Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 Episode 6

Ramsay decided he didn’t care what the teams wanted, opting instead to choose his own person to be booted, so he sent Colleen home in Hell’s Kitchen 5 Episode 5.

Red team seems disappointed by Colleen’s departure. Andrea knows she got what she deserved and doesn’t mind that she was nominated.

Ramsay is impressed with Lacey’s recent performance.

The chefs will be doing a bar mitzvah. The boy’s mother and grandmother are there to discuss what food he likes. Each team will create a hamburger, a brisket, and chicken soup. Their task is to transform everyday foods into gourmet dishes.

Blue team’s depending on Ben, who is Jewish.

Carol will be doing the burger for her team. She’ll be using bleu cheese, which the others don’t think is a good idea.

Max, the guest of honor, will be judging the dishes.

Blue team made a traditional chicken soup with pasta, vegetables, and riceballs. The girls have a spring chicken soup with spring vegetables and homemade past. Although the grandmother seems to like the red team’s dish, Max picks the blue team.

Ben believes he’s a brisket master. His brisket is pretty sweet. Red team has a cherry barbeque sauce on theirs. Red team is chosen.

It’s down to the burger. Robert’s burger is Kobe beef. Carol has combined lamb, veal, and Kobe beef and stuffed it with bleu cheese. Oh, now this one’s just too obvious. While Max liked the burger from the red team, he didn’t like the cheese. Blue team wins.

Blue team’s going to the spa. Red team will be transforming the room into the dining room for the bar mitzvah.

Francisco will be helping them with the party. JP wants to slap him around.

J has never had a facial. J is too busy talking about himself in the third person.

Andrea and Carol both believe they’re the boss of each other… and everyone else. They’re not alone. Paula hates both of them, too.

In addition to the regular menu, the winning foods from the challenge will be featured.

Andrea’s mushroom risotto is lacking… mushrooms.

For the second part of their punishment, the girls have to lift Max up in his chair for the traditional dance. Just don’t drop him, or you’ll probably lose.

Coi forgot the burgers. Oops. No entrees can leave the kitchen until Max’s table’s food is ready. When she does cook the burgers, she doesn’t cook them completely. They can’t serve cold burgers.

Danny brings out dirty plates.

As for Coi, now she’s struggling with her brisket.

Red team’s running into each other and completely unable to communicate.

Lacey has brought out cold beef as well. Where’s the beef?

Carol and Andrea hate each other. Still.

Francisco has dropped the cake. A couple of the kids will still eat it off the floor.

To cap off the night, the Harlem Globetrotters have come to pay Max a visit. Robert remembers those guys from when they were on Scooby Doo.

Andrea apologizes to Carol for the confusion over the fries. She didn’t realize why nothing was being done with them. Carol’s response: “Oh, I wanted to punch you in the neck.”

Ramsay says that both teams were pretty even across the board. He will be basing his decision on the level of determination throughout the service. Blue team wins. Since Andrea bounced back from her poor start, she will be able to nominate two people. The rest of the team is shocked by this decision.

Andrea comes downstairs and says she still doesn’t know. Ramsay forces her to make her choices. Her first nominee is Coi due to her performance. Her second nominee is LA because she’s a line cook, not a leader. LA finds this amusing.

As Chef Ramsay is about to announce his decision, Coi says that Andrea is the worst. LA agrees. Carol falls in line. Paula is finally able to give a non-vengeful answer, and she says it was Coi. Coi will be leaving Hell’s Kitchen.

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