Dollhouse Cancelled

When Dollhouse premiered in the Friday night death slot, everybody knew it was only a matter of time before it ended up getting cancelled. Joss Whedon fans argued that Fox never gave it a chance, and there is some validity to that argument, in spite of the second season renewal following the low ratings.

The show will return in December to finish out its season two order before the plug is pulled for good.

Dollhouse Season 2

Dollhouse, which has seen ratings declines every week since it premiered, has managed to nab itself a renewal for season two. Its iTunes and Tivo numbers have proven strong, and since Fox doesn’t have a great deal in its non-Idol powered fall lineup, the network’s ready to give it another shot. The bad news: it’s still on Friday nights.

Dollhouse Episode 13 Won’t Air

Felicia Day, who played Vi (one of the young slayers toward the end of the series) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, tweeted that Fox is not going to air the episode of Dollhouse that she starred in, episode 13 Epitaph One. The episode was apparently created merely so that the DVD could have 13 episodes.

Nonetheless, everyone is insisting that the refusal to air this episode is unrelated to whether the show will or will not be cancelled. If Fox does keep it around for another season, perhaps they could try airing it on a night that makes sense. It’s not as if they’ll have anything else to air in the fall.

Dollhouse Episode 7

After Ballard finally woke up and got with his neighbor in Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 6, the Dollhouse decided to use her to kill a handler gone bad. As for Ballard, he was suspended after Echo got him to shoot a cop.

Flashback to Caroline’s first meeting with Adelle. She offers her her life for her life. Adelle gets 5 years; Caroline gets the rest.

A client is looking for a missing vial of a memory drug. He wants an army of actives on this case. Topher recognizes this client. Clive Ambrose, co-chairman of the Rossum Corporation. He might throw up. That’s a compliment. Clive is there because Owen, a grad student, ingested one of the memory drugs, then promptly killed himself. The one missing vial is enough to take out the entire student body. Topher can help, or at least he can’t hurt.

Ballard likes taking care of Mellie, but she says she’s a lot stronger than she looks. He noticed that when she took out the Russian thug. Now he just has to figure out who that guy really is, even though he’s been suspended and is off the case.

The Dollhouse is on the case of the missing drugs. Sierra is a doctor. Victor is Tom, an NSA agent, which outranks Dominic (Rossum private security) by more than a whole bunch.

Echo’s on assignment. Old client, new fantasy. He plans to film them, but just as she’s setting up the video equipment, she switches over to a news report showing Freemont College, which causes her to leave. He’ll have to find some way to untie himself.

Topher’s got Mellie in his chair. He gives her a shot, so now they just need to wait a while. Meanwhile, he’ll have a juice box.

Echo arrives at the college, and she doesn’t know much of anything. Tom assumes she’s just another one of the kids who got their hands on the vial. She’s really just there to save him. Whoever him is. When she’s brought to the doctor, she meets up with Sam, who wants to prove someone killed his friend. Somehow, she knows a way into the lab, which kind of freaks her out. On their way in, Boyd stops her, but she would not like to have a treatment. His giddy laugh indicates he’s been infected.

Caroline and her friends are planning how to take Rossum down. They believe it’s an evil corporation with a hidden agenda. She hopes to get footage of them doing wrong so she can expose them online.

Dominic is getting giddy as well. Only he’s got a gun. Luckily, he’s too tired to keep hanging on to that gun. Considering there’s no way he would consciously try to have fun, Adelle and Topher are now trying to figure out how it’s actually being spread. Well, they were trying to figure out out anyway. Now they’re acting insane. The dolls are immune, but everybody else is susceptible.

As Echo (aka Alice) and Sam are trying to find a way into the lab, a professor recognizes her as Caroline. Sam tells her that the teacher just needs to be sedated.

There’s a reason Echo knows the way in. Caroline bribed someone for blueprints to find out how to sneak into the lab without going through the front door. With these memories, they’re able to sneak in. Sam goes first and makes a run past security. Dominic, however, stops Echo so that he can apologize to her for trying to kill her. Since he’s clearly in need of sedation, that allows Echo to get past security as well.

Sierra and Victor start glitching like Echo and Mellie, remembering their past. They’re not exempt from the drug. Rather, it goes through their manmade memories. It just takes longer and impacts them differently.

