’s still got his gun. He’s shot by Dominic, who then decides to knock out Ester. Just in time, Boyd arrives to pull her out of there. She knows him. How is that possible? It’s not.

Ballard comes to find Echo. Lilly plays dumb.

Adelle wants to eliminate any temptation before it spreads like a cancer. Victor must be scrubbed and closely monitored.

Echo sees perfectly now… and is keeping an eye on Dominic.

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