Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 4

The Dollhouse had to deal with a depressed pop star in Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 3.

Echo and Sierra are eating lunch together. They’re instinctively grouping. That’s not something any memory wiping can eliminate.

Echo’s new assignment is for a bachelor party. She’s not exactly shy. Eventually, she ends up running out of the hotel room and saying the guys hurt her. The hotel worker she runs to wants to give her a stack of cash, $10,000 to get her to not sue the hotel or the guests. As if blackmail is somehow going to help the hotel’s legal stance any. After rejecting this, she knocks the guy down, and she’s in. She now knows the door code to bust in. That makes a little more sense. The client is paying a premium for no kill, so he gets no kill.

What they will be doing, however, is breaking into the other side of the wall, where the high security building will be in a gray hour as they make sure their security system is impenetrable. During that hour, however, it will be completely penetrable. The first step is to blow up the wall.

Then they break into the vault, where they find millions of dollars worth of old stuff: a bunch of stolen art and high quality counterfeits.

Ballard hears a noise and pulls out a gun. It’s Lubov, who wants help (witness protection), and insists he didn’t set him up. Ballard wants to know who the pretty girl, Caroline, is. Lubov got the tip from a man with a Georgian accent, Russian Georgia not sweet home Georgia. They know the two of them have been talking, so Lubov assumes he’s a dead man. If Ballard helps him, he never hears from him again.

Echo and her band of thieves believe they are not technically stealing stolen art. The Turks who controlled Athens during the 7th century granted permission to remove the marble from the Parthenon. Echo suggests they stop speculating who the client is because finding out about a client who doesn’t want to be known is usually is not healthy. One of the guys grabs something, stabs another guy with a sword, and runs out, leaving the others behind. It’s a good thing that Echo’s got reception on her cell phone. She makes a call to Boyd to warn about the double crosser. Then she drops the phone and gets a blank look on her face and asks whether she fell asleep.

Brain mapping requires a very specialized diet: pizza squares, ice cream bites, and beef jerky. Breakfast of champions. Topher also wants some juice boxes.

Echo’s in the middle of a nervous breakdown. A promise of getting a drink doesn’t help. Slapping her doesn’t help.

Boyd demands the bag from the double crosser. Perhaps the gun he’s holding will convince him. He’s either got to turn it over or get shot. Then he doesn’t get paid. Or breathe. He hands over the bag. Boyd shoots him anyway, but not lethally.

Topher tries to call Echo, but she’s not answering. They play back her call with Boyd, and Topher’s pretty sure that she was remotely wiped. How do they undo that? They don’t. Somebody figured out their frequency and hacked into their call, then remotely wiped Echo’s memory, something Topher didn’t believe was possible. He worries that she could go into a coma state, or she could turn into Carrie at the prom. They have to help her because she won’t be able to help herself.

Now that Echo, the original Taffy, is gone, it’s time for Sierra to be programmed to be her.

Before they can proceed, they’ll have to get Sierra over her bruised ego about not being chosen first.

Topher believes they’ve been hit by a gigantic multi-pronged conspiracy.

Boyd wants a map from his captive. As if his life depended on it.

Echo sees a painting of a mountain. When she’s there, her name’s not Taffy.

If Echo’s as good as they say, Sierra doesn’t need to get inside. She just needs a phone.

Conspiracy theories abound, Topher’s decided that the only person he knows who could achieve a remote wipe is dead.

Sierra’s unable to get Echo to answer her phone, and their time’s run out. Finally, though, she realizes she has a phone in her pocket, so she picks up. She’s carrying a vile of resin and a “nozzle thingy” that she can drill with. She will have to drill through the door, spray the resin into the hole, and then drill some more. This should cause the glass in the door to crack, rather than shattering, hopefully avoiding the alarm going off and the resulting armed response. The response she gets is an alarm and the lights going out. This is probably not a good thing. They have 7 minutes until the police respond. Sierra wishes them good luck with the girl.

Echo now has a decision. Get broken or do the breaking. Point the gun at the bad guys and shoot, or else be shot. Rather than taking orders from the maniac telling her to shoot the guards, she stabs him with a needle. The injured guy wants to help her out, so he throws a smoke bomb to allow her to escape without being seen. Boyd arrives to find Echo escorting him out of there.

Lubov isn’t exactly being assisted by Ballard. Instead, he’s being set up. He won’t be able to leave LA by plane, train, or automobile.

Topher has put Echo through every test he could think of, and whatever happened to her in the vault didn’t cause any permanent damage. She’s fresh, with no pesky human evolution bits lingering around.

It must have been Alpha who pulled off the remote wipe. Topher’s not fired. Rather, his security clearance has been increased.

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