Echo and Sam have made their way to the lab. Sam finds the drug really fast, hidden in a vial of blood. Then he lunges at Echo.

Caroline and her boyfriend have made their way to the lab as well. It is a lot different. There are all sorts of animals in cages. Monkeys shouldn’t be treated like guinea pigs. Even guinea pigs shouldn’t be treated like guinea pigs. As they’re trying to get footage, the security guard busts them.

The reason Sam stole the drug is he wanted to be a billionaire. He hoped to sell it to Rossum’s competitor.

In their escape, Caroline dropped the camera and their evidence. Her boyfriend has been shot in the process as well, and she loses him outside the building.

A glitching Echo has managed to capture Sam in the same spot where her boyfriend died, and now that that’s over, she would like a treatment.

For a change, Dominic isn’t suggesting they send Echo to the attic. Perhaps he’s sorry about that whole trying to burn her alive misunderstanding.

Mellie just needs to get away. Ballard’s going to let her just make a clean break without asking where she’s going, but she does know where he is.

Adelle offers to solve Sam’s financial problems for 5 years. In exchange, he gets the same offer Echo got.

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Dollhouse Episode 6

Echo was turned into a blind woman and sent to dissolve a fanatical religious cult in Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 5.

According to the news, stories of an FBI task force investigating the Dollhouse have been flatly denied. Yet Agent Ballard doesn’t seem to have gotten the message that his task does not exist.

Victor is wondering why Sierra is sitting alone. So he goes up and touches her on the shoulder, and she responds by screaming in terror. After this, Dr. Saunders finds out Sierra’s had sex since she’s been there. They’ll have to send Victor to the attic if he’s been playing doctor when not imprinted with an MD. Echo says that Sierra cries when they go into the pods.

Ballard suspects Joel Mynor, a doctom billionaire, as a potential Dollhouse client. Agent Loomis agrees to help him out, but she warns him that if the director finds out, he’s going to want him out. One more step closer to bringing… her in.

When he goes to bust Mynor, he gets his first up close and personal glimpse of Echo, who’s posing as his wife Rebecca Mynor. One of the security guys tasers Ballard, but they might want to try something better next time because he gets up fighting as usual. While Ballard’s taking out half a dozen men, Boyd arrives to drag off Echo. Mynor thinks Ballard must be in love with Echo. He’s not exactly afraid of Ballard since he won’t arrest him and probably won’t kill him. He could probably make him suffer, though. Rebecca really was Joel’s wife. Now that she’s dead, he’s hiring zombies to pretend to be her. Their discussion ends when they hear the sirens coming, since Ballard knows he’s the one they’ll cuff.

Boyd recommends isolating Victor and his handler. Victor knows he did something bad. If only someone would tell him what.

Following his conversation with Mynor about how he’s living in a fantasy world, Ballard finally decides to make a move on his neighbor when he gets home.

Now that he’s pretended to take out Victor, Boyd catches Hearn, the person actually responsible for Sierra’s troubles, in the act.

In addition to the trouble with the handler and Sierra, they’re also aware that there’s an FBI agent on their tail, spilling his guts to the nearest civilian.

Echo’s been engaged, but Boyd needs some chill time since he put another handler through a plate glass window, so he’s not on the case.

They are in the business of using people. So the question is: what use is someone like Hearn to them? Mellie, Ballard’s neighbor, needs to be killed because she knows too much. Since he’s sleeping with her now, Ballard might not take too kindly to that.

When Ballard goes out to get some take out food, he sees Echo, who’s waiting for him and ready to kick his ass. After she practices the skills that made her a good vampire hunter on him, she tells him what he already knows: the Dollhouse is real. There are too many Dollhouses, and they are far too powerful for him to take them down. The person who sent her there wants to help, but he has to let them win this one first. A police officer sees them, Echo hands back Ballard’s gun, and makes him shoot the cop. They will protect the information. Ballard can stay alive, but anyone else is in danger.

As she’s getting strangled, Mellie gets a call from Adelle. Then she turns into superwoman and gains the upper hand. The newly deceased Hearn won’t be bothering anyone else for a while.

Following the shooting, Ballard has been suspended from the FBI.

As for Echo, she’s back to playing the role of Rebecca Mynor.

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Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 5

Echo was remotely wiped in Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 4, which caused her to have a breakdown while on assignment.

A brainwashed group of people is singing about their happy happy thoughts. This displeases Jesse. Once they leave, it’s discovered that one of them has left behind a request: save me.

Senator Boxbaum asks Adelle to place an active with a federal agency, the ATF. Why exactly do they send the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms after fanatical religious cults anyway? And what do firearms have to do with the other two?

Despite having been shot, Ballard’s still at work.

In order to turn Echo into a human camera, they will have to make her blind. Not permanently… in theory. That footage will be fed back to the ATF. The risks of the surgery, including death and seizure, have been determined to be within acceptable margins.

Based on the request by the person who requested saving, a judge has granted the ATF 48 hours to be able to crack into the group. They will be utilizing Echo, Ester Carpenter. She will walk through the gates of the compound and be accepted as one of them. Upon arrival, she meets and immediately knows Jonas, the cult leader, by touching his face.

Ballard asks an agent with higher security clearance to try to find Caroline. Her result is the same as his: she doesn’t exist.

So who told Ester about this place? Jonas did. He appeared to her in a vision and spoke to her. It’s a miracle. If she is who she says she is. If not, she’ll need to be crushed like the serpent she is.

Topher was looking at Victor in the shower. Just glancing. He noticed he seemed to be getting excited when Sierra joined him. His repeated romantic imprint may potentially be a problem. He and the doctor will be watching the shower tapes for the last three months for… man reactions.

This cult is an offshoot of the Zion Ranch, the real life cult busted in Waco.

Jonas is broken, corrupted, and impure, by his own admission. Because the dumb bunnies under his watch are the opposite of that, he will do whatever it takes to protect them, including pulling a gun on Ester. She’s convincing enough to get him to believe she’s not the enemy. He doesn’t just have the one gun, though. There’s a whole arsenal.

Paul gets an envelope from some guy in the hall. The writing matches the original anonymous letter he got. The woman who took the letter got it from a cute guy in his 20s with brown hair. He had a cart. Yeah, it was the guy from the mailroom. Now they’ve got a video of Caroline to go along with the picture.

Dr. Saunders and Topher are watching Victor in the showers. It’s not residual imprinting. It’s Sierra.

Boyd wants to remove Ester from the compound now that the ATF is planning to barge in. They won’t be waiting because Agent Grant Lilly has a personal vendetta against Jonas and wants to see him locked up forever. Dominic instructs Boyd to do nothing. He wouldn’t mind if Echo dies in the crossfire.

As Ester’s being christened into her new home, the ATF is lining up outside. Because the grounds are rigged, Jonas knows they’re coming. He grabs a gun and then slaps Ester. After this hit to the face, she can now see, which makes the feds blind.

The news media has arrived, and while watching the footage, Ballard notices Caroline.

Boyd goes to the convenience store where the note was left. Nobody’s thought to check the security tape to find out who their person on the inside is. Now Boyd knows who he’s dealing with. Agent Lilly planted the note to create a stir.

Jonas has Ester read a creepy story about a blazing fire. As she’s doing this, Seth, one of Jonas’ followers, is in the process of setting the place on fire. The flames can’t hurt them. It will be another miracle.

ATF is storming the grounds trying to find Boyd. One of them finds him, but not before he knocks him out.

Ester warns Jonas that he can’t force a miracle. So he hits her again. Now it’s time for her to hit him. If he won’t protect the people, it’s time for her to do so. God brought her there with a message: move your ass. All the followers have escaped. With that, Jonas is unknocked out, and he’s still got his gun. He’s shot by Dominic, who then decides to knock out Ester. Just in time, Boyd arrives to pull her out of there. She knows him. How is that possible? It’s not.

Ballard comes to find Echo. Lilly plays dumb.

Adelle wants to eliminate any temptation before it spreads like a cancer. Victor must be scrubbed and closely monitored.

Echo sees perfectly now… and is keeping an eye on Dominic.

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Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 4

The Dollhouse had to deal with a depressed pop star in Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 3.

Echo and Sierra are eating lunch together. They’re instinctively grouping. That’s not something any memory wiping can eliminate.

Echo’s new assignment is for a bachelor party. She’s not exactly shy. Eventually, she ends up running out of the hotel room and saying the guys hurt her. The hotel worker she runs to wants to give her a stack of cash, $10,000 to get her to not sue the hotel or the guests. As if blackmail is somehow going to help the hotel’s legal stance any. After rejecting this, she knocks the guy down, and she’s in. She now knows the door code to bust in. That makes a little more sense. The client is paying a premium for no kill, so he gets no kill.

What they will be doing, however, is breaking into the other side of the wall, where the high security building will be in a gray hour as they make sure their security system is impenetrable. During that hour, however, it will be completely penetrable. The first step is to blow up the wall.

Then they break into the vault, where they find millions of dollars worth of old stuff: a bunch of stolen art and high quality counterfeits.

Ballard hears a noise and pulls out a gun. It’s Lubov, who wants help (witness protection), and insists he didn’t set him up. Ballard wants to know who the pretty girl, Caroline, is. Lubov got the tip from a man with a Georgian accent, Russian Georgia not sweet home Georgia. They know the two of them have been talking, so Lubov assumes he’s a dead man. If Ballard helps him, he never hears from him again.

Echo and her band of thieves believe they are not technically stealing stolen art. The Turks who controlled Athens during the 7th century granted permission to remove the marble from the Parthenon. Echo suggests they stop speculating who the client is because finding out about a client who doesn’t want to be known is usually is not healthy. One of the guys grabs something, stabs another guy with a sword, and runs out, leaving the others behind. It’s a good thing that Echo’s got reception on her cell phone. She makes a call to Boyd to warn about the double crosser. Then she drops the phone and gets a blank look on her face and asks whether she fell asleep.

Brain mapping requires a very specialized diet: pizza squares, ice cream bites, and beef jerky. Breakfast of champions. Topher also wants some juice boxes.

Echo’s in the middle of a nervous breakdown. A promise of getting a drink doesn’t help. Slapping her doesn’t help.

Boyd demands the bag from the double crosser. Perhaps the gun he’s holding will convince him. He’s either got to turn it over or get shot. Then he doesn’t get paid. Or breathe. He hands over the bag. Boyd shoots him anyway, but not lethally.

Topher tries to call Echo, but she’s not answering. They play back her call with Boyd, and Topher’s pretty sure that she was remotely wiped. How do they undo that? They don’t. Somebody figured out their frequency and hacked into their call, then remotely wiped Echo’s memory, something Topher didn’t believe was possible. He worries that she could go into a coma state, or she could turn into Carrie at the prom. They have to help her because she won’t be able to help herself.

Now that Echo, the original Taffy, is gone, it’s time for Sierra to be programmed to be her.

Before they can proceed, they’ll have to get Sierra over her bruised ego about not being chosen first.

Topher believes they’ve been hit by a gigantic multi-pronged conspiracy.

Boyd wants a map from his captive. As if his life depended on it.

Echo sees a painting of a mountain. When she’s there, her name’s not Taffy.

If Echo’s as good as they say, Sierra doesn’t need to get inside. She just needs a phone.

Conspiracy theories abound, Topher’s decided that the only person he knows who could achieve a remote wipe is dead.

Sierra’s unable to get Echo to answer her phone, and their time’s run out. Finally, though, she realizes she has a phone in her pocket, so she picks up. She’s carrying a vile of resin and a “nozzle thingy” that she can drill with. She will have to drill through the door, spray the resin into the hole, and then drill some more. This should cause the glass in the door to crack, rather than shattering, hopefully avoiding the alarm going off and the resulting armed response. The response she gets is an alarm and the lights going out. This is probably not a good thing. They have 7 minutes until the police respond. Sierra wishes them good luck with the girl.

Echo now has a decision. Get broken or do the breaking. Point the gun at the bad guys and shoot, or else be shot. Rather than taking orders from the maniac telling her to shoot the guards, she stabs him with a needle. The injured guy wants to help her out, so he throws a smoke bomb to allow her to escape without being seen. Boyd arrives to find Echo escorting him out of there.

Lubov isn’t exactly being assisted by Ballard. Instead, he’s being set up. He won’t be able to leave LA by plane, train, or automobile.

Topher has put Echo through every test he could think of, and whatever happened to her in the vault didn’t cause any permanent damage. She’s fresh, with no pesky human evolution bits lingering around.

It must have been Alpha who pulled off the remote wipe. Topher’s not fired. Rather, his security clearance has been increased.

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